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Join this event, the Restorative Journeys series, which will take place at Aditi Yoga & Wellness studio at the Wallingford Center. Ample free parking. Historical building with high ceilings. Plenty of props. Great vibe.Restorative Journeys, a two-hour master class co-led by Cosetta and Ivo, is meant as a weekly self-care practice to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for regulating life functions and metabolism in the mode of calmness, low stress and high efficiency. This is of particular importance to counterbalance stress, anxieties and to shore up your immune system as we navigate the transition from Summer to Fall. In this class we weave together restorative yoga poses, breathwork and healing songs (Ikaros) to facilitate both your inner journeys and your outer manifestation.

This Restorative Journey is offered as a series of 4 consecutive Tuesdays starting October 31 and ending November 21.Space is limited to 24 participants. In case you can’t attend one or more events, a friend or family member can replace you. Pre-registration required. This workshop series is very popular. If you are interested, please register asap.


Date and time: Starting October 31 and ending November 21, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm,
Cost: 4 workshops package $320 (Oct 31 – Nov 21)


About the instructors: Cosetta Romani & Ivo Grossi

Registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500)
. I apprenticed for five years under the guidance of knowledgeable yoga teacher, Lee Atwell, whose teachings have been influenced by her guru Baba Hari Dass.  I undertook yoga-training intensives from Eric Schiffman, David Saul Raye, Mark Whitwell, Sarah Powers, Cindy Lee, Sean Corn, Shari Friedrichsen, Rod Stryker, Sally Kempton. I have been in an ongoing training since 2007 with my most inspirational and empowering teacher, Shiva Rea, and her lineage of Yoga Prana Flow.

The Sacred Path of the Warrior in the Shambhala Tradition, as taught by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, is the core foundation of my meditation practice, which is in constant evolution.

I completed a five-year mentorship with Sundust Oracle Institute under the compassionate guidance of medicine woman Char Sundust. Currently studying with renowned teachers and shamans Christina Pratt and Sandra Ingerman.

In the last five years I have also embarked upon a deep healing in the ancient path of the vegetalismo. Currently learning under the guidance of Shipibo shaman Ricardo Amaringo.  In Shamanic Cultures plants and trees are considered the real university and pharmacy available to us. I travel to South America on a regular basis.

I am also a creative dakini, who has been studying and practicing the art of ikebana (flower arrangements) from the Sogetzu school. I find a daily delight in the creation of altars and sacred space. I write poetry and dance to celebrate the privilege of being human.


My lifework is to integrate Material and Spiritual. My background in Sustainable Business encompasses 20 years of executive experience in the Health, Fitness & Wellness space.
Over the last 15 years I have studied meditation under the Shambhala Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche and  Holistic Yoga under the compassionate guidance of Saul David Raye.

Years of Shamanic practice in the vegetalismo tradition have added substantial transpersonal healing to my being and a completely new layer of depth to the very practical integration work I’m called to do in this lifetime.
These wisdom disciplines and training systems have crystalized the idea that Mind, Body and Heart must go together in achieving real wellness and living from one’s own true center.

My classes, coaching sessions, workshops and retreats are a journey of healing and transformation that stoke one’s vital energy through the pathways of the breath, heart and gut. ivogrossi.com is a place for me to share my ideas on the things I love. If you feel any affinity with my ideas, teachings and experiences, please contact me at ivo@ivogrossi.com

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