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ArrivalUbud Offerings Culture in Bali-Jennifer Isaacson
You’ve landed in Bali. The air is thick and warm. The airport is bustling, and the smells are unfamiliar and slightly sweet. You grab your bags. This is happening.  Here we go.

Have you ever seen this much green?  What kind of plant is that?  Oooh; this place is *nice*.  Your room is spacious with huge windows and a perfect little patio beside the pool and the garden.  Holy.  Wow.  That bathtub.  We might need to stay here forever.  Yoga surrounded by green.  The class is different than you expected.  Everything is.  It’s been a very long day.  That bed is going to feel wonderful.

You wake up in your villa. The crisp white sheets on your skin.  Birds you’ve never heard before.  Plants and flowers remind you. This is paradise. You grab a snack and something warm to drink and head to class.  Everyone has a gentle smile.  This is not home.  You are far away from familiar things.  This might be both scary and exciting.  This is how we learn.  The movement and meditation made you feel grounded.  At breakfast everything is delicious.  Who knew fruit could look like this?  Is there time for a nap?  Yes?  Perfect.  And a massage?  Wonderful.

You’ve decided to do the sunrise adventure.  Is this crazy?  Our guides pick us up at 2am.  You doze a little in the car and then you begin hiking.  You’re handed a flashlight, but the moon is full.  You hardly need it.  The birds are waking up.  You put one foot in front of the other.  It’s worth it.  You watch the sun come up from the top of Mount Batur.  All that ocean and all those colors. Your guides steam little eggs in the volcanic rocks.  Someone hands you one and a cup of coffee.  It’s all downhill from here.  At the base are Hot Springs.  Once Ubud Offerings Culture in Bali with Jennifer Isaacsonimmersed in the warm water, you can’t believe your luck.  This is exactly what you needed.  Another massage please.  And a nap.

It’s a full moon, so we head to the water temple.  Tirta Empul.  People have been coming here for thousands of years.  For this water.  From this spring.  With this moon.  You’re not sure what this will be like. It’s more than you expected.  More emotional.  More crowded.  More Holy.  Bali is another world.  Another realm.  Everything is new and old at the same time.

You feel different.  Lighter.  Brighter.  Is that a little sunburn?  Maybe you should buy a bigger hat.  And a sarong. Will you be too tired for yoga?  Maybe.  Turns out balance comes naturally here.  Slowly we move.  Deeper we breathe.  Meditation is something you’ll bring home.  Once you sit down for dinner you already know you’re going to sleep like a baby.  Ginger.  Turmeric.  Curry.  Goodnight.

You could get used to this.  Flowers peeking out of every corner.  Sipping on a cool green juice.  You take a little walk and then it’s time for class.  Afterwards you’ll see a performance of traditional Balinese music and dancing at a temple.  Everyone is an artist and a healer here. It’s part of the culture and weaves into everything you experience. How can I fit Bali into my suitcase?

You have new muscles in your legs. You are doing a lot of yoga. Some of it is challenging. You walk more than normal and have to watch your step on the paths and roads.  Your feet.  Your core.  Stronger than when you arrived.  Alert but relaxed.  Tonight you’ll have a traditional Balinese dinner, served in a local home.  People here are so genuine and warm, you’ve never seen anything like it.  You feel kinder.  More open.  Maybe Bali really is coming home with you.

SaturdayUbud Offerings Culture in Bali -Jennifer Isaacson
NO.  WHAT?  Last day?  What’s happening?  We just got here!  You look over your tea at the faces you’ve gotten to know over the past week. The girl with the outrageous laugh.  The man who can walk on his hands, but blushes with any eye contact.  The couple who tell wild stories of wild places.  You like these people.  You like this place.  You’ve made new friends.  New human friends.  New animal friends.  New plant friends.  Bali sort of feels like home.  You anticipated this moment and rented a tiny spot down the road for the next week.  You’ve explored with your group and feel comfortable.   Your adventure continues.  You hug everyone goodbye.  There are some tears.  You hug your teacher.  The hosts smile and smile.  You’re so glad you came.

The retreat begins with yoga at 4pm on Saturday, March 7 and closes with yoga and breakfast the following Saturday, March 14.

Daily Schedule *

7:30-9:30am: Morning Yoga
9:30am: Breakfast (included)
10:30-4:00pm: Free Time (Pool/Ubud/Lunch/Massage)
4:00-6:00pm: Evening Yoga
6:30pm: Dinner (4 group dinners)

* The schedule may shift throughout the week to accommodate excursions and activities

Dates: Aug. 8th – 15th, 2020

Location: Honai Resort, Jalan Raya Ubud, Bali, 80571 Indonesia.

Ubud, Bali – IndonesiaUbud Offerings Culture in Bali-Jennifer Isaacson

Ubud is artful and serene, a destination for those who practice yoga.  Its two main streets are lined with cafes and shops, many selling goods from the region’s artisans.  Our 12 room resort – Honai sits on the edge of town, built in the style of a traditional Indonesian round house with the pool and gardens at its center.  Stay on the grounds and enjoy the resort’s restaurant, pool, and spa or take the complementary shuttle/bicycles into Ubud and explore.

Lodging + Registration

Honai’s villas feature A/C, Wi-Fi, luxury linens, en suite bath (w/bathtub), private patio/balcony and lock boxes for your passport and valuables.  Pricing Includes 7-nights accommodations, gratuities + taxes, all breakfasts + 4 gourmet dinners, excursions + activities.

Reserve Now | $500 Nonrefundable Deposit
Book Now | $2500 Single *
Book Now | $1900 Double **

* Room pictures below

** If you wish to book a double room, look at the picture of the close proximity of the beds below.  I’ll do my best to pair you with a roommate, if you already have one please indicate when registering.


About the Instructor: Jennifer Isaacson

Jennifer IsaacsonIn 1997, Jennifer began studying yoga in college. Her first impression humbled her physical strength and mental focus. For 22 years, Jennifer has used yoga to observe her mind, body and environment.  A daily discipline creates strength, patience and deep listening which comes through in her teaching.

Jennifer began teaching yoga because of encouragement from her teacher, Kim Zamoff.  In 2001, she was invited into Kim’s home for training.  Jennifer began teaching in 2002 and has taught over 10,000 classes in gyms, studios, homes, corporations, festivals, colleges and hosted over 60 retreats in the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, and Bali.

Jennifer is currently based in Seattle, WA.  She teaches classes, workshops and events where ancient wisdom and modern insights are woven into her unique approach.

Jennifer’s earned teaching certificates from Kim Zamoff of Warrior One Yoga (2001-2002), Kathleen Hunt of Samadhi Yoga (2005-2006), Shiva Rea of Prana Flow (2004-2009), Anatomy for Yoga Teachers with Richelle Ricard, (2010-2012), Nicole Koleshis of Next Generation Yoga for Children (2012), Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark (2015), Barre Above with Tricia Murphy-Madden (2015), and Schwinn’s Indoor Cycling (2017).

Join Jennifer in Seattle WA, Mexico, or Bali and honor yoga as a way of life.



Your $500 deposit is non-refundable. The remainder of your payment will be refunded for cancellations through January 15, 2020.   The remainder of your payment will be refunded after January 15, 2020 if a new participant registers.  If Jennifer cancels this retreat for any reason, your entire payment will be refunded in full.

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