Join Scott and Heather Falkin owners of Sangha Yoga Seattle for a partner yoga play practice designed to facilitate bonding with a loved one. This practice strengthens physical qualities such as strength, flexibility and balance, while also strengthening interpersonal qualities. Enjoy this full partner yoga video!!

About Heather Falkin: Like my weekly meanderings through the woods, my mat is a place I go to remember what I am. The practice magically transports me back to a space of receptivity, self-reflection and stillness. I just feel better after yoga and for 20 years have dedicated myself to understanding how the dynamic practices and teachings of the yogic tradition transform us and unite us.
I seek to merge the old school and the new school approaches to guiding students to a sacred place within themselves. My classes are rooted in the eight limbs of yoga, Vedic tradition, Hindu mythology, Buddism and the lessons I’m constantly receiving from spirit in my daily life. I offer classes that are physically invigorating, mentally clarifying, spiritually awakening and fun. Teaching from my heart to support the needs of the students in the room is my highest goal and my continued self-study and growth is key in reaching it.
When I’m not teaching, practicing yoga, and tending to the studio I’m tending to my family. I take time for me in the form of reading, walking my dogs and SUP’ing on the sound. My soul is nourished when I’m in the mountains, close to the ocean, traveling, and listening to music.

About Scott Falkin: My journey into yoga began while courting Heather in 2001, I began with an intro series and then went to group classes simply to connect with Heather and spend time with her on the mat. After a couple of years of following her to class, I discovered a deep craving for yoga on a personal level and began a regular yoga practice for physical strength and flexibility, mental focus, and spiritual connection. The more time I spend on the mat, the deeper I fall in love with yoga and I find that yoga is a way of life and the lessons that we practice on the mat can be translated into daily life. I completed his 200 hour teacher training in 2012 and continue to read and learn and train and grow every day.
I like to teach balanced class that typically includes a spacious and grounding opening sequence, pranayama (breath work), a physically strong asana portion with fun music, followed by poses intended to release and decompress the body and mind. I also like to incorporate meditation and thoughtful intentions into many of my classes. I have been studying the Bhagavad Gita for the better part of a decade along with many other ancient and current texts and philosophies and I like to bring that awareness and messaging into this healing art.