Every now and then, something powerful happens to me that stops me in my tracks. The latest installment to this particular saga was when I walked around a corner and smacked right into the foot of a metal ladder. It was on top of a truck and extended three feet out at the back and into a pathway I walk daily. BAM! Talk about ringing your bell. What ensued for the next three weeks was an incredible journey; one that led me to the most unexpected experience of gratitude.

You see, at age 49 my journey has been quite eclectic and multi-faceted. I’ve traveled the world on a magic carpet. I’ve taken in so much inspiration and life. I’m so grateful for how this human journey has gone so far because not only has this expanse of experience helped to define me, it has also liberated me. I saw how others around the world take in life and show compassion, love and community. I loved seeing the consistent “human” qualities regardless of latitude or longitude on the map. But when I came back to the states a few years ago, there seemed to be more isolation here. More sadness. More disconnectedness. So many people struggle with loneliness and yet, we all have the capability to be deeply connected to one another.

Do we all not have the same vision? Do we all not have the ability to love and be loved? Does my witnessing, my vision of others connecting more deeply than us not encourage the discussion: why not us?

One more question, what does a world vision have to do with a concussion and gratitude?

Walking into the foot of that metal ladder, which hit me square on the center of my forehead, knocked me into another realm. I didn’t realize I had a concussion, but what I have experienced for the last three weeks was a bit of an out-of-body experience that delivered me to a very humble, vulnerable and ultimately intimate place.

I had to come to terms with some very deep and limiting beliefs. Baron Baptiste has this very powerful aspect of his methodology: “You have to break down before you can break through.” Well, that’s what the ladder afforded me. In that place of surrender, I was able to deal with those limiting beliefs. And how I did that was completely unexpected and magical. There’s a key out there but if we don’t recognize it, we’ll never unlock the power to transform.


I reached out to others who revealed to me that they had dealt with adversity. They had dealt with humility intimately and had an open aura to be the guiding light for those who were struggling. Friends visited without me asking. People showed me grace and love and tenderness. So much so that I had to eventually show it to myself, which for most can be a tall order. What happened in these last few weeks was completely transformative. What began with a simple injury, grew to be one of the biggest awareness shifts I’ve had in a long time.

Here are the nuts and bolts. Love IS what makes the world go around. We’ve all heard it, but after attending a new moon lodge recently, it was very clear to me that most of us feel disconnected and lonely, and are searching for others to connect with. When we connect, all the love we have within us is able to pulse. To give forth. To help restore others and thus ourselves.

The final cherry on top of was a statement a dear friend made to me. She had invited me to dinner with a few others, but it was so clear that she too needed to feel the connection physically that we so often enjoy when we are together. I was immensely grateful for the night out, but by the end of the dinner my head was really hurting. Upon thanking everyone for their wonderful company, I made my exit.

My friend followed me outside and out of nowhere said, “I love you like instant coffee.” Powerful. Bold. Instant connection. We grabbed a hold of each other, infectious smiles on our faces and gave each other the biggest hug. Then she started kissing my forehead like a little bird. In that moment, I just drank it in. I surrendered to it and had the deepest sense of gratitude I’ve experienced in a long time. The deepest, most sincere form of love. One moment I was hurting and the next moment I was completely restored in mind, body and spirit.

Yes, there are opportunities we all get, on any given day, to truly connect with another. Heart to heart. Head to head. Spirit to spirit. It is such a gift. I want to encourage each and everyone of you to look up with your hearts, feel those around you and whenever you feel someone in deficit, please give them a hug and tell them you care. Give them a smile. Give them a nod. See them. Let them see you seeing them. This connection is our gold. And by doing this, gratitude flourishes. It’s a win-win. So why not order your day in a way that you make time to look up and connect. Go ahead, I dare ya!

Isn’t that what yoga truly is? ~ Union.

[Photo by John – CC BY]

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