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Outdoor at Lakewold Gardens- Summer Yoga Mala
A Yoga Mala is a practice of 108 salutations done in unison as a moving meditation.

The season of summer is the season of heat, sun, and expansion. Much of nature is in bloom and crops are producing. The energy of summer is offered as fuel for the completion of our projects and pursuits we’ve initiated through the spring. This is a wonderful time to reinvigorate our passions and our discipline. This practice will take place in the early hours before the full heat of the day is upon us, but we will be practicing outdoors in rhythm with nature, its fluctuations, and stimulation.
There will be modifications shown and suggested to ensure all participants are informed to caretake for their experience through all 108 salutations. Be sure to take the pauses you need, enjoy the sounds of the birds, take in the splendor of the blooms on the property, sync with your own body’s rhythm, and attune to your breath as part of the experience.

Please bring your yoga mat, props, water, and layers in case gentle winds are present.

Date & Time: Jun. 27th, 2021 @9:30am-12:30pm

Early Bird:$30
Late Bird: $35


About the instructor: Story Gilmore

Story Gilmore (1)Before I had a consistent yoga practice, I would find myself coming back to the mat again and again when I needed sanctuary. With life struggles happening and emotions swirling, my yoga mat and the many studios I found myself in became the way and the places I did the hard work, the healing.  I came to yoga when I needed it in a very reactionary way.  I used the physical practice and release of the yoga asana to heal the hurt and get to a point of, “ok, I’m good,” then moved on again and away from my mat until the next emotional battleground.  Eventually the cycle became tiring and I had the thought, “Why do I have to keep starting over?  Why does the sense of peace and contentment keep slipping away?” I sought my teacher training experience as a way to deepen my own practice and understand more of what yoga offers.  There is always more to learn, but having been exposed to more depth and seeing the benefits of yoga play out in so many different ways I knew immediately I wanted to teach and to share what I’ve learned. Yoga offers a way and a place to hit pause- to expand the space between what occurs and how we proceed.  Through teaching, I hope to help others find space to pause.

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