Your yoga mat is the most personable item in your yoga kit, so quality matters. We have picked another mat that might be just the right fit for you – the Jade Harmony Professional mat. At 3/16-inch, this yoga mat is made out of natural rubber with no PVC and it offers slip-resistance and extra cushioning. The length is either 68 or 74 inches and it is very easy to wash with soap.

Designed for comfort, sustainability and grip, the Jade Harmony yoga mats are some of the most eco-conscious mats available.

There’s a notable rubber smell when the mat is first removed from its packaging. This fades within a few uses and then almost completely disappears. Keep in mind that anyone suffering from rubber allergies shouldn’t use this mat for obvious reasons.

What’s really great about this mat is the amount of traction it offers. Both wet and dry, this mat outperforms many others with its tackiness from the natural rubber. And the cushion is amazing. We have tested this mat on grass, hardwood and carpet and the amount of padding always feels luxe.

Check out the story of how the first yoga mat was invented and how that brings Jade’s business model to full circle. Try it out, it might become your new favorite yoga item and, as always, let us know what you think.


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