Have you considered taking a yoga teacher training course in Seattle this year? Although no substitute for receiving guidance from an instructor that is in the same room as you, the Seattle area yoga studios and teachers are offering high-quality programs through which you will be taught all the skills that you need to share the practice with others and inspire them. In this list, you can find a compilation of the best yoga teacher trainings and yoga teacher training modules offered by some of the most renowned yoga studios and teachers in Seattle.

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[Live Streamed] Sanskrit Mantra for Spiritual Attainment with Claudette Evans - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Program: Sanskrit mantras, when filled with energy and intention, are sacred sounds that carry within them the power to heal. Sound vibrations can be used to help release stress, calm emotions, heal the body, and focus the mind. Specific mantras are also said to dispel negative energies and harness positive influences into one’s life. Chanting Sanskrit correctly can connect us to the subtle energies of the cosmos and our being. With its perfect grammatical foundation, Sanskrit is likened to a tree that evolves from the root of grammar, stems into an alphabet and language, branches in the listener’s mind, flowers in their heart, and bears the fruit of positive actions. The science and discipline of chanting and formal prayer are practiced in every religion around the world, and the transformative power of sound has been passed down to us from numerous cultures, including ancient India and Greece, and medieval Europe, making this medicinal practice accessible to everyone, regardless of religion. Join Claudette for this potent introduction into the beauty and power of sacred sound to bring peace, joy, and intention into your daily life.
This teacher training is open to anyone, is eligible for Continuing Education Credits through Yoga Alliance, and is part of Seattle Yoga Arts 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training program. If you are taking this module toward your advanced teaching certification, please register for the 300-hour program in advance.

Starting Date: Aug. 1st

Instructor: Claudette Evans

Cost: $199–$249

[Live Streamed] 2020 Thursday Daytime 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Richard Schachtel - Center for yoga of Seattle

About this Program: Register Now for The Center for Yoga of Seattle’s 7th Annual 1 Year Weekend Yoga Teacher Training with Richard Schachtel and receive a substantial discount. This 200 Hour Course is Approved by Yoga Alliance. Over 140 students have graduated from these 200 Hour trainings with Richard in recent years.
The training is for those wanting to teach yoga, for those wanting to learn more to develop a personal yoga practice, for those currently teaching who wish to develop their skills in learning the highly acclaimed Iyengar Method of Practice and Teaching,

Starting Dates: Aug. 8th, Sep. 10th, Sep. 15th, and Oct. 10th

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $999–$3,600

[Live Streamed] Five-day Virtual Trauma Informed Yoga Trainings - Yoga Behind Bars
Yoga Behind Bars

About this Program: Yoga Behind Bars 21 hour Virtual Trauma-Informed Yoga Training is open to anyone interested in learning trauma-informed, body-based tools to address trauma and promote healing. Participants have included social workers, yoga teachers, health care professionals, detention staff, educators and people who want to deepen their own practice.
In response to COVID-19, we’ve temporarily moved our Trauma-Informed Yoga Training online.
Yoga Behind Bars believes now more than ever is the time to practice, study, and offer trauma-informed, somatic (body-based) tools.
This training alumni have spoken and again and again, and  YBB are finally listening – They have decided to add an additional day to both trainings!  Join YBB fabulous training team on Zoom for five days as they dive deep into social justice and yoga, trauma-informed instructional strategies, boundaries, self care, and more.

Starting Date: Aug. 22nd & Oct. 2nd

Instructors: TBA

Cost: $435–$635


[Live Streamed] Om Operative Virtual Yoga School Fall 2020 with Tara Dyberg - Om Operative
Om Operative

About this Program: Ready for the tools of the practice? Join  Tara, for her 200 hour Virtual Yoga School program designed specially to bring you deeper into the LABOR and LOVE of yoga. This program allows for flexibility of either virtual training OR in-person pending on COVID regulations at the time of the program start date of September 15th. This unique Yoga School course offers two graduation goals, one path leads to teaching, and the other to a more connected personal practice.
Please read through the FAQ’s to better understand the logistics of the program. Then fill out my application form to apply! Tara looks forward to responding to your application personally <3

Starting Date: Sep. 15th

Instructor: Tara Dyberg

Cost: $2,500–$2,750

200 HR Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training - Spira Power Yoga

About this Program: This training will teach you the foundations and history of yoga, anatomy, mindfulness, meditation and how to teach beginners to advanced — not just what is “required” for a quick teaching certificate. You will learn the art of mindful self-awareness, and meditation, the history of yoga and be well rounded in classical yogic texts. You will dive into anatomy, nutrition, self-care including making time for your own practice. Instructors will discuss students’ different learning styles, different teaching styles, hands on assisting, the business of yoga and more. You will study sequencing and safe and healthy choreography of asanas. You will learn the art of mediation, its historical roots and how it developed into a modern mindfulness practice. Your trainers will artfully overlay ancient yoga teachings and embed them into modern science.
The faculty of this program wants to make sure that you will feel comfortable teaching at any level; from total beginners starting yoga later in life to advance yogis and flexible gymnasts in their twenties.
At Spira we teach from a deep understanding of anatomy. Classes are kept very much rooted in Western traditions utilizing mindfulness techniques. You will learn how to teach yoga without preaching a particular spirituality.
Completing Teacher Training at Spira will allow you to inspire people from gyms to yoga festivals. The training is also open to folks who simply wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of yoga and gain a better understanding of their own practice.

Starting Date: Sep. 18th

Instructor: Dora Gyarmati

Cost: $3,200–$3,500

[Live Streamed] Continuing Education_ 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Seattle Central College

About this Program: Restorative yoga is a strong tool for regulating your nervous system (i.e. feeling less stressed), calming chronic pain, and getting better sleep.
It’s so easy to burn out. Many of us spend so much of our time working, caretaking, and being productive that we end up feeling depleted. In an effort to feel better, we may turn to behaviors that leave us feeling even more spent. Sleep can become challenging, anxieties can ramp up, and relationships may feel strained. Can you relate?
This Restorative Workshop is an act of radical self-care! Restorative yoga practice uses passive poses supported by cushions and blankets to coax you into a greater sense of ease and recharge your batteries. Come to this workshop to be soothed.
Please arrive fed and dressed in warm, comfy clothing. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Starting Date: Sep. 29th

Instructor: Dee Williams

Cost: $1,999


2020 Modular Teacher Training at 8 Limbs Yoga Centers
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Program: The 8 Limbs Modular Training is made up of ten-weekend immersions from October through April, with reading and writing assignments to supplement and specialize class hours. This training option offers the opportunity to spread your time commitment and studies over the course of 7 months. This training is a great fit for both the aspiring teacher and the dedicated practitioner ready to learn more. Completion of the 10 weekends in 8 Limbs Modular Training are required for those seeking 200-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Certification.
Whatever level of commitment you choose, the Modular Training offers excellent opportunities to deepen your yogic knowledge and self-study in a supportive community!

Starting Date: Oct. 9th

Instructors: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Melina Meza, Chiara Guerrieri, Jenny Hayo, Claudette Evans, and RW Alves

Cost: $3,800


Restorative Yoga a 300hr teacher training module - Spira Power Yoga

About this Program: All of Spira Power Yoga teacher trainings are structured to be beneficial and enjoyable for those who wish not to teach. SPY’s teachers believe yoga is a path of lifelong learning. Teacher training is a term that they use because the studio is a Yoga Alliance and Washington State Certified Teaching Vocational School and that is the language that they determined for these classes. But that does not mean that these trainings are restricted for teachers only. The faculty welcomes everyone who is curious, who enjoys learning, who wishes to understand yoga on a deeper level.
You can buy the 300 HR teacher training two ways. Either purchase it module per module or buy all 15 modules and save $400.00. If you want to buy all 15, please look for the “Complete 300 Hour Teacher Training” under workshops.

Starting Date: Nov. 6th

Instructors: Carina Terra, Dora Gyarmati, and Desiree Wood

Cost: $335


[Live Streamed] 500hr Teacher Training by 8 Limbs Yoga Studios
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Program: 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, a state-licensed vocational school, invites yoga teachers to join its 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training. The school’s goal is to provide a program and community to help you prosper – in your practice, in your studies, and in your career as a yoga teacher. In this spirit, students will be exposed to a variety of texts, teachers and approaches. Not only will you receive instruction from senior 8 Limbs staff (each with at least 10 years of teaching experience), you will also have the chance to study with national and internationally renowned teachers such as Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow, Sarah Powers, Shari Friedrichsen, Baxter Bell, MD, Nikki Myers, Hala Khouri and Michelle Johnson.
Most of the classes take place here in Seattle. 8 Limbs’ locally-based education format gives students the opportunity to study close to home and integrate your studies “off the mat” into daily life. Enrollment for this program is ongoing. Participants can enroll a minimum of two weeks before the first module they want to take, and continue to register only for the modules they choose, as long as minimum requirements are fulfilled.

Starting Date: Ongoing

Instructors: Anne Phyfe Palmer, Melina Meza, Chiara Guerrieri, Claudette Evans, Michelle Johnson, Nancy Burtenshaw, and Douglas Ridings

Cost: TBD

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