Ayurveda is a medical healing discipline and an ancient valid energy science with deep philosophical roots in the yoga tradition. It mirrors traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which is the other valid energy healing science from which we get acupuncture. It translates as the science of life and gives us important lifestyle behavior guidelines about nutrition, rest, and exercise.  In this video, Dr. Bill Dean helps answer the question: “what is Ayurveda?”.


Transcript of the video: I’d like to talk to you about Ayurveda and the science that comes from India. It comes from the yoga tradition. It is actually translated as the science of life, the wisdom of life. Ayurveda gives us an understanding of guidelines as to how to be healthy. Right now, the hot topic is to try to figure out how to be healthy and a lot of people now are looking at lifestyle patterns of behavior that create health but the issue is: how do we find those guidelines and that’s where Ayurveda as an energy science can give us a lot of good guidelines and information. Now, there are these adages: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “early to bed early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise”. These are aphorisms that we have created in our culture but no nobody really understands the strength of these concepts, we kind of give them lip service, without really understanding what these guidelines really mean, but they’re really really intuitively important so the concept here is that Ayurveda can give you understandings of how to create a healthy lifestyle, a healthy behavior pattern that will stand the test of time and will overtime make you healthy wealthy and wise. So, the idea here is to know how much water to drink, when to go to bed, when to get up, when to exercise, when to eat the biggest meal of the day. These are all very simple questions yet we don’t really have a structure in our culture, particularly in our health system to understand these very basic fundamental lifestyle behavior patterns. So Ayurveda allows us to be able to get this information, to give us structure for our lives and to then promote health because of that, Ayurveda talks about individuals and their patterns of behavior, and these patterns are within us, they structure us and give us life as energy patterns in the flow of life.

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