I came across this bear named Meddy Teddy! I was intrigued by Meddy Teddy because he was bent into different yoga poses. He has a serene look on his face and looks absolutely at peace. I reached out and got in touch with Mike Jordan aka Mindful Mike, one of he creators of Meddy Teddy. Mindful Mike shared his story about the creation and purpose of this wonderful little bear.

Meddy Teddy Yoga Poses

Who is Meddy Teddy?

Meddy Teddy is a happy bear yogi. He is a small bear with a big message. Meddy Teddy has posable limbs and came practice any posture you want him to. While on a silent two week meditation retreat, Meddy Teddy came to Mike’s oldest brother Thom’s mind during a meditation session in a cave in India. The original Meddy was an older grayer bear. Mike and his brother began animating Meddy Teddy and created a prototype with the original vision in mind. A friend suggested that Meddy should be a younger bear and the brothers totally agreed. After that, the team had him re-created into another form. Through different artists, Meddy Teddy has arrived to how he looks today!

What does Meddy Teddy teach kids? How does Meddy Teddy work?

The biggest lesson Meddy Teddy teaches kids is to be happy. As you can see from Meddy Teddy’s face, he’s always happy. If you approach everything in a positive and happy light, your outlook will change and you can do anything you set your mind to!

Meddy Teddy teaches meditation in a style called “Meddytations!” Meddytations are simple and fun, yet are powerful exercises for youth (and adults) to find their inner teddy. Currently, Meddy Teddy speaks through his Instagram account. His voice is biggest there and it’s already created an impact. During our first Instagram yoga challenge, #YogaWithMeddy, with co-hosts @TheGivingMom and @SummerPerez, Meddy lead mindful moments for mom and cub to practice together. We had such beautiful mOMents come from all around the world. You could really see the benefits as kids looked happier and were aware of their bodies and minds. We are in the process of creating a yoga card deck and a yoga pose book with Meddy in different poses. Hopefully we will also have some guided Meddytations available to download in the near future.

What does the Meddy Teddy Team struggle with?

Struggles still happen to this day! It’s all a journey, that’s what the team has realized over at Meddy Teddy is that with any endeavor you take on, the end isn’t the goal, it’s enjoying the journey. We’ve been prototyping Meddy for years so you could imagine the struggle to get him to where he is now and the triumph we felt when we knew he was ready.

How has Meddy Teddy changed the lives of kids?

The winner of the #YogaWithMeddy challenge is Kingsley, aka Darth. While writing the winner announcement post, Kingsley’s story brought me to tears. Kingley is in a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop him from participating in the challenge. He inspired our whole team and I’m sure lots of other people too. His mom brought him to the mat and showed the world how yoga connects all of us.

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When I look at the pictures of Kingsley with Meddy and see his smile, it tells me that kids might just need a bear buddy in their life as a symbol and reminder to be happy and at peace.

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Mike and Thom look at Meddy Teddy as an enlightened bear that is a guiding force in their lives for peace, happiness, and enlightenment. The Dalai Lama believes that we can have a world where there is no violence. Meddy Teddy’s goal is to bring that message of peace to our children and future leaders. Meddy Teddy can help us get to that future. The ultimate purpose of Meddy Teddy is to teach our kids how to be mindful, meditate, and do yoga.

The Meddy Teddy Team is excited to get all the Meddy’s ordered during their Indiegogo campaign packaged and delivered to kids around the world. Without our supporters, Meddy wouldn’t have made it this far. The team has been so patient and excited for Meddy’s arrival. They’re definitely thankful for all the amazing people worldwide who support Meddy and his vision. Meddy Teddy even told me that he is beyond bear bliss for his fans and the love they give.

Purchase your own Meddy Teddy at www.meddyteddy.com or even through Meddy Teddy’s Facebook Page.


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