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Join Adrienne for a 2-hour embodied experience that merges ancient yoga traditions with somatic exploration, energetic anatomy, the timeless wisdom of nature, and nondual tantric philosophy.

This is a healing practice of whole-body listening, contemplation, and self-realization. Through pranayama, mantra, meditation, movement, asana and group discussion, we co-create a brave space for awakening.

We emerge from this Ritual with profound self-insight and seed thoughts that will sprout in the weeks, months, or years that follow.

After our Ritual, yoga instructors are invited to remain for one more hour to learn more about the art of creating transformational yoga themes.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in applying the philosophy of yoga to their every day lives. All levels welcome.


  • $20
  • Yoga Instructors & Craft Alumni: $15

[ scholarships available, please send a message to info@bohemian-studios.com if in financial need]

About Adrienne Kimberley (in her own words):


My journey began with an undeniable call to teach yoga. I left a business gig in Chicago and told myself that if it didn’t work out, I could always go back to the desk if I needed. I come from humble roots, so I felt I had nothing to lose——that was five years ago.

I moved to Seattle without knowing this city or knowing a soul (except my boyfriend at the time). The stars aligned in my favor, as they do when you follow your heart, and I began teaching at a handful of brand new studios that all began to flourish, defining a new wave of athletic, musical yoga in Seattle.

My yoga style evolved and blossomed, and it still shifts and changes daily.

I call what I teach “creative and intelligent vinyasa flow.” It is a unique and powerful class that combines rhythmic, dancey breath-led movement with structured anatomical opening for a peak posture. My fluid yet pragmatic style is challenging, inspiring and enrapturing. I am fiercely dedicated to intuitive and flowing movement, and I delight in the challenge to choreograph beautiful, intelligent transitions.

Ultimately, though, I am an entrepreneur at heart. I love to challenge conformity and envision new possibilities. I co-design the curriculum for teacher trainings and workshops throughout Seattle, scout and lead local and international retreats, and I spearhead events and collaborations. I co-founded Down Dog App, created the method for, and co-own, Barre Bohemian, and designed Seattle’s only mobile yoga teacher training program: The Craft of Teaching Yoga.

Yoga is the underscore of everything in my life, and because of that, I cannot help but share it with anyone who crosses my path.

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