The Color Festival took place on Saturday, July 5 at the Seattle Center, where hundreds of people gathered to enjoy this spectacular, flamboyant, event. The festival has become an international trend and people around the world get the chance to experience the roots of the Indian tradition. Holi, also known as the Hindu festival of colors, is a religious Indian tradition meant to celebrate the victory of good, love and new beginnings.

Seattleites got to experience this ancient tradition while being splashed with colors, and they were ready for it. The colors, made out of plant-based, non-toxic cornstarch,  shined from a distance and it didn’t take much time for the festival to get the attention of passerbys and tourists visiting the Space Needle.

Attendees wore white shirts and everyone was holding a bag with colorful powder ready to throw at others in the crowd. But, what is an Indian festival without yoga practice? The venue was a combination of live music, food and dance, but also a yoga practice led by different instructors throughout the day. Some were based in Seattle, others from elsewhere. The crowd was divided into two groups: one dancing and receiving their new “colorful” look and the other practicing yoga with friends and strangers. The event started at noon and lasted until 5 p.m.

It seemed as if the festival’s philosophy and goal “to let go” and to “feel as colorful on the inside as you do on the outside” was achieved.


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