When you find it, you know it.

That’s how Indira Avdić felt when she discovered yoga. Originally from Bosnia, Avdić like most Europeans, wasn’t exposed to yoga. Most Europeans exercise with outdoor activities, like: hiking, fitness, running, tennis and volleyball.

Moving to the United States in 2000 marked the beginning of a new journey for Avdić.

“My whole life I felt emptiness, until I found yoga, and then I felt completed,” she said.

Avdić was in a terrible car accident where she sustained a back injury, which took years to heal. Healing wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for yoga, she said. The healing process can be difficult; you really have to learn to be patient with your body and calm your mind, she continues. Experiencing the benefits of yoga throughout her healing journey, not only helped Avdić physically, but spiritually. It was that spiritual progress that solidified yoga as part of Avdić’s life forever.

Avdić completed her 200-hour teacher training knowing deep down that she wanted to share the gifts of yoga with the rest of the world. The thought of having her own yoga studio felt so natural that it was on a matter of finding the right location. She found that at a studio in Madison Valley.

“I fell in love with the area,” she said.

The studio faces a small patio that serves as the entrance. The studio is bright and spacious overlooking green trees.

Avdić was attracted instantly and the timing was perfect – the third owner was selling and she didn’t hesitate for a second.

Lila Studio has been in that spot for about 15 years and it has had four different owners. Avdić knew that becoming the new owner would be challenging, but her vision for Lila Studio motivated her to roll up her sleeves and fill multiple roles. Avdić felt confident, with numerous years of experience in the corporate world behind her.

Avdić’s focus is introducing yoga to the community and making it accessible to everyone. That’s why the studio offers a free community class every Sunday. Her goal is to meet the needs of anyone who walks through Lila Yoga’s door, with classes ranging from Hatha to power and Vinyasa flow to yoga barre, Yin and restorative gentle flow classes. Avdić is also working on renovation plans which will add a little modern touch to the studio. The renovation will also include a retail space, and rooms for massage, acupuncture and health coaching. She envision Lila Studio as a one stop shop, where people will heal old injuries and find their new rejuvenated self.

Lila Yoga is a studio that values diversity. Every employee is committed to providing an elevating experience to people from all walks in life, Avdić said. As someone who loves to travel and getting to know people from different countries, Avdić brings her worldliness to the classroom. She is also planning on offering unique, worldly retreats.

Lila Yoga emphasizes not only the practice but also the philosophical elements of yoga. “We are planning free, educational workshops to educate the public about the services and the benefits of yoga,” Avdić said.

She sees the teachers as the most important component of the studio.

Today, after owning Lila Yoga for only four months, Avdić is excited to work together with her teachers to embrace the yoga practice within the community and to continue building the space that she envisions. Making a difference is what most matters to her and she hopes to accomplish that through Lila Yoga.