Born and raised in Holland, Amsterdam, Reinier Voorwinde (DJ Drishti) moved to the U.S. when he was 21. His first stop was Miami, Florida, where his hospitality management degree helped him land a job on a cruise.

A few years later,  DJ Drishti moved to Coyote, New Mexico, where he lived in a cabin with 10 acres of land. He learned how to make silversmith jewelry and how to chop wood. He drank Corona Lights and from time to time smoked Marlboro. Life in Coyote was different from anything he had experienced before.

While living in Coyote, he worked in Santa Fe where he was introduced to some world-class restaurants. He was fascinated by the southwestern cuisine combined with the original French cooking techniques. Being introduced to Santa Fe’s great wine programs also developed his passion for wine. He worked with world-class chefs in luxurious restaurants, but he also pursued his photography degree at the University of Santa Fe.

Over time, Santa Fe became a bit small. The quest for traveling kicked in, and DJ Drishti had an appreciation for Seattle after visiting a few times.

“It really reminded me a lot of Amsterdam,” he said.

The decision was easy; he wanted to relocate to a place that reminded him of home. Traveling came along after he moved, when he became a wine broker and sold wine for six years, which allowed him to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world and visit some of the best wine regions. Moving to Seattle was like a blessing — this is where DJ Drishti had his son. Among his many dreams, school had always stayed on his radar. While raising his son and working, he went back to school, earned his Associate’s degree and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies and a Masters in International Studies from the University of Washington.

Yoga, like everything else, was coincidental. He remembers walking in Queen Anne, in between meetings, when he came across the hauteyoga studio. He took a class.

“It wasn’t love at first sight,” he said.

He had never experienced anything like it, so when he felt a bit overwhelmed in the middle of the class, he started rolling his mat – getting ready to leave, but the teacher approached him and asked: “Where do you think you are going?” He learned that there is no walking out on yoga.

After that day, he slept really well and felt great. There was no reason other than the yoga class, so he went again out of curiosity, but also so he could challenge himself – he had learned that it takes a few times to adjust – and not long after, he did.

Yoga led him on a path of self-discovery. He was able to notice feelings he hadn’t before. He was becoming more flexible and learned about work-life balance.

“By being an entrepreneur, you can be consumed by the business,” he said.

But yoga gave him a new perspective on what is important and healthy — he found a balance and eventually made yoga a part of his daily practice.

Since childhood, he had loved music and today his inspirations are a combination of African Beats, Reggae and electronic music. He discovered his love for deejaying while attending Burning Man. He was so inspired by the energy of this city and his experiences there, that he wanted to continue to DJ for others, creating transformative experiences. This is when DJ Drishti was formed. He was excited to use music as a tool to help practitioners heal. In the process of learning how to DJ, he also learned how music affects people’s emotions, and in combination with the physical and spiritual exercise of yoga, he found a profound psychological relationship.

He bought the equipment, talked with a few DJ friends in the city and dived into the music and yoga scene. It didn’t take him long to find the right studio to DJ in. He just went back to where he fell in love with yoga for the first time — hauteyoga studio in Queen Anne. In partnership with Leah Zaccaria, the owner of the studio, they created the Blacklight Yoga class, which was different, but soon enough resonated with a wide range of practitioners.


This new trend of combining yoga and live DJ music is not your traditional yoga session, but those who have experienced it, identify it as “transcending the light within.” Of course this is one of the few styles of classes he now co-leads, among other things, such as participating in a variety of yoga events and organizing yoga retreats. His educational and career background, from the wine and food industry to yoga and music, has now led him in a full circle – and he is exactly where he wants to be.

“It’s all about the audience,” he said.

He has found personal happiness by making others happy. His plans for the future are to continue impacting people in a positive way through his music, yoga and retreats, which are now an enriching selection and combination of his experiences. Now, at the beginning of his wonderful journey, DJ Drishti is excited about the future and eager to what is yet to come.

“Combining multiple genres, not limited to Melodic House, Chill Out, Indie, Dance and Electronica, his distinct DJ Sets can be heard at yoga studios throughout the Pacific NW and as a co-host for numerous national and international yoga retreats.”

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