Danielle Gaudette was awarded the “Yoga Teacher of the year award” during the 2015 edition of the Seattle Yoga Awards, the results were announced on Saturday December 5th at the Seattle Yoga Holiday Party. We met up with Danielle to learn more about her journey and how she felt about this recognition from the community. We recorded her responses in the following video. We invite you to join her for a yoga class or workshop at the Body & Brain Yoga studio in Ravenna.


About Danielle Gaudette:

Danielle Gaudette has been a Body & Brain Yoga practitioner for 16 years. She has been instructing classes, leading workshops and special trainings in this modality for 13 years.  She has worked in cities across the U..S, such as Boston, Denver, Albuquerque and Brooklyn, to share this powerful practice and it’s principles with many people.  Currently, she is happy to be here in Seattle, working as the center manager for the Ravenna Park Body & Brain Center.

In the classroom, Danielle seeks to guide people back to their bodies so that they may discover the  life force within them, and awaken their own natural healing power.  She has experienced many profound transformations in her own life on her path with Body & Brain yoga and finds joy in seeing others transform themselves for the better as well.  She believes that this is the most important thing for a human being to do – to get back in touch with themselves.

In addition to the stretching, breathing and meditation techniques that she leads people through in their regular classes at the center, she currently teaches a Self -Mastery class, which guides people through the world of their emotions and habits.  In educating people with simple tools and practices on how to better manage their emotions and negative habits using the body and energy system, she works together with her students to create healthier lifestyles.  She has also been a trainer of the Finding Trues Self workshop since 2006, a training which guides people on a profound journey of healing into their heart chakras to uncover their pure essence.  This process continues to be what she is most passionate about and reaps great rewards from in her own heart and spirit.

Outside of the classroom she enjoys exploring the beautiful nature of Washington state, where she has lived for one year and three months.  In addition, she takes time to share her awakenings and inspirations through her blog, “Welcome to the Scrapbook of my Heart.”

She believes that a healthier, happier and more peaceful world begins with the individual.  She diligently pursues her own path to become a brighter light and continues to encourage others to do the same.

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