At Seattle Yoga News we thrive to help guide the Seattle area yogis in their yoga journey. Thus, to keep our yoga community informed and provide them with answers to their yoga related questions, we have launched a new series of local yoga guides.

In this local guide, we are featuring studios offering yoga for BIPOC in the Seattle area. Scroll down to discover our partner yoga studios hosting yoga classes for individuals identifying as BIPOC. or check the full list of the best Seattle yoga studios offering yoga for the BIPOC community in the area, and learn more about them and their services.

This ranking is based on our Annual Ranking of the Seattle Area Yoga Studios, check our Top 50 Seattle area yoga studios article to learn more about our methodology or to see the full list of the best 50 yoga studios.


yoga for People of Color - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

Yogabliss is a community yoga studio located in the heart of downtown Mercer Island. The studio is offering a special class for People of Color every Thursday at 4:30pm starting from November 12th, 2020. This class is intended as a safe and comfortable space for people of color to learn, practice, feel, and heal – whether you have any experience with yoga, or not. The intention is to create a space for an experience.
This practice is not just physical; people of color have different experiences than White people and are going through very different stressors. Because of this, meditation for Black people should be approached and led differently. Trauma is instilled in many Black people, deep-down, whether or not they realize it. This is a special space for understanding, healing, and connecting through breath, meditation, and movement.
Class will begin with a brief discussion check in to set the tone for practice. Students will be guided to settle into meditation and breath-work, working up to slow and mindful yoga movement to include flow and stretching. The practice will close with brief meditation and rest in savasana. Throughout class enjoy the soulful sounds of some good, fun music!

Thursdays @4:30-5:35pm (beginning November 12th)

Marva Benjamin


Yoga for BIPOC - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

The 8 Limbs Yoga Centers are located in Capitol Hill, Wedgwood, Phinney Ridge, and West Seattle. They offer a space for solidarity and healing for those identifying as persons of color to improve their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing every Thursday at 5:30. The Centers recognize that healing take many forms. The intention of the Yoga for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color class is for BIPOC folks to practice together, to strengthen, release and expand.
The Yoga for BIPOC class is an entry point for BIPOC folks new to yoga, as well as a means for BIPOC with yoga experience to continue to evolve their practice; all levels are welcome.
Presented in partnership with Àṣẹ Asana. Proceeds for this class will go to Real Rent Duwamish.

Thursdays @5:30pm-6:30pm

Adam Jabari

Drop In: $0-20


In this section, you can find the full list of the best yoga studios offering yoga classes for BIPOC in the Seattle area. Scroll down to find more details and click on the name of the studios to visit their websites. If you know other studios that you think should be on this list, please reach out to us and we will make sure to include them.


StudioClassDay & TimeTeacherPrice
sweatbox-yoga-seattleSweat Box Yoga- Yoga for BIPOC.- Every 2nd Sunday of the month @10am- Mary Rodgers- Drop In: $20-$22
- 5 Class Pass: $90-$95
yogabliss mercer island-logoYogabliss- Soul Yoga: A Space for People of Color.- Thursdays @4:30-5:35pm (beginning November 12th)- Marva Benjamin- Donations
Three Trees Yoga- Yoga for the BIPOC community.- Mondays @4:30pm-5:30pm- Colleen Sexton- Drop In: $18,
- 5 Class Pass: $75
8-Limbs-yoga logo8 Limbs Yoga Centers- Yoga For Black, Indigenous, And People Of Color.- Thursdays @5:30pm-6:30pm- Adam Jabari- Drop In: $0-20
Soulful Flow YogaSoulful Flow Yoga- Soulful Flow Yoga for BIPOC.- Every 2nd Saturday of the month @12pm- Jasmine Rashae- Donations
Seattle Shambhala- Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Meditation Group. - Every first Sunday of the month @1pm-3pm- Donations

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