You love yoga, relish a good challenge, and are looking for a career change. Ever wonder if you should take the plunge and open your own yoga studio? I recently sat down with Jelena Hardy, who is the owner of Rishi Yoga, a studio that’s coming up on its one-year milestone. Hardy shares the good, the bad and the ugly of her first year of being in business. Check out her top three lessons learned:

Lesson #1: Be selective with who you hire

One of Hardy’s biggest challenges has been learning how to hire teachers who represent her brand, and fire those who don’t. She’s learned to be selective and firm with what she wants — and also to be both patient and kind when it doesn’t work out.

Lesson #2: Prioritize your own practice

As a new business owner Hardy finds herself practicing yoga even more than before she opened her studio — it’s important to her to live what she teaches. She shares how she goes into the studio early for her own practice and then teaches her students what she just practiced.

Lesson #3: Create a space where people can connect

Hardy believes the class and the workout is secondary to the environment and the space that is created. She shares that the most rewarding aspect of business is her connection with her clients and the gratitude they’ve expressed for the welcoming and safe environment she’s created for people of all ages and abilities.

Want to hear more about Jelena’s first year in business? Listen to the full 30 minute podcast interview!

[Image courtesy of Rishi Studios]

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