Wearing yoga pants inside and outside the studio is “in” these days. There are many brands out there offering all kinds of styles and designs, but if you are looking for pants that are both fashionable and of good quality we have some recommendations for you. These seven brands are rocking the fashion scene this season so check them out and let us know which one is your favorite.

Onzie Yoga Pants


The company, established in 2010 by a Bikram yogi Kimberly Swarth, focused on creating wear for yogis who practice hot yoga. The pants are designed to melt into your body’s figure so you can see and follow the changes of your body throughout your yoga practice. They can be worn both while sweating and swimming – they dry very easily. Their pants are designed and manufactured in the U.S. and their prices typically range from $56 to $65 per pair.

Beyond Yoga pants


This company was founded in 2006 and is based in Culver City Calif. Their clothes are designed to complement women of all sizes and their yoga pants are fit-focused. Yogis can move effortlessly throughout their practice with these pants, but they can also use them in the gym or for a run. Beyond Yoga offers a variety of styles from capris, leggings, pants and shorts and their materials are made out of easy wash-and-wear fabrics. Their price range is between $56 and $106.

Prana Yoga Pants


In business for 21 years, the company offers a rich collection of designs and textiles for all types of activities. Their clothes are created with organic cotton, natural fibers and recycled materials. Their yoga pants designs are more simplistic, but quite elegant. Their price range is from $65 and $89.

Gaiam Yoga Pants


Founded in Boulder Colo., in 1988, the company offers a variety of designs for all types of activities and their products contain materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and rayon from sustainable bamboo. Their yoga pants retail in the $48 to $78 range.

Zobha Yoga Pants


Acquired by FAM brands in 2013, the company continues to offer an extended collection of women’s performance, lounge-wear, maternity and outerwear clothing as well as a complete line of fitness apparel for men and fitness-related accessories. Their designs are original and can make you look your best in and outside the studio. Their prices are typically between $78 and $88.

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