The mission of Healing Roots Collaborative (HRC) is to bridge communities and inspire folks to actively participate in the healing of the Earth and her creatures, and to cultivate respect and build mutually beneficial relationships through play, stories, and music with Nature as the stage. To better understand the vision and to learn about the details around the event we talked to the organizer and creator of the event, Ellen Sims.

(HRC’s campaign.)

SYN: How did it all start?

Sims: Two years ago I had a clear, strong vision to bring groups together who share a common goal to create positive change. Change is what is needed for healing and that can be a huge barrier for many. Health is so much more than just one’s personal health; it also involves the health of the community and the environment. Some of us want our patients to feel better, some wish to help the homeless and provide more resources to underserved communities, and others of us wish to preserve our parks and oceans. Whatever your passion, it is welcomed along with your knowledge and creative solutions. What better way to inspire change than to open avenues for conversation and be able to contribute through your gifts and talents. Thus began Healing Roots Collaborative.

SYN: What inspires you?

Sims: I am a woman of many passions and found it challenging to do all that I love. I wish to help with conservation efforts for the environment and the wildlife, yet my career is focused on humans. I found that by donating a portion of my earnings and my time to nonprofits in these areas, I was able to bridge that gap. In the process of finding out who I wanted to give to, I found it challenging and time consuming to learn about all the organizations and their missions. Through speaking with my clients, I found out that many people feel they cannot contribute financially or by dedicating a set amount of time for volunteering, but still wish to give back. This is where the idea came to provide an online resource that has information about the nonprofit organizations as well as a platform where the nonprofits can post their current needs (i.e. 5 people on one day to help build…, a refrigerator, etc) and the people of the community can access this resource to find out how they can contribute.

SYN: What are your long-term goals?

Sims: The long term goal is to continue efforts of community collaboration by building an online bridge/platform between the people of the community and the needs of the nonprofit for easy, creative, and impactful ways of giving back. By supporting this collaborative, you will be supporting wildlife, land, and humanitarian conservation efforts from a grassroots level.

SYN: Tell is about some of the logistics?

Sims: HRC is a one day event that will take place on August 23, 2015 at St. Edward State Park in Kenmore, WA. The intention is to inspire positive change by way of speakers, fun activities such as an educational scavenger hunt, break-out sessions, and music. There will even be entertainment for the kiddos and some yoga for all ages provided by the folks at Street Yoga. Those that attend will be able to network, learn, have fun, and be inspired. The event is geared toward anyone that wants to help the community such as social workers, educators, doctors and healers of all kinds, attorneys, and anyone who cherishes the outdoors. Yet, all are welcome.

Cost: The cost of the event is $40 adults, $25 students and seniors, FREE for kids age 10 and under. 50% of the cost will go to the three non-profits involved. Tickets go on sale in May.

(Ellen received a B.S. in Environmental Science from The University of North Carolina-Asheville. She went on to receive complementary and alternative trainings from Bastyr University, Bellevue Massage School, and the New England School of Homeopathy. During that time she also studied indigenous ceremony and spiritual leadership at the Sundust Oracle Institute. She is a volunteer teacher for Street Yoga Seattle and with (AHAC) Alternative Healthcare Access Campaign. Ellen is a licensed massage and craniosacral practitioner at 5focus, and a wellness teacher, inspirational speaker, and sole proprietor of Divine Roots Wellness based out of Seattle.)

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