At Seattle Yoga News we thrive to help guide the Seattle area yogis in their yoga journey. Thus, to keep our yoga community informed and provide them with answers to their yoga related questions, we have launched a new series of local yoga guides.

In this local guide, we are featuring the best yoga studios in the Seattle area offering family & kids yoga sessions, scroll down to discover our partner yoga studios offering the same type of yoga classes. You can also check the full list of the best studios located in the area who are offering family & kids yoga sessions, and learn more about them and their services.

This ranking is based on our Annual Ranking of the Seattle Area Yoga Studios, check our Top 50 Seattle area yoga studios article to learn more about our methodology or to see the full list of the best 50 yoga studios.


Yoga for Kids & Family - Aditi yoga & Wellness

Aditi Yoga & Wellness is offering an inclusive environment for parents and children to connect with their community through 3 fun yoga classes:
✓ Yoga for kids ages 9mo-3yrs: This class will offer you the time to connect with your little and explore poses and breathing techniques that are age-appropriate and inspired by nature, animals and books.
✓ Yoga for kids ages 6-10: This after school series will give your child a chance to transition from the busy-ness of the day to connect with breath and body. Students will begin to build strength, focus and flexibility along with positive social and self-regulation tools.
✓  Yog for Teens ages 13-17: This yoga series provides an in-depth exploration into meditation while also incorporating active yoga sequences. As teens balance the physical, social and emotional changes that come with growing up, this series explores pranayama (breathing techniques) and poses that allow deeper body awareness and relieve tension that can be applied off the mat.

Janiece Collopy, Jenny Rhodes, Camille Dodson, and Megan Olsen

Drop In: $7-$18

Yoga for Kids & Family - Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio (1)

Longevita Pilates & Yoga Studio is a fitness studio located in Auburn offering session for the community with the aim of helping its students find the best balance of strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness. The studio offers yoga classes for kids & teens:
✓ Kids’ yoga series: This is a seasonal series yoga classes for young children (ages 6-9) and tweens (ages 10-13).
✓ Teen to adult yoga: Children 14 and older are welcome to join any of the studio’s non-heated classes, and those 16 and older are also welcome to join its warm and hot classes, with parent permission.

Kids & Family Yoga - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

8 Limbs Yoga Centers are located in Capitol Hill, Phinney Ridge, Wedgwood, and West Seattle. These centers are locations where you can find a dedicated community of students and diverse yoga classes offered by Seattle’s top yoga teachers. 8 Limbs yoga offers yoga series for kids and tweens/teens.
Kids yoga series: In this series, kids will aged from 5 to 10 years will practice kid-style asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing) in a playful, supportive, and safe environment. Through experiential games the teacher will introduce the yamas (how to treat others) and the niyamas (how to treat yourself), deepening a child’s sense of respect and awareness.
Tween/Teen yoga series: Yoga can be an important sanctuary for tweens and teens, a place to develop self-confidence as well as focus while having fun! This series will engage youth aged 10-14 through asana practice, meditation, and breath practices.

Maritza Vargas Reyes, Jen Olson, and Rebecca Young

Drop In: $15
4 Weeks Series: $70
8 Weeks Series: $140

Kids-Yoga - Radiant Path Yoga
Radiant-Path-Yoga- logo

Radiant Path Yoga is a friendly neighborhood yoga studio where outstanding teachers provide progressive and encouraging instruction to support students’ ongoing practice. The studio offers yoga classes for Crawler/Toddler & Preschoolers.
Crawler/Toddler & Me yoga: This developmentally appropriate, interactive, and playful class is designed to enhance your connection with your child aged from 11 months to 3 years as well as other caregivers and children in the community. All classes will include fun-filled group poses, music, singing, instruments, and a variety of hands on materials and toys. These classes will foster your child’s curiosity, improve their motor skills, and help them to increase their attention span by actively participating in yoga poses.
Preschoolers & Me yoga: This is a supportive, fun-loving, and active yoga class that includes music, singing, toys, and stories dedicated for preschoolers aged from 3 to 5 years. As tots’ mobility increases, these classes offer developmentally appropriate poses that encourage and support their physical explorations. Tots become more confident in their moving bodies as they practice yoga both in and out of class.


In this section, you can find the full list of yoga sessions for kids & families offered by the Seattle area studios. Scroll down to find more details and click on the name of the studios to visit their websites. If you know other studios that you think should be on this list, please reach out to us and we will make sure to include them.

LogoStudioclassesTime & DayTeacherPrice
fusion-hot-yogaFusion Hot Yoga- Kids Yoga Series
- Tween Yoga
Check the studio's website to find out when the next series is startingLori Crowell, Melissa Barasona, and Emily Mus. - 4 Class Series: $50
​- 6 Class Series: $75
spark-hot-yogaSpark Hot Yoga- Kids & Family YogaRecorded sessionsCassy & Angela- One Day Pass: $15
Three Trees Yoga- Family Yoga WorkshopsLast Saturday of Every Month
bainbridge-yoga-house-logoBainbridge Yoga House- Growing Yogis (8-12yrs)
- Kids Yoga (7-12yrs)
Mondays @3pm-3:45pmJoyce Cooley- Drop In: $12
- 10 Class Pass: $120
discover-yogaDiscover Yoga- Energy Yoga for Kids
- Tween and Teen (10yrs & up)
Thursdays @5pm-6pm & Wednesdays @4pm-5pmDana Dalassujgi & Kristen Stevens- 4 Class Series: $55-$60
Sri Janani Yoga - LogoSeattle Holistic Center (Sri Janani Yoga)- Tot Gym and Me (walking - 3yrs)
- Kids Yoga (3-5yrs, Postponed )
- Yoga with Your Tot (2–4yrs, Postponed)
Mondays @10-10:30amAnjani Kodali- Drop In: $15-$20
- Full Series: $75-$99
balance-hot-yoga-rentonBalance Hot Yoga- Kids Yoga (5-10yrs & 11-15yrs)Sundays @11am-11:45am & 12pm-1pmAngie Cross- Drop In: $15
- 5 Class Pass: $50-$75
source-yogaSource Yoga- Yoga Playdate Series (Movers - 4yrs)
- Kids Yoga Series (4 - 7yrs)
- Girls Yoga & Empowerment Series (8 - 11yrs)
Tuesdays @11am–11:45am
Thursdays @4pm–4:45pm
Wednesdays @4pm– 5:15pm
- 4-6 Weeks Series: $30-$75
Tree House Iyengar YogaTree House Iyengar Yoga- Kids Yoga (6-10yrs)Postponed due to the covid-19 - Check the studio’s website to learn moreAngela Dawn Moore- Drop In: $20-$25
Aditi Yoga SeattleAditi Yoga Wellness- Tots Yoga Series (9mo - 3yrs)
- Kids Yoga Series (6-10yrs)
- Teens Yoga Series (13-17yrs)
Check the studio's website to find out when the next series is startingJaniece Collopy, Jenny Rhodes, Camille Dodson, and Megan Olsen- Drop In: $7-$18
hot-feet-fitnessHot Feet Fitness- Kids YogaPostponed due to the covid-19 - Check the studio’s website to learn more- Drop In: $10-$20
longevita-pilates-yoga-studioLongevita Pilates and Yoga Studio- Kids Yoga Seasonal Series (6 - 9yrs & 10 - 13yrs)
- Teen To Adult (14 & older)
Postponed due to the covid-19 - Check the studio's website to learn more- Drop In: $20
Pineapple Life - logoPineapple life yoga- Tween/Teens (4-11yrs & 9-15yrs)Saturdays @9:30am-10:30am & 11am-12amRaunwyn Cotogna- Drop In: $20
- 6 Class Pass: $100
Kula-MovementKula Movement- Kids Yoga Series (3-5yrs & 6-9yrs)
- Tween Yoga Series (10-13yrs)
Check the studio's website to find out when the next series is startingEmily Bryan- Drop In: $10-$22
yogawildYoga Wild- Bedtime Yoga for FamiliesThursdays @7pm-7:45pmJulia Nathe- Drop In: Good Vibes-$10
8-Limbs-yoga logo8 Limbs Yoga Centers- Kids Yoga Series (5-10yrs)
- Tween/Teen Yoga Series (10-14yrs)
Check the studio's website to find out when the next series is startingMaritza Vargas Reyes, Jen Olson, and Rebecca Young- Drop In: $15
- 4 Weeks Series: $70
Bliss Yoga StudioBliss Yoga- Bliss Kids & Family Yoga (4-6yrs, 4-7yrs, and 8-12yrs)Mondays @11am
Tuesdays & Thursdays @1pm
- 2 Class Pass: $25
- 5 Class Pass: $50
limber-yogaLimber Yoga- Limber Babies (NB-18mon)
- Toddler Yoga Play (1-4yrs)
- Family Yoga (3-10yrs)
Tuesdays & Fridays @11:15am-12pm
Wednesdays @11:15am-12:15pm
Saturdays & Sundays @2pm-2:45pm
- Drop In: $10
- 5 Class Pass: $40
Radiant-Path-Yoga- logoRadiant Path Yoga- Crawler/Toddler & Me (11mon-3yrs)
- Preschoolers & Me (3-5yrs)
Postponed due to the covid-19 - Check the studio’s website to learn moreBonnie Cassels- 6 Weeks Series: $90
Whole Life Yoga- Family Yoga (3-6 yrs)Postponed due to the covid-19 - Check the studio’s website to learn more- Drop In: $12
- 10 Class Pass: $110
alive-and-shine-center-bellevueAlive & Shine Centers- Kids Adventure Yoga (7-12 yrs)Thursdays @11am – 11:45amNatalie Cielle- Drop In: $17
The Heart Center for AwakeningThe Heart Center for Awakening- Family Yoga FunWednesdays @4pm – 5pmJessica Louie- Drop In: $20
Wildwood Yoga Studio - logoWildwood Yoga Studio- Kids Yoga Series (4-11yrs)Wednesdays @11am - 12amKirsten Michaels- Drop In: $10

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