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In this 30 day offering, you will have the opportunity to create your own structure and commitment to making whatever changes you feel would bring you more presence, with the accountability, support and structure of a group.

We will begin on Friday, Aug 6, 2021 to review the plan for the month, and to develop our own individual commitment plans. These might include adding, reducing or eliminating certain foods, patterns or behaviors, taking new actions, developing new habits, or simply heightening awareness of our everyday lives and choices. Each participant will fill out a simple form to understand their dosha – or ayurvedic mind-body type- and we will have a brief overview of the doshas and how understanding them can help us to understand ourselves.

We will then meet every Friday during the month of August to talk about how the week went, what worked, what didn’t, what was challenging, what felt great, how your plan might have been modified to better fit your current lifestyle and desires. You will then be given some suggestions of things to try to support digestion, emotional resilience, and better rest.

This is a 100% judgement-free, Pressure free, individually directed opportunity for lifestyle changes and considerations. No one tells you what to eat or not eat, what to do or not do, the group format is to give you the chance to make a commitment to yourself and to have it supported in a kind and structured way.

Schedule: Four Friday mornings online, August 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th @11am–12:30pm

Cost: $150 for all four sessions. Please inquire for sliding scale, scholarship, or BIPOC rates. Click here to register.


About the instructor: Molly Lannon Kenny

Molly-Lannon-Kenny-Samarya-CenterMolly Lannon Kenny, MS-CCC, E-RYT licensed speech-language pathologist and certified yoga instructor, has been a leading developer of programs to help people with life challenges for well over fifteen years. In her role as project supervisor at a large tenant support agency, Molly successfully re-structured several of her programs to promote greater independence and well being to the tenants in her care. While earning her Master’s Degree at The University of Washington, Molly pioneered a program to bring key players in the disabilities field to motivate students within the department to think outside of the box. As assistant to the department head, Molly earned a position with The Washington Assistive Technology Alliance in which she served as project manager, developing a network of advocacy organizations to bring assistive technology funding to The U.W.

Having received her degree in speech-language pathology, Molly was brought on as a lead clinician at Group Health Cooperative, Washington’s largest HMO. During her five years in both acute and on-going care programs at GHC, Molly created and headed multiple committees to streamline service delivery and developed several innovative programs to improve quality of care. She has been featured in The Seattle Times, the New York Times, the LA Times, Yoga Journal and in Seattle Magazine for her groundbreaking work with stroke survivors, and is well known and respected in the field for her work with head trauma population.

In partnership with researchers from The University of Washington, Molly has conducted several studies on the effects of yoga as therapy in specific disorders including depression and ADHD. She has been published in multiple editions of The International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and has been featured on MSNBC, NPR and the BBC.

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