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This workshop will move us through an extended two hour practice giving us the time & space to go deeper & feel more.
Our time together will begin with an intention setting meditation, then we will embark on a journey through a series of Sun A & B variations, warrior postures, standing balances, flight opportunities, seated postures, backbends, & eventually the earth. We will bring our practice to a close with a couple supine shapes & an extended savasana that will include a guided body scan. This practice will be suitable for all levels & will include both modifications & expansions, so you can create a practice that works for you & your individual body. Come experience the full spectrum of effort & ease & everything in between.

Date & Time: Apr. 10th @1:30pm-3:30pm

Cost: $40 In person & $15 Livestream with 48 hour access to recording


About the instructor: Natalie Wong

Natalie Wong - Yoga Teacher Spotlight

Natalie Wong – Yoga Teacher SpotlightNatalie was first introduced to yoga in 2011. She instantly fell in love with the mindfulness cultivated by breath and body awareness. Yoga’s ability to quiet the mind, heal the body, & form community has served as an anchor for Natalie over the years. Inclined to share the many gifts this practice has to offer, Natalie decided to shift from her current course in life in order to invest her time and energy towards her deepest passion. In October of 2015 Natalie made the decision to break away from pursuing a degree in psychology, follow her heart, and participate in the Sendatsu Evolution 200 HR teacher training program through hauteyoga Queen Anne and shefayoga Roosevelt.

Since completing her certification, Natalie has dedicated her time to teaching and immersing herself in the yoga community. Natalie hopes that her classes offer students a place where they can practice intentional awareness and come into deeper understanding of their truth. Through creating a space where her students feel safe and comfortable to be their 100% authentic selves, Natalie encourages her students to connect with their bodies and appreciate their individuality. Through a mindful flow that emphasizes both effort and ease, Natalie works to guide her students towards discovering a balance between strength and softness

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