Tulafest has come and gone but the effects are everlasting!

Over 300 yogis attended the festival which was held at South Lake Union Park on July 9th, 2016. This one day event brought together Seattle yoga teachers to share their love of yoga with the Seattle yoga community. Coordinators Alondra Meraz and Crystal Mukai partnered and recruited 19 yoga instructors, 3 workshop presenters, 24 vendors and sponsors to make TulaFest 2016 a reality!

We were very pleased with the diversity of attendees at the event (young, old, super-fit, just starting yoga, etc.) because this closely aligned with our overall goal of making yoga accessible to all populations. One of our challenges was the logistics of having an event in a park as opposed to a yoga studio. We had to consider how our event would work with wet grass, birds, airplanes landing on the water, GEESE Poop and possible rain. As a result, we scoped the park as much as we could the night before and made sure to have event tents.Alondra Meraz
nick goodman and lela becker tulafest 2016
Nick Goodman and Lela Becker
A collective inhale at 10:00 in the morning on Lake Washington fills my cells with hope. Hundreds of people exhale with thoughts of peace. Love ripples into the city as we relax into our savasanas. We breathe into our asanas with hope to go further in understanding ourselves, releasing thoughts that bind us, so that we may go further in our practice and in our lives. For when we go further into our understanding we can help to make the world a more understanding place. It begins with us. It begins with one breath. A collective gathering for the love of yoga, for the love of self care, and for love of the strength of a community that links body, breath, and spirit. Nick and I were humbled to teach Tantra yoga at TulaFest and be a part of such an expansive community working towards a common goal.Lela Becker
jennifer baxter yoga tulafest 2016
Jennifer Baxter and Kristin Tetuán


Everyone was so welcoming – from the event coordinator, the booth vendors, to all the yoga instructors. Everyone did a great job cultivating a calm and serene environment to allow for grounding in my practice. I look forward to attending Tulafest next year!Jennifer Baxter

Lake Union Park was a beautiful setting for a beautiful occasion, however the team hopes to have a different venue next year. They will work on building the yoga community in Seattle and making TulaFest an annual event.

Yoga means union and that’s exactly what TulaFest did. TulaFest united beautiful souls for a day of soulful nourishment through yoga.

We are forever grateful for all the wonderful teachers and attendees. Thank you for your patience when things didn’t go exactly as planned! You all truly brought some magic to Lake Union Park on Saturday. Nothing make us happier than seeing people come together to do something for the sake of health and fun! May your lives continue to be filled with light.Alondra Meraz

Take a glimpse of all the fun that was had at TulaFest 2016 in our slideshow.

  • Nick Goodman teaching Tantra Yoga at TulaFest 2016.

We hope to see you there next year! Namaste!

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