Washington State voters have a unique opportunity during this year’s ballot to pass the first carbon tax initiative: I-732. Climate change is the biggest threat for to our children’s future and saying #YesOn732 is a powerful way to curb greenhouse-gas emissions. The rest of the country and even the world is watching  as the state of Washington could be leading the way in passing climate change policy that can set the path for others to follow. I-732 could truly reorient the state’s economy away from fossil fuels and toward low-carbon options. We have a moral responsibility to our children and future generations to protect them. That means tackling climate change now, and leaving them a cleaner, healthier, safer world. Are you ready to make a difference?

If there is one thing we can all do is to help increase awareness about the importance of doing the right thing for the environment. Join us in holding big polluters accountable for the damage they inflict on our planet and be part of the #GreenYogis732 movement in support of #YesOn732. As a yoga community, we want to make Saturday 10/29/2016 a special day in which we unite to say that we care and that the time to act on climate change is NOW.

3 things you can do as a concerned citizen to make a difference:

1  Share this article on your favorite social media network using the hashtags #GreenYogis732 and #YesOn732 and mobilize your friends by tagging them

2  Look up the class schedule of your favorite local yoga studio on Saturday 10/29/2016, pick a class to attend and invite your friends to join you

3  On Saturday, make sure to post a photo of yourself with your friends wearing green before or after class and don’t forget to tag #GreenYogis732 and #YesOn732

Are you a yoga studio wanting to support this initiative? Here are 5 things you can do:

1  Share this article on the social media accounts of your yoga studio using the hashtag #GreenYogis732 and #YesOn732 inviting everyone to come to yoga class on Saturday dressed in green

2 Send an email to your students this week and invite them to come do yoga on Saturday wearing green and link to this page for them to learn more about it

3 Print and post this flyer in your studio today to remind students this week that they should plan to come to class on Saturday and that they should wear green

4  Tell your yoga teachers about the campaign and ask them to make an announcement about the campaign after class highlighting the importance of taking action today about climate change

5  Post photos from Saturday on social media with the hashtags #GreenYogis732 and #YesOn732 showcasing the color green that day.

We have a unique opportunity to make a difference today in the future of our children and the next generations to come. We count on you to join us as #GreenYogis732

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