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Yoga Flash Mob 4 Peace & Unity

Aug 27, 2016 @ 1:05 pm - 2:15 pm


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What: Yoga Flash Mob 4 Peace & Unity

When: Saturday, August 27th, 2016 at 1:08 PM

Where: Green lake (near the playground and rental area)

Cost: FREE!

We NEED you! Please join us as we come together, stand together, as yogis, friends, community……for Unity and Peace. At a time where many are wondering, “what can I do, or how can I help?”, we are excited to hold space for joining together with one intention…….Unity.

The word Yoga means Union or Yolking. Through this practice we begin to find an inner union, body, mind and spirit, and in that connection and healing, we tend to want to share that sense of inner peace. At a time when our world is needing hope, inspiration and more showing up for Peace and Unity….We join together, as a collective group, unifying our voices, breath and movement towards these intentions.

Why a Yoga Flash Mob? We say….why not? It is not so much what we are doing in the world that makes a difference, but HOW we are being, wherever we are showing up. So, we show up, open hearts, clear vision, and then shine our light out into the world. More and more are showing up, speaking up, waking up……and in this way, we ARE a part of a collective shift, an awakening on this planet. We would love to see all yoga studios represented, a coming together of yogis from all traditions.

Please join us, spread the word, bring your friends, family, children….All are welcome. There are several ways to participate, such as, yoga, drummers and community ambassadors to help spread the word. Please let us know if there is some way you wish to be of support.

What to expect: To keep things simple, we will move through rounds of sun salutations. We will have the drummers begin first…setting up in a designated spot and beginning to play a few minutes early. (Listen for the drummers to find us). Several of us will step into place, around the drummers, creating the outline of a circle. We will first hold mountain pose, and as yogis arrive, we ask you to step into the growing circle and hold mountain. At 1:08 we will begin moving through Surya Namaskar A. We will begin together, and continue at our own unique pace, some modifying or advancing as wanted. We symbolize, in this way, the flow of life….we start together, acknowledging one intention, but many paths to arrive there. We encourage all levels of practice, experienced practitioners and those new to yoga. We will have signs up outside the circle asking people to join in, and our circle will expand as needed as people step in. If you arrive late, please don’t stress or leave, just come join in wherever we are in the flow.

After Play Party: We would love for you to stay and play a little after! Please feel free to bring any of your favorite toys, slack lines, hula hoops, hammocks, etc. Share your acro and partner practices, double dutch jump ropes……however you like to play.

What to Wear: This is where you get creative. Of course you can wear whatever you like, but we would love to make this fun. We invite you to wear a white t-shirt or tank and decorate it in any way that represents your connection with our intention towards peace and unity. You might also write on the back of the shirt the studio you consider home base if you have a home studio. Be creative, express yourself, again, the message is unified but the style is unique and individual.

Parking and Driving Logistics: We ask you to plan on arriving about half an hour early to allow for traffic, parking, find us and anything else that might cause a delay. Park as close to the playground area as possible, near the 7300 block and Green Lake Dr. North in the parking lot or street parking.

What to Bring: Bring a mat if you have one, or towel…..or just practice on the grass. Your custom designed t-shirt if possible. If you wish, make or bring a positive and unifying sign. Bring water and anything appropriate to take care of yourself given the weather and conditions for the day of the event.

Clean Up: Let us set a great example of our stewardship of the planet and leave everything as we found it. Leave no trash, pack out what you bring in.

To stay connected: Please find our facebook page @ Yoga Peace Tribe 108 and share it with your friends, feel free to ask questions and share ideas here. Use the hash tag #Yogapeacetribe108 to share before and day of the event to spread the love. For questions, suggestions or if you wish to help us spread the word, hand out flyers, etc., please call 206-617-1672 or email 2DreamIs2Be@comcast.net.

Help us to make this an amazing coming together in the name of peace and unity expressed through the amazing Seattle and surrounding yoga community.

With Great Excitement,
Your Yoga Peace Tribe 108 Team
Jessica Duty, Elisia Young and Dawn Torres


Aug 27, 2016
1:05 pm - 2:15 pm
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Yoga Peace Tribe 108 Team


Green Lake Park
7400 East Green Lake Dr N
Seattle, WA 98115 United States
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