Menopause is a phase that will naturally come to every woman who lives a normal life span. This is not a time of disease in the medical sense, but it is a time when we may feel uneasy and unsure of ourselves when we sense this change coming. If we realize that the body event is connected to a soul event, then it gives more meaning to this transition.

Yoga helps us to get in touch with our own nature. A woman’s body in the mother phase is always in a different hormonal balance; we are either premenstrual, menstruating, post menstrual or ovulating. Mr. Iyengar told us in the Woman’s Intensive that our organic body reacts negatively to stress whether it is physical, mental or emotional. At this time of change observe carefully and work in harmony with yourself as much as possible.

Watch the following video to learn more about yoga poses that work well for Menopause:

We are all afraid of change and we try to run away from it and deny it. We want to keep things the way they are. If we have a depth of understanding, we realize this is not possible because things are always changing. Instead we can cooperate with the change and see menopause as an opportunity for growth in our awareness. We can use the Asanas and the principles of yoga to create balance and harmony.

Cut out heat and exciting poses, and increase your attention to the ones that create cooling and quietness. Self-reflection is important at this time of change.

To help women to better understand what works I put together a video series focused on yoga poses for menopause that are available for purchase.

The experience of osteoporosis a few years after periods stop seems to be universal, but with yoga, you can use the weight of your body to keep your bones strong.

Yoga is a wonderful non-invasive system that enables us to enhance our knowledge of ourselves on both the physiological and psychological levels, and to be more patient and caring for ourselves. Practicing with awareness will help us to transition smoothly through menopause to reach PMZ, Post Menopausal Zest, the term coined by Margaret Mead to let you know you have steady energy.

Look forward to the Change.

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