It’s finally International Dog Day!! We’re celebrating all the good boys and girls today 🐶 They are always in our lives teaching us to take a break. They’re here to remind us that there is more to life than work. To thank them back we are spotlighting dogs in the yoga community 🧘‍♀💖🐶 and we’re paw-sitive you’re gonna enjoy this post.

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Round two of cute puppers 🐶. Have the puppy fever yet!? Let us know in the comments how cute our spotlightees are 🐾 🥰

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Yoga Dog: PATROCLUS – Yoga in the Center:

I had adopted a boxer mix from A Paw Up Rescue so naturally started following their page on Facebook. One day a goofy looking white boxer named Ziggy popped up in my news feed. I couldn’t get him out of my mind! Everytime his picture popped up I was shocked he hadn’t been adopted yet. Then fate intervened. My parents decided to adopt a puppy from the same rescue. I joined my dad for the long car ride to pick up his new pup. While there I inquired after the white boxer and fell head over heels for the wiggle butt. I went home, told my husband we had to have him and did the three hour drive again the next day!

Yoga Dog: JAKE – Vivian Mach:

Our mini schnauzer Jake was adopted from Emerald City Pet Rescue 4 years ago. He came to them blind, with heart worms, parasites, on the brink of death. But the VCA in west seattle took amazing care of him and a cataract surgery later he has doggy 20/20 and is alive to tell the tale!

He’s traveled with us to California, hiked the mountains and lakes of the PNW and loves doing yoga since the mat is also his favorite spot in the home.

Yoga Dog: SONNY – Hope Clunie:

I found him on Petfinder and loved that he had one eye 😉 I adopted him from Emerald City Pet Rescue

Yoga Dog: PUMPKIN & GIGI – Emily O’Dea:

Gigi came to us as I prepared to loss my beloved labradoodle. Pumpkin was a failed foster dog.

Yoga Dog: MOCHI – Frances Hammond:

My friend got surprise puppies from her Yorkshire Terriers one winter. I decided to take the runt despite him having some health issues. I picked him up on a sixth date with my now husband and we’ve been a family since! Luckily, with a diet of goat milk and freeze dried food, he turned out strong, smart and sassy!

Yoga Dog: OSCAR – Liandren Brown:

I adopted Oscar from Seattle Humane Society when he was 6 month old puppy

Yoga Dog: JOSIE – Anna Douglas:

She was dropped off in a box outside of a salon in Spokane when she was 4 weeks old. I saw a photo of her while I was eating breakfast and that same day I drove to Spokane, paid $50 and rescued her.

Yoga Dog: POPPY – Chelsea Spicer:

My fiancé and I had wanted a dog for years. We talked about our future dog all the time and even included a fluffy little copper-haired pup on our vision board a couple years ago. When I saw Poppy, I knew right away she was the one. She was so playful and spunky… and she even has the same color hair as we do! She was part of the family right away. We call her the magic dog because she was the catalyst for us buying our first home together and for my (now) fiancé proposing soon after!

Yoga Dog: BERNIE – Terilyn Wyre:

We went looking for a new cat to adopt and instead found the sweetest little puppy

Yoga Dog: SIDHHI – Carrie Wallace

We met her through a dog rescue when she was 5 months old

We have LOVED working on this article and social media post. Adopt, don’t shop! Make sure to visit or call shelters and rescues near you to find your next yoga partner.

Here are a few recommendations from Vivian: