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We are looking for yoga teachers that are adaptable, responsive, and dependable. They must deeply embody their own yoga practice and have a burning desire to share it with others.

Thank you for your interest. Our mission at ZUM Fitness is to inspire our community to succeed and thrive in their health, fitness, and well-being. Our yoga program is an important component of this mission.

The yoga classes at ZUM Fitness offer more than the physical benefits that anybody can get by following a podcast at home. They also offer the stress-reducing benefits of focusing on breath work, intentionality, and directing attention. We are looking for teachers who integrate these techniques into their classes.

We have a warm and welcoming community and an open, upscale facility. Teachers receive a complimentary membership that includes access to our group exercise classes, full-use of our locker rooms and sauna, free monthly educational workshops, and supportive management that wants every class to be successful.

The pay scale starts at $40 per class with an attendance bonus structure. The base rate may increase with consistently high attendance and an attitude that reflects our Core Values (see below).

Qualities of the Yoga Instructors ZUM would like to hire:

  • Presence – A presence that commands attention. The ability to inspire, make participants feel at ease and welcome, and make participants want to practice yoga even when they’re not feeling energetic. The ability to help participants forget about what stresses them.
  • Knowledge – Comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, philosophy and of all the 8 limbs of yoga.
  • Attention and Skilled Adjusting – Able to swiftly make simple and subtle touches that will prevent participants from developing bad habits that can easily lead to injury. Adjustments are also an extension of “working the room” — letting participants know ‘I’m watching and paying attention and I’m here to help your practice’.
  • Versatility – The confidence to be adaptable to the needs of the class. Able to identify participants’ needs or abilities and adjust on the fly. To respond without compromising the class theme – to be able to adjust by going with more flow, alignment detail, or teaching yoga philosophy, depending on what the class requires.
  • Detail Orientated – Able to give the specific cues for a beginning participant or more subtle and refined cues for people who have been practicing for a long time.
  • Specific With Language – Concise and pertinent with speech instead of speaking unnecessarily. Makes every word count. Mixes words with movement in a deliberate way with a clear diction. Understands that appropriate silence is important.
  • Work & Feel the Room – The ability to work the room and make every person feel special, if just for a few moments. Whether it’s a subtle touch, a name call-out, or even just a moment’s glance, connecting with students creates a personal touch.
  • Warmth – Cares about the experience of the participants, particularly in the first interaction. Greets people with a warm smile and welcoming attitude.
  • Light Heartedness – Engenders an atmosphere or fun and playfulness. It’s easy to get too serious about yoga and get caught up in the competitive aspect or the need to “work people hard”.
  • Uses Music for Effect – Inspired to use music that enhances the ambiance of the class and either relaxes or inspires the participants.

Our Core Values:

  • Community: We believe in building and maintaining a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community where we cultivate long-term relationships and fully engage with our members.
  • Knowledge and Experience: We are a team of knowledgable and experienced professionals who are committed to providing safe, sustainable, and effective health and fitness guidance for our members.
  • Professional Growth: We provide leadership, mentorship, coaching, and the supportive attitude needed to succeed and thrive.
  • Communication: We commit to clearly and effectively communicating between our staff and to our members.
  • Innovation: We innovate exercise programs and classes that are effective, adaptable to all fitness levels, sustainable, unique, and engaging.

How to Apply:

We’re intending to hire the right teachers relatively quickly.

If you want to become a part of our community and have a burning desire to share the benefits of yoga with others, please use this link to return to the careers page, and fill out the web form. Please list Yoga Instructor in the ‘Position Applying For’ box.

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