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Experience a musically immersive experience with the Trap Vinyasa™ Workshop featuring the Series I intro sequence and the storytelling power of hip hop when combined with asana. Laced with trap music, a heavy beat-based genre of rap originating from the South, Trap Vinyasa™ is a series of high-energy yoga fitness class combining dynamic asana with sensual dance, boxing, hiit and more! Designed to help you release body dysmorphia while discovering self acceptance, this workshop features our signature Series I class that empowers you to rewrite the story you’ve been told about your body!

The Trap Vinyasa™ Series I introductory sequence features yoga asana, dance and basic boxing techniques. The foundational series of the Trap Vinyasa™ collection, Series I is ideal for those new to the practice and offers a safe base to build upon.


  • $30 in advance
  • $35 at the door
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