Wearing yoga pants isn’t just a girl’s thing; it’s a fashion trend. Today, when people are looking for clothes, their shopping options are no longer constrained by “nice-looking,  good quality clothes.” Consumers have become picky. They have more demands about the clothes they purchase. Besides nice-looking and good quality, people want their clothes to be comfortable, sustainable and fashionable. These seven brands can give men the yoga pants that they want with just the right touch of comfort and simplicity.

#1: PrAna Yoga pants


In business for 22 years, this company focuses on making sustainable clothes that look great. That’s why you will find their clothes are made using fewer toxins and chemicals. Their yoga pants are made with organic cotton, natural fibers and recycled materials that give a touch of softness and comfort. With the help of some renowned yogis, PrAna tries to provide consumers with good quality. Their yoga pants range from $59 to $70.

#2: Be Present Yoga pants


Beginning as a clothing company for yogis and yoga instructors, Be Present evolved into creating designs for those who value versatile, simple and comfortable clothing. Their yoga pants designs are more simplistic, and they really emphasize comfort, with wide pants that are made from light, woven fabric. What’s great about these pants is that many of them come with pockets. The price range is between $65 and $75.

#3: Vickerey Yoga pants


Ideal for yoga, climbing or just hanging out, Vickerey offers a variety of designs for all types of yoga pants. Whether you want it to be a simple straight leg, cut below the knee or even sweats, they have it all. Most of their yoga pants are made from a lightweight and durable blend of hemp, recycled polyester and a little lycra for slight stretch. Their price range is from $48 to $76.

#4: Hyde Yoga pants


Fifteen years ago, the Hyde collection originated from a desire to move with comfort and ease. The company was founded by an avid runner who began yoga as a new form of exercise and soon recognized that it was healing more than just her physical body. Their revised men’s yoga pants are perfectly designed to fit male yogi’s body shape, with a slightly slimmer leg and a more generous rise. Even though they don’t have a broad range of choices, Hyde provides unrestricted movement and uses 95 percent cotton. Their price range is between $68 and $75.

#5: 4-rth Yoga pants


With the current pursuit to make the clothing industry accountable for its fabric choices and construction processes, 4-rth makes men’s yoga pants with creative and fun designs. You will be surprised by the colorfulness of their yoga pants, all the way from bright orange to vivid green, or a combination of colors in stripes. All of their yoga pants hit just below the knee, with RIB cuffing at the bottom to keep the pants “in place” for those hand stands. 4-rth men’s yoga pants are $55.

#6: Alo Yoga pants


This Los Angeles-based company aims to provide products with high-performance products for yogis who demand maximum quality, innovative fabrics and on-trend styling. Their yoga pants are designed with pockets, and their products contain materials such as bamboo, charcoal, jacquard and recycled polyester. The innovative anti-bacterial technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Their price range is between $27 and $72.

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