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We will car pool from Everett (or wherever you live if possible). It is an hour drive north of Everett. We will meet around 8am, and About return around 5pm. Bring your own lunch. We will bring some healthy desserts.

Hike Theme

The theme or focus for this hiking meditation day will be “Seeing the beauty and perfection in everything.” Another way of putting it is, “nothing is wrong” (except the mind will argue this!).


$45 per person. Includes, guided hike with guided meditations and some gentle forest yoga and forest bathing (the forest bathing is donated free from the generous forest!).


January 26, 2019

Who attends

You! We usually have about 6-10 people, a chance to make new friends and connect, but also quiet time to walk and meditate.


About the teachers and hike leaders: Roy & Liz


Roy & Liz have been teaching meditation for many years, and Roy has led hikes professionally with various organizations.


Roy Holman

“I have been teaching yoga, meditation and healing arts since the year 2000. My best training has been my life, working through challenges with depression, eating issues, and many other “speed bumps” that life has generously offered me. I teach quite imperfectly with as much joy, humor, kindness and grace as I can access! ” Roy Holman

Yoga Style: I am a 500 hour Certified Yoga teacher, in the Viniyoga tradition. I teach  a safe, gentle, body-friendly, grounded, breath-connected, meditative, flowing traditional hatha yoga – a meditation in motion really.  I like to move slow, give time to breathe deeply and savor the poses. Classes are very affordable, generally $10 a class.

Meditation Style: I also teach breath-work (pranayama) and meditation, and also try to incorporate the many aspects of emotional healing and balancing I have learned. The meditation is a mindfulness style, with focus on breath awareness, heart opening, body senses, emotional clearing, and connection on all levels (body, breath, emotions, Earth, Spirit).

Sacred Journeys: I have led over 60 retreats globally since 2000. The journeys are a profound chance to connect deeply with each other, and your true self, purpose and desires. They are an excellent balance of inner discovery and outer fun, food, hiking. . . . Prices range from about $250 – 350 for a weekend to $995 for 6 days in Sedona to about $1,495 for a 7-10 day journey abroad.

HeartMath and Life Coaching: In July of 2018 I was certified as a HeartMath Coach. HeartMath offers simple tools and techniques to help us move some of the energy out of our busy mind and to access our heart intuition and intelligence. I enjoy being with you as accompaniment for your personal journey, whether a one time visit or ongoing support. Depending on your needs, we may include HeartMath techniques and technology (I have tools to measure your heart coherence and well being) as well as breath, meditation, healing and yoga support, or simply listening and offering feedback and suggestions on anything from diet to exercises to life tips. Rates are sliding scale, $50 to $75 an hour. Or co-coaching with Liz at $75 – $125 an hour sliding scale.


Liz Gross

I believe all healing involves alignment of the soul with the body.” Liz Gross

Liz is a gifted energy, sound and vibration healer and intuitive, and also helps people clear scar tissues and energy blocks in the body. She also teaches yoga, meditation and healing with Roy on retreats. Liz often does some of the cooking on our retreats, and is an amazing cook!

Liz also helps people with her knowledge of astrology, Human Design, and the Gene Keys, which help people know themselves and their purpose.

“When you’re consciously in touch with the life energy within yourself, you have awareness & communication with the flow of energy that connects you to spirit. I feel very passionate about Vibrational Medicine and love working with others in this way & helping others to connect with their purpose and passion in life. Vibrational Energy Medicine brings the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies back into balance, which opens the way for rebuilding the healing systems of the body.”






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