Summer is finally here! And we are happy to bring you this list of some of the best yoga events organized by studios & teachers located in the Seattle area. You can pick between live-streamed & in-person yoga events. Scroll down and find the events that you’d like to join!

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JUNE 2021

[Live Streamed & In Person] Full Spectrum Flow with Recording Led by Natalie Wong - Shefayoga

About this Event: This workshop will move you through an extended two hour practice giving you the time & space to go deeper & feel more.
It will begin with an intention setting meditation, then participants will embark on a journey through a series of Sun A & B variations, warrior postures, standing balances, flight opportunities, seated postures, backbends, & eventually the earth. They will bring their practice to a close with a couple supine shapes & an extended savasana that will include a guided body scan. This practice will be suitable for all levels & will include both modifications & expansions, so you can create a practice that works for you & your individual body. Come experience the full spectrum of effort & ease & everything in between.

Date & Time: June 20th @1:30pm-3:30pm

Instructor: Natalie Wong

Cost: $40


About this Event: The workshop will start with Dora outlining some basic concepts on mindfulness and stress management, and how it relates to making food choices. Then Liz with take over and give you valuable tools to combat emotional eating; she will use her knowledge as a nutritionist while Dora will chime in with mindfulness tools. The second half of the workshop will be an easy yoga flow class directed towards inner-self discovery; yoga teaches emotional and physical awareness. The tools learned in yoga class can become phycological anchors throughout the day to help you make better food choices.

Date & Time: June 23rd @6pm–7:45pm

Instructors: Dora Gyarmati & Liz Wyosnick

Cost: $50

Yoga at Tunnel Hill Winery with Lynda Kennedy - Yogachelan

About this Event: Each summer in the Chelan Valley yogis get the unique opportunity to do yoga outdoors at the Wineries. Tunnel Hills special location on a terraced venue with a rock water fall sets the background for serene yoga and smooth wines.
There are just twelve spots for this class.  You’ll need to sign up at least an hour in advance. No cancellations after that point. If you do not pre-register I may unfortunately have to turn you away. (Covid regulations)

Starting Date: June 25th

Instructor: Lynda Kennedy

Cost: $25

Partner Yoga with Michelle Muzzin & Emily Fish in Burien - Be Yoga Burien

About this Event: Explore another side of your practice in this playful Partner Yoga Workshop! Participants will experiment with two-person poses, assisted stretching and Thai massage. The power of touch is undeniably healing. You will lean against each other. feel gentle deepening in your postures and be guided thru some partner hands on assists. You will likely giggle throughout class. Open to all levels of yogis. You will leave feeling relaxed and restored. Bring a friend/partner!
Need a partner? Willing to partner with a yogi in the community? Email Michelle:

Date & Time: June 26th @2pm-3:30pm

Instructors: Michelle Muzzin & Emily Fish

Cost: $35

[Live Streamed & In Person] Root Chakra with Karina Brossmann - Shefayoga

About this Event: Join Karina for an introspective journey into your Root Chakra. What are the chakras? Yoga philosophy tells us that we are made up of a physical body as well as a subtle body. The subtle body is our mental, emotional and energetic body, which is made up of what the Yogis call Chakras. In this workshop participants will be exploring the first chakra Muladhara, located at the base of your spine, also known as the Root. The energetic body of this chakra is connected to the feeling of safety. Safety is one of our most primal needs which means almost everything we do is in reaction to it. There tends to be a strong childhood belief that our safety is dependent on our outer circumstances, which means as adults we are constantly looking for it outside ourselves. The root chakra work is all about growing up and coming back home to yourself by recognizing that you are the source of your own safety. You are the key and the door to your own inner home. Karina has come to recognize, through her own deeper exploration, that the awakening of the Root Chakra is paramount for spiritual growth. When we are brave enough to face our root fears we become more solid, grounded and capable human beings. This 2 hour workshop will be a combination of journaling, power yoga flow, guided meditation and restorative yoga. Please reach out to Karina directly with any questions

Date & Time: June 27th @1:30pm-3:30pm

Instructor: Karina Brossmann

Cost: $15-$40

Breath Medicine Ceremony_ A Powerful Shamanic Ceremony with Ivo Grossi & Cosetta Romani - Pura Vita Wellness (1)
Pura Vita Wellness - logo

About this Event: This workshop has grown out of Ivo and Cosetta’s combined 40 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training and studying, and represents the alchemy of their lives thus far as lovers, teachers, and medicine people.
A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, and chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred and profound healing experience. This workshop has grown out of Ivo and Cosetta’s combined 40 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training and studying, and represents the alchemy of their lives thus far as lovers, teachers, and medicine people.
An expanded state of consciousness and deep, inner peace is achieved through an alchemical process of purification and restoration of the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Date & Time: June 27th @6:30pm–9pm

Instructors: Cosetta Romani & Ivo Grossi

Cost: $64

Summer Yoga Mala with Story Gilmore at Lakewold Gardens - Tuladhara Yoga Studio
tuladhara-yoga-lakewood (1)

About this Event: The season of summer is the season of heat, sun, and expansion. Much of nature is in bloom and crops are producing. The energy of summer is offered as fuel for the completion of our projects and pursuits we’ve initiated through the spring. This is a wonderful time to reinvigorate our passions and our discipline. This practice will take place in the early hours. Participants will be practicing outdoors in rhythm with nature, its fluctuations, and stimulation.
There will be modifications shown and suggested to ensure all participants are informed to caretake for their experience through all 108 salutations. Be sure to take the pauses you need, enjoy the sounds of the birds, take in the splendor of the blooms on the property, sync with your own body’s rhythm, and attune to your breath as part of the experience.
Please bring your yoga mat, props, water, and layers in case gentle winds are present.

Date & Time: June 27th @9:30 am-12:30 pm

Instructor: Story Gilmore

Cost: $30-$35

Partner Prenatal with Megan Sloan Rebekah Pape - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: Prepare for birth through yoga! This live, virtual partner workshop is open to pregnant people and their partners (partner can mean anyone: spouse, partner, doula, friend, or anyone who will be providing birth support during childbirth) and to all levels of yoga experience.
This workshop will offer you the opportunity to explore the intersecting pathways of support during labor and childbirth and yoga. Partner Prenatal Yoga will offer the opportunity to explore the physical practice of yoga through warm-up poses and partner yoga poses. The session will also include yoga practices such as breath and meditation as an opportunity to find connection and support.
Through thought-provoking questions, simple massage, and time to share one-on-one with your partner, you will also be given the chance to touch into your expectations, excitements and fears about your upcoming birth experience and becoming a parent (or becoming a parent again!).
While this workshop may be more applicable for those late in their 2nd trimester and into their 3rd trimester, all are welcome as it works with your schedule.
All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Recording of class will be available to participants for one month after workshop.

Date & Time: June 30th @6pm-8pm

Instructor: Megan Sloan

Cost: $55

JULY 2021

[Live Streamed] Mindfulness Meditation with Brent Morton - 8 Limbs Yoga Centers
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: The Short Course in Mindful Self-Compassion (SC-MSC) is tailored toward the use of mindfulness and self-compassion practices for adapting positively and constructively when faced with adversity, and is derived from the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSCTM) eight-week program, an empirically-supported course developed by psychologists Chris Germer and Kristin Neff.
The six-week series is a MSCTM-derived course aimed at building and enhancing skills to offer compassion to oneself and others, handle overwhelming emotions with greater ease, approach difficult situations with more calm and clearer thoughts, and reconnect with the values that help in finding purpose in work.
The course is rooted in the three components of Mindful Self-Compassion: mindful awareness, common humanity, and self-kindness.

Starting Date: July 7th

Instructor: Hanna Kreiner

Cost: $180

[Live Streamed] Learn to Meditate for Teens with Sita Tocco - Ananda Washington

About this Event: One of the biggest reasons that people of all ages want to learn to meditate is to help with anxiety, restless thoughts, and worries – and teens are no different!
When worries, thoughts, and anxieties feel like they are overwhelming you, you can use simple techniques of meditation to help. Working with your breath is key! The breath is something we take with us everywhere we go.  So when we learn to work with our breath, we find that we have a way to help us overcome worry and restless thoughts wherever we go, no matter what situation we find ourselves in.
You will learn how to do a few different breathing techniques with time for practicing each one.  There will be time for a short-guided meditation to help you relax and to see what meditation is like.  And, you will leave with some practical skills to help you feel confident and calm in your life.

Starting Date: July 8th

Instructor: Sita Tocco

Cost: $25

Yoga in the Park with Erica Overfield at Bellevue Downtown Park - Shakti Yoga Vinyasa

About this Event: Join this outdoor yoga event for fresh air and fiery flow! Shakti Vinyasa Yoga is hosting outdoor yoga classes this season with some of your favorite Shakti teachers. Come practice with Shakti on the lawn in Bellevue Downtown Park and celebrate the simple joys of summer.
You will need to bring your mat, props, and water bottle. Plan on meeting your teacher under the cluster of tall trees inside the lawn circle 10 minutes prior to start time.

Date & Time: July 10th @12pm-1pm

Instructor: Erica Overfield

Cost: $25

Yin and Massage Yoga with Tanya Antonoelli in Granite Falls - Wildwood yoga studio
Wildwood Yoga Studio - logo

About this Event: Come join Tanya for an afternoon of deep relaxation as she guides you through several yin postures, utilizing blocks, bolsters and pillows, and performs massage and reiki to relax the body, mind and spirit. We will close with an uplifting guided meditation. Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Date & Time: July 10th @6pm-7pm

Instructor: Tanya Antonoelli

Cost: $40

[Live Streamed] Yoga & Myofascial Release with Beth Award - Seattle Yoga Arts (1)

About this Event: In this online workshop you’ll take 2.25 hours to systematically reset the body using massage therapy balls for deep tissue release, and unwind via yoga and corrective exercises. You’ll leave with a sense of ease, balance, length, and lightness.
This hybrid workshop will incorporate yoga, and draw inspiration from practices and tools made popular by Katy Bowman and Jill Miller to target deep tissue and fascial release. Appropriate for newer students, those who need options to modify their practice, as well as longtime students who enjoy a methodical, balanced practice designed to offer access to deeper fascial planes that regular asana does not address.

Date & Time: July 11th @6:30pm-8:45pm

Instructor: Beth Award

Cost: $50


About this Event: Join Kate for a deeply relaxing, meditative evening of sound and vibrational healing. In this sound bath, participants experience restorative and rejuvenating effects while being bathed in the sounds of Himalayan & crystal singing bowls.
Sound healing reduces stress, shifts consciousness, and creates a deep sense of peace and well-being. A sound bath is also an excellent way to indulge in self-care and to align with the current seasonal and astrological happenings. Participants will lie in savasana during the sound bath.
The event will begin with a brief meditation and intention setting, and will close with several minutes of silence to absorb the full effects of the sound bath. Wear comfortable clothes and, bring any extra props you like to have with you (blankets, bolster, pillow, eye pillow, journal). We do not have community props available for use at this time.
Reservations a must. Please register early; sound baths are always sellouts.  Doors open 15 minutes prior to bath. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early and make sure to check in with the front desk to secure your spot.  

Date & Time: July 11th @7:30pm

Instructor: Kate Towell

Cost: $39

[Live Streamed & In Person] Building Vinyasa Extended Practice with Casey Petersen - Shefayoga

About this Event: In this workshop, Casey will breakdown alignment and key actions inside of the poses that make up the vinyasa practice. It will culminate in a long, flowing mandala sequence that will be flowed through with the knowledge of what we do in the shapes and transitions!

Dates & Time: July 14th & 16th @7:30pm-9pm

Instructor: Casey Petersen

Cost: $15-$40

Young Adult Yoga Summer Classes with Kristen Tollini - Spira Power Yoga

About this Event: Is the young person in your life feeling the “blahs?” Do they need a jumpstart to find fun again? According to this article in Parent Map (, the best way for us to help youth pull themselves out of the post-pandemic languish is by helping them find their flow and getting them back to healthy habits in their lives.
Dr. Dan Siegel, a neuropsychiatrist at UCLA, outlines 7 Essential Activities for Wellbeing; Focus, Sleep, Physical, Play, Connection, Time In (our bodies), and Down Time.
YAYoga incorporates all 7 in yoga class!
This class is for all levels.

Starting Date: July 14th

Instructor: Kristen Tollini

Cost: $150

8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: Join 8 Limbs for Befriending Our Bodies to practice being kinder, more compassionate, and more loving to your body. Using movement, meditation, somatic practices, and self-reflection as tools, participants will cultivate a kinder, more compassionate, more open-hearted and supportive relationship with their human bodies, in whatever size, shape, form, ability, race, age, gender, or other manifestation they show up in.
If you’ve ever struggled with how to befriend, love, or even accept your physical body, or how to examine and reprogram old messages, narratives, and patterns around your body that are getting in the way of joy, resilience, and liberation, practice with 8 Limbs. Learn to feel more fully into your own experience of embodiment, and find expansiveness, contentment, and freedom by cultivating body love, body satisfaction, and joy in embodiment.

Date & Time: July 15th @6pm-8:30pm

Instructor: RW Alves

Cost: $30–$70

Healing your Chakras and Raising your Kundalini with Debbie Dixon in Kirkland - SolarYou Yoga
SolarYou Yoga Studio

About this Event: Healing your Chakras is a journey through the subtle body. Just as we have a physical body, we also have a body of energy, called the subtle body. And just as we have a physical spine that acts as the central channel through which nerve impulses flow, we also have a subtle central channel called sushumna through which prana, or life force, flows. Deep within the sushumna lie spinning centers of energy, called chakras, which are like intense vortices of energy that act as distribution points for prana.
Blocked energy in our 7 chakras can often lead to illness or distress on systems of the body. Chakra balancing creates a sense of equilibrium between your body, mind and spirit. When your chakras are returned… to their natural frequencies, inner peace, wellbeing, and joy will follow.
In this workshop, experience the deep relationship between yoga asanas (or postures) and the chakras. When the asanas are combined with breath, visualization and mantra, they can have a direct effect on the energy flow within the chakras.

Date & Time: July 16th @6pm-7:30pm

Instructor: Debbie Dixon

Cost: $35

[Live Streamed] Radiant Rest_ A Path to Deep Relaxation + Freedom with Tracee Stanley - 8 Limbs Yoga Centers
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: Sharing wisdom and teachings from her new book “Radiant Rest,” author and prominent teacher Tracee Stanley will introduce participants of this event into the practice of deep relaxation, and how to weave rest practices in their daily lives to empower their thriving.
This class will explain the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra “yogic sleep,” its ancient origins, and practical application for modern life. Tracee will illuminate the teachings of Yoga Nidra as a pratyahara practice and a system of laya (dissolution) yoga. Learn about the 4 states of consciousness represented in the symbol of AUM and how this relates to yoga nidra, the brain waves states, and the stages of sleep.
Students will leave with tools to empower deep relaxation and inner-knowing. Tracee will share tips and inspirations on how to create a relationship with yoga nidra as a pathway to awakened clarity and spiritual freedom, and lead participants in a rest practice.

Date & Time: July 21st @5:30pm-7pm

Instructor: Tracee Stanley

Cost: $40–$45

Yoga at the Vineyard with Story Gilmore - Tuladhara yoga
tuladhara-yoga-lakewood (1)

About this Event: Practice among the grapes of this Working Estate Winery, connect with nature, community, and enjoy wine at the beautiful Olalla Vineyard and Winery! This class will be a 75-minute vinyasa flow practice, accessible to all levels. Event includes class instruction, gorgeous views, and one drink coupon good for a glass of red or white, or a wine tasting flight following practice.
This is a great opportunity to connect with your community, gain the benefits of movement, fresh air, antioxidants, and support the beauty of this fantastic local establishment!
If you love yoga and love wine, you will LOVE this event!

Date & Time: July 22nd @5pm-7pm

Instructor: Story Gilmore

Cost: $30–$35

Nature _ A Forest Bathing Experience with Carrie Johnson & Michael Stein-Ross - Aya Yoga Oasis
Aya-Yoga-Oasis-Burien- logo

About this Event: Deepen your relationship to nature and to your own self during this guided yoga + forest bathing event led by Carrie Johnson and Michael Stein-Ross.
During this 3 hour event on Vashon Island, you will learn how to tap into your senses for a full body experience and you will also develop a deeper understanding of the five elements: air, fire, earth, water, and ether.
This event includes a slow nature hike (1 mile in length), standing yogic postures, meditation, and finishes with a tea ceremony and snacks.

Date & Time: July 24th @10pm-1pm

Instructors: Carrie Johnson & Michael Stein-Ross

Cost: $74–$79

[Live Streamed] Free Virtual Kidding Around Yoga Family Class - Kidding around yoga
Kidding Around Yoga - logo

About this Event: Join Kidding Around Yoga & Tuladhara Yoga with your whole family from the comfort of your own home for a fun, creative, blissful yoga class! This Free class will introduce classic yoga, meditation, breath work, and stress-management in a kid-friendly style with original music, games and imaginative stories. All ages are welcome!

Date & Time: July 25th @2pm-3pm

Instructor: TBA

Cost: Free

[Live Streamed] Essential Movement Series with Beth Award - Part 2 - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Join Beth if you want to move in a welcoming space where there’s room for mindful practice, cultivating a sense of play, and just the right amount of challenge (scale it up or down!).
Each Essential Movement Series offers a combination of practices and movement modalities to help you live and move well at any age – and create new patterns for your body and mind. Classes include movements for healthy joints, functional strength, and myofascial (connective tissue) release, along with basic yoga postures and other shapes that just feel good.

Starting Date: July 26th

Instructor: Beth Award

Cost: $120


About this Event: Many have been impacted by so many issues and situations happening in our world in the past year plus. Those issues can wreak havoc on our nervous, immune and digestive systems, leaving us feeling off center, out of sorts, low in energy and a myriad of other symptoms that follow when we remain out of balance for extended periods of time. Now more than ever, we need to use the tools available to us to clear and balance our energy, so that we are able to stay clear minded, body healthy, and connected in spirit.
Sound baths are beneficial for us physically, emotionally, energetically and psychologically. The frequencies and vibrations that flow from the sound instruments are invaluable for shifting and balancing the energy of our whole being, body, mind and spirit while all we are asked to do is relax, breathe, and receive.
In this sound healing session, Dawn will guide you through some gentle movements and then into deep relaxation in a reclined resting position. You will be surrounded by layers of sound waves from the Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, giant gong and various healing sound instruments, soothing and healing all of our systems, the physical body, mind and layers of the auric field.
Please dress in layers and bring anything that will make you feel comfortable, such as a blanket, pillow, or eye pillow.

Date & Time: July 31st @7pm- 8:30pm

Instructor: Dawn Torres

Cost: $35


Deep Unwind_ Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra with Megan Sloan in Mercer Island - Yogabliss Mercer Island
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: The Yogabliss team is so excited to welcome you back to the studio for this special sound bath experience. Join Megan for an evening of relaxation; perfect for anyone ready to unwind and rest deeply.
The evening will open with a short introduction to the crystal singing bowls used during the sound bath. You’ll then be guided through some small, reclining movements to help the body begin to unwind. Students will be invited into a supported savasana (a comfortable position lying down). Megan will guide you through a Yoga Nidra practice which is a guided meditation designed to help the nervous system relax and the body move toward deeper rest. Students will be left in deep relaxation while Megan plays crystal singing bowls.
This practice uses the power of sound and vibration to help the body and nervous system relax. Students often report that following a sound bath they feel clearer, calmer and sometimes report decreases in physical body pain and often experience a better night’s sleep. The evening will close with a silent meditation to help bring balance to the system, allowing time for personal reflection.

Date & Time: August 6th, 2021 @6:30pm- 8pm

Instructor: Megan Sloan

Cost: $40

Yoga for Deep Relaxation with Megan Sloan - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: Start your week fresh with this reset for your nervous system. Join Megan once a month on Sunday evening for a deeply restorative practice to help you unwind physically and clear your mind to prepare you for the coming week. Each month will offer a unique practice combining restorative yoga and yin yoga poses, pranayama (breath practices) and meditation and yoga nidra (a yoga practice designed to help those struggling with sleep).
Designed to relieve stress, ease body tension and promote good sleep, these monthly practices are a must for practitioners of all levels. No previous yoga experience required.

Dates & Time: August 15th & September 19th @7pm-8:30pm

Instructor: Megan Sloan

Cost: $35


Breath Medicine Ceremony_ A Powerful Shamanic Ceremony with Ivo Grossi & Cosetta Romani - Pura Vita Wellness (3)
Pura Vita Wellness - logo

About this Event: This workshop has grown out of Ivo and Cosetta’s combined 40 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training and studying, and represents the alchemy of their lives thus far as lovers, teachers, and medicine people.
A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, and chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred and profound healing experience. This workshop has grown out of Ivo and Cosetta’s combined 40 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training and studying, and represents the alchemy of their lives thus far as lovers, teachers, and medicine people.
An expanded state of consciousness and deep, inner peace is achieved through an alchemical process of purification and restoration of the physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies.
The intention for the ceremony is to create an energetic container that facilitates a healing process for participants to allow glimpses of their true nature to come to the surface. The combined effect is a full somatic experience that ultimately reconnects body, spirit and mind through the awakening of the heart, which gives us the strength to realize the precious gifts we came here to manifest.

Date & Time: September 12th @6:30–9pm

Instructors: Cosetta Romani & Ivo Grossi

Cost: $64

Accessible Yoga_ 3-Week Series with Cheryl Lyman in Mercer Island - Yogabliss Mercer Island
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: This is an opportunity to let go of preconceived ideas of how yoga “should” be done or “should” look. This 3-week Series, led by Accessible Yoga certified instructor Cheryl Lyman, offers a welcoming and inclusive safe space for people to explore how yoga can work for their unique bodies. Safe and appropriate variations of common poses for a wide range of physical abilities will be offered and demonstrated.
Cheryl guides students to find the essence of a pose, rather than the exact physical replication. There is time for a more individualized approach utilizing yoga props and variations to make the practice accessible to all abilities. Participants will also explore some of yoga’s most subtle and accessible tools, such as meditation and breathing practices.
Accessible Yoga believes that yoga belongs to all bodies, no matter your economic status, race, sexuality, gender, or ability – all are welcome. No previous experience necessary.

Starting Date: September 15th

Instructor: Cheryl Lyman

Cost: $79

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