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Every year we partner with Yoga Behind Bars to help support the vital work they do in bringing yoga to incarcerated people. This year we’re proud to serve as their Studio of the Month for November. If you’d like to join us in this partnership, consider taking Andy’s Qi Gong class, Tuesday, 11/26 from 8:00-9:20am.

All proceeds from this class will be donated to YBB. You can also place a donation in any amount in the donation jar, which will be located in the lobby throughout the month of November.

Together we can bring about change!


About the instructor: Andy Rupp

Andy Rupp


Andy practices and teaches Qi Gong to help himself and others tap into their own energy reservoirs in order to make positive changes in life and to create spaciousness and self-compassion when a situation cannot be changed. Through the art of moving meditation that is Qi Gong, Andy hopes to facilitate experiences of inner stillness, vitality and bliss as a refuge from the pervasive urgency, stress and dissatisfaction that so often affect our experience of life. Andy believes that Qi Gong is one of the best ways to develop an energetic/felt-sense of loving-kindness. He combines his practice and teaching with vipassana meditation, compassionate communication (NVC), Tibetan style visualization meditations, and more. As a spiritual seeker and perpetual student, he is likely to bring in eclectic practices into his classes. Qi Gong is about light, vibration and frequency, and Andy intends to serve the whole so that humanity might operate at a higher frequency.

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