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Do you enjoy the great outdoors, and reaping the countless benefits that nature has to offer? Have you ever considered taking your yoga mat outside the studio or home, and pairing the natural beauty with your practice of yoga? Well I bet you are now! And if so, you should consider joining us as we take our mats from the studio out into nature for Summer Hike & Yoga!

One of the bonuses of being in the Pacific Northwest is all of the beautiful opportunities to hike and enjoy nature at it’s finest during the summer months! Whether you are an avid hiker, or a complete novice, there is something for you in this great diverse land.

Summer Hike & Yoga Location:

Currently, we have two locations in mind: Exact location TBD by June 30,2017

  • Barclay Lake
  • Olallie State Park

Either of these locations will effortlessly provide us with beautiful nature and trails for hiking, while one of our instructors will provide us the yoga! When picking a location, we are considering the following things:

  • Length. We will keep the trail well under 5 miles. We respect your time, and do not plan to take your entire Sunday.
  • Gain. For the sake of keeping this enjoyable and somewhat leisurely, we will not be picking a trail that is difficult or strenuous, but rather stick to flatter trails that are family and dog friendly.
  • Space. We will need some space adequate to practice post or during hike.

What you will need

  • Your own yoga mat.
  • Water / snacks and day pack.
  • Reliable hiking shoes.
  • Sunscreen / hat / sunglasses.
  • Parking Pass – Which pass you will need is dependent on the location. TBD by June 30, 2017.
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