Have you ever looked up from your life and not recognized it. Just flat out said, “Whose life is this?” At certain times in the life cycle, we can feel so overwhelmed by how we thought our life would turn out versus how it did. Often, I hear people say how they want their life to be different. They go to great lengths to fantasize. They also don’t do a lot of actual work to make real change in their lives. They never engage with or harness the transformational energy that is their birthright. So how do you manifest real transformation?

First, you have to connect with the why and the desire, but connect in a way that you give yourself full reign to believe that the biggest dream within you is possible. Without this first step of expansive thinking, you will stay disconnected from the source that’s going to transform your life. And that source is your true self. Many people believe what they present to the world is their true self. What I’ve come to know is that we are so much more. But life unfolds sometimes without much direction from us and that’s part of the dance. Shit happens. We get conditioned. We get disappointed. We get hurt. We begin to shut down our dream factory and settle into small dreams, then smaller dreams, then we are reduced down to just getting to two yoga classes a week and maybe meeting with a friend once a month. Life can get real small when we attempt to avoid pain and disappointment.

I want to share with you today the true power source to manifest real transformation. This power source is quite simply — your deepest desires. The ones that feel they serve a much higher purpose. Something you can really lock on to as a new way of being. In being connected deeply to your genuine desire, you set a powerful intention for the kind of transformation you want to manifest.

Basically, you’re setting a goal. And as most know, with a goal you need a route to get you there. Choosing a pathway to transformation is critical. Just muscling your way through expecting to get anywhere real or lasting never ends well. Like a yoyo dieter, hooked onto the latest fad, you can put yourself on a path temporarily but if you don’t stick to it … you gain those 10 pounds back. Yup, that’s right. Finding a path that you can commit to as your new way of being will ensure true transformation.

As there are many pathways, how do you know which one is best for you? Ah, now that’s the hardest part of this whole process. Before you change anything in your life, you must first become very still. You must go somewhere very familiar but difficult to access consistently until you give yourself permission. You must go within. Meditation, I believe, is the greatest pathway of all to personal transformation. In order to begin this process of experiencing life on a deeper level and defining your deepest desires, you have to go somewhere very quiet. Usually meditation is the vehicle to accomplish this stillness.

It’s in that quiet time at the beginning and end of our day that we can actually be still enough to hear our soul’s guidance. Start with five minutes twice a day for a week. Then 10 minutes morning and night. By the third week you’ll be meditating 20 minutes twice and day and it is then you’ll begin to feel different. Less reactionary. Calmer. More directed in moments throughout your day. Just trust the process and give yourself permission. But most importantly, listen. Feel. Ask your soul questions. Engage with your true self on the deepest of levels. You might be surprised how just this discipline of meditation alone changes the whole game. I find the most important aspect of meditation is bringing your self fully present into the moment. And that is when your true self can then get on to the business of manifesting your desires. Your dreams.

Once you 1) acknowledge that anything is possible, 2) lock onto a deep desire that you want to manifest, 3) see that desire as the power source that will manifest your dreams and 4) make meditation a part of your daily discipline, you will have created a strong pathway.  And it is on this pathway that you hold on to your strongest intention to systematically transform yourself. And this intention becomes your new foundational way of being. With this intention in place, you will then begin to see opportunities that arise that will feed your desire. You wanna know the most shocking part of this whole process? All the opportunities that begin to pop up were always there! In transforming yourself, you transform your experience of life. Your awareness expands and begins to allow more dynamic opportunities into your life that feed your desire. See the loop.

To manifest real transformation isn’t for babies, I’m not gonna kid you. It takes a lot of hard work and daily commitment to your desires. Each day, you must align with your intentions and power your transformation by connecting to your true self through meditation. And once you begin to flow with this, watch out. You’ll start experiencing a new way of being. You begin to tap into a flow that has always been there for you, you just needed to get out of the way and stop sabotaging the connection.

Once you’ve activated your flow, whoa, it seems to take no willpower whatsoever to stay there. You’re locked on. This is the most beautiful aspect of transformation. Acknowledgment that the universe is actually your ally and that by aligning with your true self (your highest state of consciousness) is where a deep, connected, powerful experience in this life begins and ends. Good stuff that’s there for you to access. If you give yourself permission, that is, and then go do the work to clear the clutter within your mind to get there. Anyone can transform their life.

Go ahead, I dare ya!

[Photo by Paree – CC BY]

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