If you don’t want to make the trek to the studio today, but still want to practice, the internet is chock-full of free online yoga resources to help you practice at home. Whether you’re looking for beginner’s yoga, advanced yoga, tutorials on specific postures or meditation sequences, these resources have it all.

#1 Do Yoga with Me


Do Yoga with Me features hundreds of free videos including classes and instructional videos on poses and breathing techniques for all levels. Founder David Procyshyn started the website back in 2006, and it has grown to house hundreds of free yoga videos. Try it for free, or donate if you’re feeling generous!

#2 Yoga with Adriene


Yoga with Adriene has over 859,000 subscribers. Adriene Mishley is a quirky yoga teacher based out of Austin, Texas who isn’t afraid to smile and laugh during her practice. With the overarching theme of “Find what feels good,” this YouTube channel features yoga classes for just about everything, including a 30-day sequence yogis can start at any time, as well as yoga for weight loss, stress release and instructional videos.

#3 Yoga Yak


With over 354,000 subscribers, Yoga Yak is a collection of full-length free online yoga videos and astoundingly long meditation music sequences. Featuring relaxing 11-hour videos like Tibetan healing sounds and calming seas, as well as Hatha yoga flow and morning yoga, this YouTube channel will soothe your senses.

#4 Kino Yoga


Kino Yoga has over 292,700 subscribers and 74.5 million views! Featuring free online yoga videos for beginners, tutorials on nearly every yoga posture and yoga lifestyle discussions, Kino Yoga is an excellent resource. Kino Macgregor is a yoga teacher and author who has practiced yoga for 20 years. This YouTube channel includes many yoga tutorials filmed at the beach for a change of pace and a relaxing background.

#5 Ekhart Yoga


Ekhart Yoga features over 500 free yoga videos by a variety of teachers. The YouTube channel was started in 2008 by Esther Ekhart and it has over 226,000 subscribers. The videos include multiple types of yoga such as Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, Anusara yoga and Ashtanga yoga. Among the most popular videos are morning yoga flow, yoga for beginners and yoga for weight loss.

#6 Do You Yoga


Do You Yoga features full-length yoga classes posted to YouTube every week, as well as a global online community and weekly newsletters. Over 174,000 subscribers enjoy free videos like 30-day yoga challenges, meditation to reduce anxiety and even yoga classes specifically for men!

#7 Fightmaster Yoga


Fightmaster Yoga posts a new full-length yoga class every week, to an audience of over 132,000 subscribers. Lesley Fightmaster is a RYT E-500 certified yoga teacher and her YouTube videos include yoga classes for weight loss, pregnant women and meditation, as well as tutorials for poses and safe home practices.

#8 My Free Yoga


My Free Yoga is an aggregate website that collects the best yoga videos from all over the internet and allows users to watch them for free. Users can also rate videos if you want to find what’s popular, or you can search for varieties of yoga such as yoga for beginners, vinyasa or advanced yoga. The website was created in 2007 by Ashley Lekov, who wanted to create an online yoga community where yogis could practice at home. The site has now reached over 54,700 members.

#9 Dr. Melissa West


With over 26,800 subscribers, Dr. Melissa West’s channel and her claim to fame is “real yoga, for real people.” Since 2009, they have produced a free, one-hour online video every week with yoga teacher Dr. Melissa West. Her YouTube channel features a variety of classes and playlists, including yoga for beginners, yoga for emotions and even classes taught in Italian and Spanish.

#10 Elsie’s Yoga Class


If you’d prefer to listen and close your eyes as you practice, Elsie’s Yoga Class is a free podcast downloadable straight onto your phone from iTunes. Pittsburgh Yoga Teacher Elsie Escobar will lead you through hour-long yoga classes with an emphasis on alignment for beginners or advanced yogis.

[Photo by Ali Edwards – CC BY]

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