Do you find yourself fascinated by the world of the old ancient practice, and feel like this is the right time for you to find out more about it? Taking a yoga teacher training is choosing to go on a journey to discover how to bring peace into your life, boost your confidence, and learn how to listen and understand your body. It also gives you the chance to learn about the philosophy and practice of yoga, while becoming a part of an amazing community, and gathering the skills that will allow you to share the blessings of yoga with others.
To help you find the right program for you, we have compiled a list of the best 200h Yoga Teacher Trainings led by the most notorious and experienced yoga teachers in the Seattle Area from our yoga event calendar.

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January 2023

Carrie Johnson Bio

About this Teacher Trainings: 
Immerse yourself into the philosophy and practice of vinyasa yoga in this in-depth yoga training guided by Carrie Johnson, owner of Aya Yoga Oasis.

We will meet together for a total of 10 weekends as well as complete online content to reach a total of 200 instruction hours.

Dates: Jan. 12th-Jun. 2nd

Instructors: Carrie Johnson

Cost: $2999 – $3500

February 2023

Leah Zaccaria

About this Teacher Trainings: 
Sendatsu means leader or guide in Japanese, and Sendatsu Evolution refers to your transformation from being a bystander to your life to becoming the leader of your life. Sendatsu Evolution is a 200 hour multidisciplinary yoga teacher training that empowers you to facilitate change in your life and to inspire others to do the same.

The life cycle of a leader is a four step process: Initiation, Cultivation, Maturation and Separation. Self-study is the thread that weaves each step together.

Dates: Feb. 25th-Jun 2nd

Instructors: Leah Zaccaria

Cost: $2299 – $3200

March 2023

Radiance-Spring-Yoga-Immersion-Jenna-Mcdonald (2)
Jenna McDonald

About this Teacher Trainings:
Join an intimate group training a Spring 2023 immersion in Yoga Asana, Lifestyle and Philosophy with Jenna Mcdonald.

This course is structured into 2 modules which can be taken independently for deep-dive learning or combined for those who wish to teach.

Dates: Mar. 24th-Apr. 16th

Instructors: Jenna Mcdonald

Cost: $1,650

April 2023


About this Teacher Trainings: 
Deepen your yoga practice by becoming a certified yoga instructor and get certified to share your love of yoga with others! This rewarding intensive yoga teacher training program is a combination of online sessions in real time through videoconferencing (Mon, Wed, Fri) and in-person sessions (Sat). Learn from instructor Dee Williams, owner of Kanjin Yoga, alongside a community of yogis.

In this 200-hour program, you will learn, or review the fundamentals of Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga.

Graduates of this class will receive certification from Seattle Central College and are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance.

Dates: Apr. 3rd – Jun 16

Instructors: Dee Williams


June 2023

Sendatsu (2)
Leah Zaccaria

About this Teacher Trainings: 
Have you recently graduated from a 200 hour teacher training program? Are you wondering what next steps to take in pursuit of your career of teaching yoga?

It is common to feel excitement paired with the uncertainty about how to dive into the yoga teaching profession. We are excited to offer this Sendatsu Next Level Leadership Program in Venice California! Next Level Leadership with owner of shefayoga Venice, hauteyoga Queen Anne, shefayoga Roosevelt and Sendatsu Evolution, Leah Zaccaria and beloved Seattle based teacher Morgan Zion. Building on the skills you’ve learned over 200 hours of study, Next Level Leadership provides opportunities to receive real-time feedback as you hone your language, voice and cueing; practice assisting; create themes that can be elegantly woven throughout your classes; develop creative and intelligent sequences; and delve into the business world of yoga, incorporating everything from ethics to taxes.

Dates: Jun. 26th – 30th

Instructors: Leah Zaccaria & Morgan Zion

Cost: $849

August 2023

Yin-Yoga (1)

About this Teacher Trainings: 
In this 30 hour teacher training, we will dive deep into the practice of Yin Yoga, exploring its origins and history, philosophy, theory and anatomy. We will break down classic Yin postures in detail and you will learn how to plan and teach a Yin class, including various approaches to Yin sequencing.

It will be required to take two yin classes per week during the training (one is built in to the training on Sundays). You can choose between Tuesday or Wednesday

Pre-requisites: Must have taken at least five yin classes. Must be able to attend 100% of the sessions in person.

Dates: Aug. 4th – 13th

Instructors: Jill Tiedeman

Cost: $1,099

September 2023

Fall-Yoga (1)

About this Teacher Trainings: 
This unique nine week journey will have TWO Paths: Vinyasa and Hot 26/Hot Hatha. The group will start together for the roots of yoga and philosophy, then branch off into separate groups depending on the path they’ve chosen. One path is a deep and transformational guide into the 26 poses (learn mechanics, benefits, and the why as well as how to guide in and out of the pose) The other path is Vinyasa, where you will be able to guide Surya Namaskar (the sun salute) as well as how to teach a one hour long vinyasa class. Upon completion of this training, you will have a great understanding of yoga’s lineage, origination, all yoga styles and philosophy that you could easily expand into teaching other modalities.

Dates: Sep. 15th – Nov 19th

Instructors: Hilary Paris

$3777 – $4111

Meditation-Teacher-Training-Blue-Lotus-Temple (2)

About this Teacher Trainings: 
Meditation Teacher Training is an Ananda Teacher Training (AYYT) level 2 – 55 hour accredited course.

Whether you train to teach meditation, or simply to deepen your understanding and experience of meditation, this power-packed course is for you! This in-depth study of the stages of meditation, the techniques and attitudes for focusing the mind, relaxing the body and calming the emotions, will give you valuable tools to assist others with their meditation.

Dates: Sep. 16th – Nov 4th

Instructors: Nayaswami Hriman,Robyn Mattis and Sitta Tocco

Sarah Hyde

About this Teacher Trainings: 
Join this immersive 40-hour meditation teacher training CE for Yoga Teachers
hosted by Flourish Meditation and MindBodyHum where you’ll:

learn the origins and history of meditation
learn and practice the various styles of meditation
deeply develop your own personal practice
gain confidence in writing and teaching meditation classes
learn to be a creative and impactful teacher
learn how to use meditation principles in your yoga classes
connect with a wonderful community of humans, and the truest part of yourself

Dates: Sep. 16th – Oct. 28th

Instructors: Sarah Hyde

Cost: $599

October 2023


About this Teacher Trainings: 
Journey into health, wellbeing, and the art of yoga
Yes, this journey will get you a 200-hour degree and so much more…
Yoga & mindfulness training for those who wish to learn in-depth understanding and won’t settle for less.
Online and/or in-studio

We don’t like to call our training 200-Hours because we offer so much more than most Yoga Alliance Schools. Our curriculum goes above and beyond what is required and covered by most competitors. We believe to understand, live and teach yoga, you need more than just script memorization.

Dates: Oct. 6th – June. 16th

Instructors: Dora Gyarmati

Cost: $3500

November 2023

YTT (1)
Greta Hill

About this Teacher Trainings: 
This is a transformative journey that invites you to shed old and outdated ways of being in order to truly cultivate and trust your own gifts and bring them out to be of service in the world. This training brings sophisticated biomechanics of the body together with a life-affirming Tantric philosophy, meditation and self-care practices, sacred sound vibration (mantra), shadow work and teaching skills that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit, elevate your yoga, and make you a better leader and communicator in every area of your life!

Dates: Nov. 3rd – Feb. 18th

Instructors: Greta Hill

Cost: $3200 – $3350

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