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Inform and Transform — Myofascial Release by Wellround

This offering is a fusion of mind-body favorites — we get to educate, meditate and self-massage! Join us for a stimulating lecture at the intersection of emerging healthcare science and empowering self-care, then treat yourself to a 90 minute full-body self-massage and guided Savasana.

This class opens with a Powerpoint-style lecture on the basic what, where, why’s and how’s of fascia and myofascial release then melt into a Wellround (aka, self-massage, aka myofascial release) session to bring relief and further understanding to our painful places of tightness and tension. There are many benefits to this form of deep-tissue self-work including reducing pain, stress, stiffness and recovery time, while improving immunity, mood, sleep, digestion, mobility, athletic performance and more. Then, we roll-it-out. You’ll logoff relaxed and open with exciting new insight and resources to begin integrating fascial self-care into your wellness routine. Join us!

This workshop is truly for everybody – no experience needed (yoga teachers and other wellness professionals welcome!). If you have a body and it hurts sometimes, this is for you!
Important note: To participate, you will need a yoga mat, a yoga block and a Wellround kit. If needed, blocks and kits can be purchased at livewellround.com with 50% off your kit by using coupon code TGY50 at check-out. Wellround orders must be placed by June 12th to allow time for shipping delays due to COVID-19’s impact.

Date & Time: Jun. 27th, 2020 @ 3pm – 5:30pm

Cost: $25


About the instructor: Betsy Shilling 



Betsy is the founder of Wellround. Her mission is to empower folks to take their wellness into their own hands with effective, intelligent and easy-to-do self-myofascial release techniques. Her experience includes nearly a decade of teaching yoga (E-RYT 500) with additional experience as a meditation, thai yoga, martial arts and women’s health educator/practitioner. In recent years she has specialized in self-myofascial release and in 2019, she founded Wellround.

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