There is a special kind of bond between a mother and her child. From the time we are born, mothers nourish us, nurture us, and deeply influence who we become. To honour this special person, the second Sunday of May each year is when the world celebrates Mother’s Day.

This year, Seattle Yoga News decided to partner with Lucy Activewear to select 20 different gift ideas for yoga moms to celebrate Mother’s Day from their latest collection of apparels and accessories. We hope you enjoy this selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas dedicated to all the health conscious yoga moms who love being trendy, cool and fashionable.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #1: Strong is Beautiful Pant

All moms are strong and beautiful. And what better way to say it than gifting her Lucy’s Strong is Beautiful Pants for her yoga sessions. A mixture of supplex and nylon, these pants are extremely comfortable and don’t bag on the knees. They are homelike and stylish. Your mom can wear them for her yoga as well as her core strength workout sessions. They come in shades of Rich Olive Heather, Lucy Black Tonal Stripe, Lucy Black and Silver Filigree Tonal Heather.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #2: Yoga Flow Top

A breezy and lightweight mesh top for your yoga mom will surely melt her heart. The fabric is soft and it has a flattering drape which absorbs sweat effortlessly. Tuck it in or leave it loose, the drape cross front ensures flexible movement during yoga and meditation time. These beauties come in Lucy Black, Island Rose, Dove Grey and Cool Lilac. Give this to your mom and she won’t stop smiling.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #3: Fitness Fix Tank

Do you want mommy to beat the heat? The Fitness Fix Tank is apt if she is looking for built-in support. The soft padded cups give her optional added shape along with extra coverage. The material is thick enough to cover any see-through or undergarments. They come in all shapes and sizes and are just right for yoga sessions, be it indoors or outdoors. The options you can choose from are Lucy White Confetti Print, Island Rose Deco Diamond Print, Prism Violet Fire Dance Print, Curacao Dimension Print and Lucy Black.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #4: Studio Hatha Leggings

If your mom is into hatha yoga, then these Studio Hatha Leggings are what she needs for her asanas. Be it the downward-facing dog, tree, or the standing forward bend, these leggings will ease it out for her to get deep into her poses without any hindrances. These beautifully designed leggings are a boon for all the gutsy ladies out there as they are attractive, strong and durable. They also come with an internal waistband pocket that keep little things pretty close. The colour and print options to choose from are Prism Violet Fire Dance Print, Blue Fog High Tide Print, Lucy Black Velocity Jacquard and Lucy Black.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #5: Unhindered Crop Tank

Crop tanks are funky, sassy and bold. They look even better when they are worn in a yoga session. And they look the best when they are worn by your mom. Buy this Unhindered Crop Tank for her today and see her sweating it out in the yoga studio. The cropped length looks insanely hot with high waist bottoms. This tank allows maximum air flow so that a yoga session is enjoyed thoroughly. A perfect Mother’s Day gift for your perfect mom.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #6: Wonder Away Capri

If you have a mom who likes wearing loose and comfortable pants during her yoga sessions, then these Wonder Away Capris would be a lovely mother’s day gift for her. Available in two shades i.e. Lucy Black Heather Stripe and Rich Olive Heather Stripe, these pants are strong, stretchable and extremely comfortable for any Yoga workout class. One need not worry regarding leg movements as they are made to withstand different poses and stretches when it comes to asanas.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #7: Everyday Pant

Another one in the loose fit category. On a lazy long day, your mom can get into one of these and feel the pleasure of doing nothing for once. Or make her wear these soft, body fitting skimming fit pants and enjoy her yoga sessions at home or in the studio. They are strong, flat and extremely comfortable for rigorous yoga workout sessions. These also come with zipper pockets and are truly relaxing on the legs. Gift mommy Lucy Black or Rich Olive, she’s going to love it anyway.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #8: Transcend Capri

The Lucy’s Transcend Capri is a treat for the eyes. The draped gathed fabric makes it easy for movement and can make your mom look classy as well as trendy. She can wear these when she’s in a mood for some alone time with her meditation. They are extremely light and the leg openings make them stand out from any average workout shorts or pants. An amazing loose fit for mothers who love their meditation time. They come in Curaco, Lucy Black and Silver Filigree Heather.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #9: Studio Hatha Capri Leggings

These capris are light enough to help your mom stay cool on days when the temperature is rising. No matter what pose she needs to get into, these capris will let her accomplish that without any hitch. The fabric is too good, it moves well and is worth every penny. Give this to your mom and see her motivation soar when she’s on the yoga mat. There are umpteen designs and prints available for Studio Hatha Capri Leggings. Get one of these today and make mommy smile.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #10:Effortless Ease Top

A tee for your mom when she’s in her workout mode. The best thing about this top is that it goes with any pair of pants, shorts or tracks. As the name suggests, it’s pretty effortless, comfy and cute. A great way to show your mom that you care.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #11:Light Speed Woven Jacket

Does your mom hate missing her morning walks? This amazingly designed jacket will keep her warm and its ingenious revealing reflective pattern will keep her safe and visible when any light hits it. It comes with a deep hood with a draw cord and zipper hand pockets. The fabric is 100% polyester and its colour makes it a good combination with any tee or trousers. Give this to your mom and she won’t thank you enough.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #12:Essential 3 Pack No Show Sock

Be it yoga, running or just a simple jog, these moisture-wicking and quick drying pair of socks are awesome for any light or high sweat activity. Its mesh venting allows maximum air flow that will help mom keep cool. All good things come in small packages! So give this to her this mother’s day and see her flaunt these cute pair of socks with aplomb. They come in Lucy White, Black and Fashion Multi.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #13: Keep Calm Tank

You’ve got a super hyperactive mother? Just what the doctor ordered! Ask her to take a chill pill with this tank top and breathe. If she’s not into yoga and meditation, this is your chance to get her hooked on to it. Wearing this keep calm tank will remind her to take it easy and her yoga sessions will add on to the serenity and tranquillity that she’s looking for. The 3 colours and prints available are Silver Filigree Fire Dance Print, Washed Blue and Pure Indigo.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #14:Work to Workout Tote

Can’t see mom juggling more than one bag when she heads to work? This mother’s day ask her to drop her multiple bags and replace it with the Work To Workout Tote. It’s made of nylon and can accommodate her laptop, files, sipper and Yoga workout clothes. It comes with a universal colour and would go on formal as well as casual attires. Get this for her and see her walk in style and swerve.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #15:Studio Wide Headband

Don’t let strands of hair or drops of sweat come between your mom and her yoga sessions. Let her feel at ease when she’s busy meditating or achieving new heights in her yoga practice with this headband. A very cute way to say you care. Options available are Pure Indigo Moire Stripe Print, Purple Tie Dye Print and Blackberry Kamakura Print.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #16:Tranquillity Scrub Wrap

A perfect shrug to have after a good yoga session in the studio especially, when mom is heading to meet her girlfriends. The drape front and dropped hem makes it look very casual that. This can be worn one after a shower at a yoga studio or to an outing with friends. Your mom is going to love it. It comes in different shades and will make her just go wow!

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #17:Get Going Pants

These pants may come handy when your mom is getting late for her yoga class. This neat looking pair of pants will get her all charged up for a session of yoga or meditation, be it any day. They are absolutely comfortable. The continuous draw cord at the hem allows bespoken length that can be tucked away in the hidden snap. Leisure and style, all rolled up together in the Get Going Pant. Buy one today and see mommy’s healthy transformation.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #18: Destination Everywhere Scarf

When all ideas and brainstorming sessions fail regarding what to gift mom this mother’s day, a scarf will always come to your rescue. The Destination Everywhere Scarf by Lucy is a life-saver. The prints are exquisite and the fabric is soft and breezy. Make your mom feel like a girl again and see her eyes twinkle with joy.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #19: Surrender Pullover

An awesome way to keep mom cosy and comfy when she’s finished with her meditation class. It will keep her body and arms warm while preventing sleeves from riding up. A clean combination of style meeting comfort. Get one of these today and give her the best mother’s day gift she’d ever imagine.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea #20: Workout Racerback

Let your mom exercise with ease and see her reach new milestones in fitness with this workout racerback. The shirt tail will keep your mom covered and the racerback will ease her hand motions. Very feminine, very sassy! A cool way to bond with your mom on this mother’s day.

These are just a few gift ideas for you for this Mother’s day from our friends at lucy activewear, we hope you found a couple of items that fit perfectly your needs and mom’s style. We hope you have planned a beautiful mother’s day surprise for her in addition to her gift(s) and make sure to tell your mom that you love her today, on Mother’s day and every other day after that.

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