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Yoga is a lifelong practice that guides us to see all things with equanimity and bring greater balance to our lives. The Yamas are an ancient set of ethical pillars that support us in finding balance, clarity, and empathy.

This 5-week series will challenge us to bring our yoga practice off our mats and into our everyday lives . . . at such an important time.

Each week we will focus on one of the five Yamas. You will meet with Richard online and enjoy lectures, free-form discussion and inquiries to explore the Yama. Richard will offer homework and also send you a special pre-recorded yoga class for your use during the week that embodies the Yama you are studying. Each lecture and practice will explore how you can apply the Yamas to your individual life.

The Yamas:

Ahimsa (Non-Violence) – Practicing compassion and forgiveness
Satya (Absence of Falsehood) – Becoming trustworthy with yourself
Asteya (Non-Stealing)- Accepting that what is here is enough
Brahmacharya (Moderation) – Being awake to the senses but not led by them
Aparigraha (Non-Grasping) – Allow things to come and go

The Yamas are like road signs for your life. This series aims to help you discover how the Yamas can transform the way you see and interact with yourself, those in your life, and the world at large.

*Please note that this series will be offered entirely online in our virtual yoga studio. Sign up as usual and we will follow up with any additional steps that need to be taken.

*The lecture/discussion portion of the series will take place on Tuesdays at 12pm. If you cannot attend at the scheduled time, we will send you a recording for you to watch at a time convenient for you.

Dates: Apr 14th, 2020 – May 12th, 2020

Time: From 12pm – 1pm

Tuition: $99 (= $19.80 per week including lecture & discussion, community connection, homework, and a specialized yoga practice)


About the instructor: Richard Guevara

Richard Guevara - Yoga Seattle

Richard Guevara is certified to instruct and guide his students through alignment based vinyasa and restorative yoga. He completed two separate 200 RYT trainings, including Annie Carpenter’s SmartFlow training. He plans to complete his 500 hour certification within the year.

As a former athlete who suffered multiple injuries resulting in chronic pain, he found comfort and relief through his yoga practice. It became such a vital part of his life that he decided to enroll in teacher training; he has been an active instructor ever since. His style of yoga is smooth, alignment-based and favors breath over movement. He believes each movement is a pose in itself stemming from the core.  He avidly believes in yoga’s ability to restore and heal the body as well as the mind. Richard loves to challenge his students and show that regardless of fitness level, anything is possible with practice. He also aims to have his students leave his class energized with renewed or continued faith in their ability to find comfort and release in his sessions.

Richard is an avid Pacific North West overall outdoor enthusiast as well as a mountaineer, passionate climber, acroyogi, and cyclist. You can count on finding him outside rain or shine.

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