What is Kaf Adventures?

Mick Pearson is the founder and creator of Kaf Adventures. Kaf Adventures was born out of passion to get people outdoors. Often in life, we are searching for space and clarity. Kaf Adventures fits a need for individuals to build technical skills in the outdoors so they can travel in the wilderness safely and with confidence. Kaf Adventures also guide individuals using activities that one can reflect on to support personal growth. Mick has always been an educator. From college, Mick studied outdoor recreation and now dedicates his life to supporting outdoor adventures for others. Mick states, “It’s fun to watch people push their personal boundaries!”

We had an opportunity to catch up with Mick and learn more about the man behind the mission.

#1 Can you share a memorable experience from one of your trips? Why was this so significant?

Our Canyonlands Yoga and Backpacking trip is so unique. On all of our backpacking trips, we actually go backpacking rather than car camping with day hikes. Having a few individuals who are terrified to pick up their entire belongings for a week and walk into the wilderness is difficult. On one particular trip into the red canyons of Southern Utah, a few of my participants were stopped by a large pool of water. The only way to continue was a group decision to strip down and swim with their packs farther into the canyon. The impact that transformed my participants through that decision rippled farther into their lives. Each person had a new commitment to their health and a confidence that they could do physical activity they did not think possible. These experiences happen often on our experiences.

#2 What can someone expect when they sign-up for one of your trips? Do they need to be experienced?

Expect to spend time in a wilderness setting with beautiful people and environments. Expect to carry all of your gear, and to sleep on the ground with all of your belongings. Expect to wake up under the stars, share allergy sensitive meals with new friends, and practice yoga outdoors. No experience needed, just show up!

#3 What about being outdoors keeps you coming back to nature?

As we all do, I feel so connected to myself when I am outdoors. All of the external noise goes away, and the only this else that is important is food, water, exercise, and the people who surround you. Spending time outdoors is nourishing to the soul!

#4 Can you tell us one thing that not many people know about you?

I am also a DJ! I love playing music. I love sharing music. I love dancing! I love to create a mood for people to dance. I want to play music for your next yoga class!

#5 If you could invite one person (dead or alive) on a backpacking trip with you, who would it be?

Great question. I have never thought about it. Off the top of my head, I think I would invite our current president, Barack Obama. I want to talk to him about the permit restrictions and issues regarding access to our public lands as a commercial entity. The problem in the US is unknown to most people and it has to change.

#6 What are you aspirations for Kaf Adventures?

We are trying to become a sustainable business. That means to fully support a 3 full-time administrative staff with a livable wage. It has been extremely difficult to achieve this after 11 years. When I start soul searching, I feel that there is a true need to share the outdoors with people. People need an avenue to get outdoors and learn to travel and care for our environment responsibly and with confidence. We are currently working with yoga instructors who want to work with us to craft their own yoga + wilderness experience. If you are a yoga instructor and you think there would be interest with your students, please reach out. We would love to work with you!

5 reasons someone should sign-up for a backpacking + yoga trip

Lastly, Mick provides 5 reasons to sign-up for an outdoor experience with Kaf Adventures:

  1. It’s a true backpacking experience!
  2. Receive professional guidance from professional outdoor educators actively working in the industry.
  3. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable setting can be profound and life-changing.
  4. You will walk away with new friends.
  5. Spending time outside will nourish your soul.

Kaf Adventures shares this video to give you a glimpse of their outdoor yoga retreats.

Kaf Adventures provides educational courses and guided experiences in the arts of rock climbing, backpacking, mountaineering, yoga + wilderness, and winter recreation. They are community oriented and truly want to be seen as a resource to the community. They also have a rental program for any land based activity you may need! Come sign-up and visit Kaf Adventures!

Check out these other images from previous outdoor yoga adventures:

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Mick Pearson
Mick Pearson, Founder and Owner of Kaf Adventures

Mick Pearson Bio:

Mick has traveled the world over in search of the perfect mountain experience. After working for years under other companies’ ethos and philosophies, nothing quite fit with Mick’s personal convictions and passions. So, in 2006 he set out on his own to make his vision of the holistic mountain experience a reality for anyone whom was captivated by his personality and talents as an instructor and guide. Having traveled all over the U.S. as the son of a railroad employee, Mick is accustomed to movement and new views; Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Europe, South America, Tanzania are some of the places and cultures that have shaped and influenced this tireless traveler. Currently living in Seattle, WA year round, managing Kaf Adventures and continuing to hold the vision of this ever evolving company, Mick works tirelessly to continue to provide world-class experiences that leave people affected positively with new knowledge and a greater perspective of the person that they are in the world around them. When he is not in the field (he works about 100 days/year on courses!) you can find him creating electronic music and making people dance, smile and wonder when he sleeps! Mick is a AMGA certified Rock and Alpine Guide, SPI Program Provider and speaks Spanish and little Swahili.

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