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HYMC’s 300 Hour Teacher Training Program is in modules and all year long.  If you miss one module, you can attend the same one next year. Also, you can jump into any module at any point throughout the year. This is an ongoing training to help you become a more knowledgeable yoga instructor and/or student. These modules are for everyone!

In studio or virtual – You Decide!

* Modules will be Friday (12 pm – 4 pm), Saturday and Sunday (12 pm to 8 pm).

Program Benefits

Held in our training center (studio location). We have a conference room, so you will be comfortable while you are learning. A kitchen with a full size refrigerator to store your food in. A shower room and restrooms just steps away from the conference room and kitchen.
Training Teachers since 2012
Bring Your Teaching to the New Level
Individualized Attention in a small group setting
Taught by Stacy Seresun
Yoga Alliance Certification Tuition and Expenses (pay as you go or a discount if you pay one lump some)
*$425 (early bird special – must be purchased 1 month prior to start date) for each module*****$450 if you register after the early bird special)
* $4,150 (for all 10 modules)
*$100 application fee for those who already have a 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate and want to attend all modules, to complete their 300 Hour Teacher Training.
* $100 off if your have gone through HYMC’s 200 hour teacher training and sign up for all 10 modules.
*Price break if paid with a check.
*Tax deductible. Consult your tax adviser. Outside Time Commitment
Homework 3-5 hrs for each module

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Stacy SeresunStacy is a mother of three:  She’s a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling parent and Yoga Instructor.  She has a neurodiverse child who is on the spectrum which led to her homeschooling adventure.   She’s been practicing yoga for about 17 years. After suffering upper back and neck injuries from a car accident, she needed an exercise that would help heal her body and not worsen the injuries. She found yoga and has never looked back. In 2013 she left her corporate job in retail sales and merchandising to stay at home with her children.  This time has allowed her to not just “do” yoga but deepen her practice. Stacy quotes “Everything in life happens for a reason, through injury I found a practice that not only healed my body but healed my mind and spirit”.  Through the physical practice of yoga I have additionally found balance with my spirit and my mind.  The limitations and barriers I use to set for myself have become nothing but a mental block that I can now see through. Yoga has also had positive benefits on my children giving them an outlet to breath, move and connect on their own terms in their own way.  She became a licensed and certified Pretzel kids instructor in 2019, completed her RYT 200 in 2019 and completed her RYT 500 in 2021. She has been instructing and guiding students through various types of yoga including Hatha, Power, Yin, Sweat and Sculpt since receiving her teaching certification and has led workshops in Yoga basics, Chakra, Yin and Hatha. She wants to share the benefits of yoga with both children and adults and loves to see her students develop, grow and benefit from this practice in their own ways.  Yoga is a wonderful healing practice that incorporates and links the mind, body and spirit through asana, breath and meditation.  It allows us to be with ourselves in a deep healing way by discarding our protective layers. Her goal is to share her passion and help  you feel balanced and most importantly good!!![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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