After you get a good yoga session in, it’s important to remember to replenish your body.

Here are five of our favorite snacks to eat or drink after yoga:

Nuts and dried fruit: Nuts give you protein and dried fruit is a quick way to replenish carbs. Almonds and raisins are a personal favorite.


Coconut water or a fresh juice: These post-workout drinks will give you all of the hydration and flavor as a sports drink, without all of the added sugar.


Greek yogurt or cottage cheese: These delicious dairy snacks are high in protein and portable. Mix in some fresh fruit for added flavor and nutrition.

Fresh Strawberries

Apples and peanut butter: This classic gives you a lot of healthy fats. You might not know, apple skins contain a lot of quercetin, which reduces plaque buildup and hypertension and increases energy and endurance.


– If you’re ready for a full meal after yoga, consider preparing salmon and sweet potatoes: These super foods, packed with omega-3s and healthy vitamins pack a serious punch when combined as a meal.


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[Photos by Choo Yut Shing, Alpha, James Grant Sandee Bisson, Scott Tanis – CC BY]