This last summer has been an unusual summer for all of us, we had to learn new ways to enjoy the hot weather, work, connect with our loved ones, and keep a consistent yoga practice, all while social distancing & protecting ourselves. While we welcome the upcoming cold months, we invite you to join the Seattle yoga teachers for some of the following winter yoga events to boost your immune system, decrease your stress, and help your body cope with the temperature changes.

For more events please visit our event calendar.


[Live Streamed] Winter Solstice with Sally Halbett - Aditi Yoga & Wellness

About this Event: Join Sally Halbett for a special practice on the Winter Solstice. Wind down this shortest day of the year with a contemplative practice which will include slow yoga flow, breath, guided meditation, relaxation, and opportunities for quiet reflection. The Winter Solstice is a perfect point to stand between the dark and the light, to marinate in the darkness and look ahead to the return of the light. Come honor this space, and take some time to move, relax your body, quiet your mind, and refresh your spirit.
This class will be livestreamed and offered via Zoom. If you would like to sign up for class, but are unable to attend at the designated time, please email let us know when you register and a recording of the workshop will be provided to you.

Date & Time: Dec. 21st @4:30pm–6pm

Instructor: Sally Halbett

Cost: $35

[Live Streamed] Nesting Within_ Winter Solstice Workshop with Tara Dyberg - Om Operative

About this Event: Nesting Within is a Restorative Yoga Workshop. This series began during the Fall of 2020 when Tara felt the need to look inwards, a survival reflex really … of the pandemic world we were (are) living
Winter Solstice marks the date the days start to get longer …
this darkness NOW is a valuable time to think about what it is we want to hibernate with. What comes with us into the darkness of our days, to incubate and emerge far later into the light?

Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are. You’ve been stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender.” —Rumi

Date & Time: Dec. 21st @8pm-9pm

Instructor: Tara Dyberg

Cost: $15

[Live Streamed] Extended Christmas Evening Practice_ Sacred Pause with Nicole Bratt - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: A pause is not a full stop for our change work; it is a comma, parenthesis, the interlude. Pausing is the fallow period that ensures the fertility and subsequent harvest of the coming seasons. Pausing is a precious lacuna in which to gather our inherent wisdom like wildflowers, realign ourselves with our inner compass, and access the crucial skill of discernment. It is present moment work – rather than past or future ruminating – and it is sacred.
Sacred pause allows us to honor ourselves and our source, as well as all beings. We can then step back into the flow of life with renewed vigor, clarity, purpose, and focus. And when we do this, we change the world.
Join Nicole for this spacious 2.5 hour practice where you’ll be supported and led in meditation, gentle movement, pranayama (breathwork), Restorative yoga, creative expression*, and an extended śavāsana (final resting pose). You are encouraged to plan an intentional remainder of your evening.

Date & Time: Dec. 25th @4pm-6:30pm

Instructor: Nicole Bratt

Cost: $50

8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: This holiday treat of a yoga class is an all levels celebration of your own spiritual values. Bring whatever feels holy to you, create an altar, and celebrate the holidays! Expect to move through some familiar yoga postures, spice it up with some gratitude, and finish with some heartfelt blessings. The instructor will sign in 30 minutes early to create an altar for the practice, you’re welcome to join in as you make yours!

Date & Time: Dec. 25th @10am-11:30am

Instructor: Karen Gamble

Cost: $35–$50

New Years Eve Practice A Night of Introspection Connection and Movement - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: This special New Year’s Eve practice is an opportunity to connect with your inner resources as a way to cultivate resilience and to move with the inevitability of change. There will be time for quiet, a listening inward that will seamlessly merge into a mediative movement flow. This practice together is an invitation to slow down and to move with grace and humility.
You will be sharing a space with others through the virtual realm while moving in silence as well as times be accompanied by music. You will seek to make beauty, connection, and intention with yourselves and each other in real and authentic ways.
Class will also include some time for writing and reflection and culminate with a meditation. Please dress in layers and have a journal or notebook.

Date & Time: Dec. 31st @ 6pm-8pm

Instructor: Alia Swersky

Cost: $45

[Live Streamed] New Year’s Eve Celebration with Karen Gamble - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: We’ve got a lot to celebrate this New Year’s Eve – the ending of a challenging year and the beginning of a hopeful and healthy future. This New Year’s Eve celebration will bring humor and lightness to this challenging 2020, offering a full spectrum yoga practice for all experience levels as well as inspiration to guide you into the New Year. The celebration will start at 9pm (midnight East Coast time!) so you can go to bed and start January 1st, 2021 positive, well-rested, and ready for the future.

Date & Time: Dec. 31st @7:30pm-9pm

Instructor: Karen Gamble

Cost: $35–$50

[Live Streamed] New Year's Eve_ Cultivating Calm with Rai Lowe - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: On the eve of 2021, Yogabliss invites you to embody the feelings you wish to bring into the New Year and cultivate calm & kindness within. And to travel through a Yin & Yoga Nidra practice to release the previous year and restore yourself in preparation for the year to come.
Yin Yoga uses long, passive holds to release tension in the deep, dense connective tissues of the body. This quiet and slow practice settles you into supported poses for 3-5 minutes, bringing attention and focus inward. Yoga Nidra meditation invites practitioners to explore deep relaxation, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the sweet surrender of stillness and ease.
All levels welcome. Please come prepared with any equipment to help support you in this experience (blankets or towels, blocks, pillows, bolster, eye pillow or washcloth)

Date & Time: Dec. 31st @7pm-8:30pm

Instructor: Rai Lowe

Cost: $25


[Live Streamed] Annual New Year's Day Practice_ Revive & Renew with Elizabeth Rainey - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Just as the acorn holds the entirety of the oak tree within it, we hold within ourselves a full and unique human being. For the tree to reach its optimal expression it needs the ideal combination of soil, water, light and attention.
We are the same, and the awareness practices of yoga movement, breath and meditation are a beautiful way to nourish our body-mind-heart. With the dawning of a new year we have the cyclical gift of renewal. This fresh start is a beautiful time to rediscover what supports and nourishes us, so we can fully express and embody our most authentic self, moment to moment, breath to breath.
Come enjoy the blessings of community and practice on this auspicious first day of 2021. All levels welcome.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10am-12pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Rainey

Cost: $45

In Studio Class Opportunities with Christy Fisher in Phinney Ridge - Phinney Ridge Yoga

About this Event: As we begin a new year, this is a chance to gather for a quieting and centering practice. Incorporating tools of yoga to de-stress, we will reconnect to the peace and ease within so that we may move into the coming year from a strong and clear place.
This practice will begin with breathwork to settle the mind, followed by a blended yin and restorative practice. A yin practice involves holding deep stretches at a safe edge for longer periods of time (generally 2-5 min). Although props are not required for this type of practice, they can be helpful. In restorative yoga postures, you will use simple props from around your home to help facilitate deep relaxation, including a few blankets, a strap/belt/bathrobe tie, and a firm cushion/pillow/bolster to support.
A partially guided meditation will bring the practice to a close, allowing you to move back into life grounded in this peace within.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10am-12pm

Instructor: Julie Hsu

Cost: $20

[Live Streamed] New Years Day Ease Back Into Yoga Practice with Richard Schachtel - Center For Yoga Of Seattle
The-center-for-yoga-of-seattle - logo

About this Event: Start the New Year Off with an Ease Back Into Yoga Practice led by Richard Schachtel, Director of The Center For Yoga of Seattle!
This Workshop is for those with familiarity with Iyengar Yoga and without major injuries or issues.
The practice will include, standing poses, forward extensions, inversions, and may include back arches, twists, and some restoratives.
Re-commit to your yoga practice and get started off right for the New Year!
This is a fun practice where the center often receives both current students and students from the past who want to get back into regular practice attending.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @11:30am-1:30pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $30–$40

[Live Streamed] Online Self-Care Immersion with Nicole Tsong - Be Luminous Yoga

About this Event: Join Nicole Tsong on January 1, 2021 for a visionboard workshop. Each year Nicole guides a New Year’s Day event to set a vision and a direction for the next 12 months. It’s always a wonderful combination of fun, community, vision, scissors-n-glue, yoga, and creativity – and each year it’s a little different.
Here’s what Nicole has in store for you this year:
 My number 1 way to give up being paralyzed by perfectionism
 The exact way I start my day every day to stay clear on my calling so I don’t get waylaid by unexpected obstacles
 My top method for clearing past failures stopping you from moving forward
Leave with a visionboard that will leave you inspired for all of 2021!

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @12pm-2pm

Instructor: Nicole Tsong

Cost: $25

[Live Streamed] Yoga To Welcome A Fresh Year with Tracy Hodgeman - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: In this all-levels New Year’s Day morning workshop you will wring out the old—> using pranayama (breath), asana (movement) and meditation/nidra. Participants will examine and celebrate the (perhaps unexpected) gifts they have received from the passing year. You will bless and release what no longer serves you and clear the way for a new and better tomorrow. If hindsight is 2020, what lessons have you learned from the challenges of the past year? How can you use what you’ve learned to help you move forward with more skill and compassion for self and others? What will you choose to leave behind? What is your dharma/path/dream for the future and what actions can you take to support this vision?
You can expect accessible asana at a slow and steady pace with ample time for reflection and lots of options. Please have a journal and a pen handy.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @9:30-11:30am

Instructor: Tracy Hodgeman

Cost: $25-$65

[Live Streamed] New Year’s Day_ Devotion in Motion with MJ Daniels - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: In this workshop, participants will focus on tuning and balancing the chakra system. Then they will dive deeper into the heart chakra to explore its essence and help reveal what unconditional love, compassion and devotion is for each of them. They will focus on the subtle energy systems of the body and balancing the solar and lunar channels through asana, oscillating movements with body and breath, Bija mantras, devotional mantras, chakra visualizations, and dynamic pranayama to clear the energy passageways and chakras. You will come away with greater clarity, vitality, balance and peace.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @11:30am-1:30pm

Instructor: MJ Daniels

Cost: $45-$50

8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: As a sitting culture, many of us experience imbalance in the pelvic floor, a key structure of the body. This can affect joints, musculature, digestion and energy flow. Learning to work with the pelvic floor empowers you to address challenges ranging from persistent discomfort to significant pain.
In this workshop, you will explore the bone and muscular geography of the pelvic floor, and how to contact it through breath and simple focused movements. A strong pelvic floor contracts when needed yet relaxes and stretches, as well.
Working with the pelvic floor does much more than alleviate discomfort: it energizes and enlivens the whole system.
Chiara will bring her extensive knowledge of anatomy and yoga philosophy together to help you make a meaningful start to 2021.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @2pm–4pm

Instructor: Chiara Guerrieri

Cost: $45-$50

[Live Streamed] Intention | A New Year's Day Practice with Pam Rollins - Aya Yoga Oasis
Aya-Yoga-Oasis-Burien- logo

About this Event: Clarify your intentions for 2021 during this all-levels online event led by Pam Rollins at Aya Yoga Oasis. During this workshop you will flow through 108 sun salutation variations, take time to solidify your thoughts through journaling and discussion, and join together as a community.
Why 108 sun salutations? Negative energy can stay trapped in our bodies in the form of tension and habitual movement patterns. Sun salutations stimulate stuck energy and help to clear obstacles that are no longer serving you. Releasing negative energy is an important step in creating space for new intentions.
Students will be offered modifications for the practice as well as breaks between modules. Please bring 2 pieces of paper and a pen, yoga mat, towel, water, and any additional props you like to use in your practice.
Join Pam on Friday, January 1st from 10am-12:30pm for only a $10 investment to start your year off in community!
Please note this investment is non-refundable. A zoom link will be sent out approximately 15 minutes before class the event start time.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10am-12:30pm

Instructor: Pam Rollins

Cost: $10

[Live Streamed] Resolve | A 31 Day Yoga Practice with Carrie Johnson - Aya Yoga Oasis
Aya-Yoga-Oasis-Burien- logo

About this Event: This event is a 31 day yoga challenge, guided by Carrie Johnson, designed to help you turn your wellness goal into an actionable and achievable plan.
Resolve is about wellness and obtaining balance. This program includes:
Commitment to leave 1 habit behind (example: alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, sugar, or caffeine)
✓ Commitment to add 1 daily yoga practices (minimum of 15 minutes each day of meditation, movement, or mindfulness)
 A handout to track your habits with weekly journaling exercises
✓ A community to create accountability and compassion

Starting Date: Jan. 1st

Instructor: Carrie Johnson

Cost: $49-$99

[Live Streamed] New Year’s Day Sankalpa Practice with Leah Zaccaria - hauteyoga - shefayoga

About this Event: Join Leah Zaccaria on the first day of 2021 for an invigorating online Sankalpa practice. A sankalpa is an intention or a determination, will or desire. It is to invoke what you want in your life. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to deprive yourself or take away, let’s set sankalpa instead!
This workshop will start with an opening ceremony and meditation, followed by a strong challenging flow, ending with a closing ceremony.
You will leave inspired and determined to bring all things good into your life in 2021 and beyond!

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @12pm-1:30pm

Instructor: Leah Zaccaria

Cost: $15

[Live Streamed] Find Your Flow: 4-week Online Series with Richard Guevara - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: Reclaim what it is to know Joy, as you explore the balance between strong, stabilizing effort and the glorious ease of stillness. This workshop will encourage opening in your body, ease in your mind, and softening in your heart. The intention is to celebrate your wholeness in a well-rounded, mindfully-moving flow.
Begin 2021 with other yogis, practicing all of your most beloved poses. You will “toast” this miraculous practice, the uniqueness of you and the blessing of this community. Expect a strong, steady vinyasa experience including Pranayama (breathwork), a short philosophy discussion on Abhyasa & Vairagya (to Practice & to Accept What Is), and short meditations.

I am filled with quiet joy for no reason save the fact that I’m alive. The message I receive is clear – there’s no time to lose from loving, no place but here to offer kindness, no day but this to be my true, unfettered self and pass the flame from heart to heart. This is the only moment that exists – so simple, so exquisite, and so real.” ~ Danna Faulds

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10am-11:30am

Instructor: Richard Guevara

Cost: $25

[Live Streamed & In Person] Sacral Chakra Workshop with Karina Brossmann - Shefayoga

About this Event: This workshop will give you the chance to look behind you at all that has happened in 2020 with gratitude and forgiveness and the opportunity to look ahead to 2021 with hope and curiosity. But most importantly, this workshop will get you focused on the here and now, which is the only place we can truly find what we need.
Join Karina for this inspiring power vinyasa flow on New Years Day.

Date & Time: Jan. 1st @10:30am-12pm

Instructor: Karina Brossmann

Cost: $15–$40

Workshop on Practicing Poses from All Categories: Getting Your Energy Moving for 2021 with Richard Schachtel - Center for Yoga Of Seattle
The-center-for-yoga-of-seattle - logo

About this Event: The purpose of this fun workshop is to give some idea of how to practice in one session yoga poses from a wide variety of categories and to Get Your Energy Moving for 2021
Participants will attempt to practice poses for the following categories:
 Forward Extensions
It will be a doing workshop with a good mix of types of poses. The workshop is for those who have at least a 4 month history of practice in at least the level 1 or level 1&2 classes (not gentle or slower classes), or higher.

Date & Time: Jan. 2nd @10am-1pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $60–$90

Getting Started with Inverted Poses: Yoga's Hidden Treasure Poses with Richard Schachtel - Center for yoga of Seattle
The-center-for-yoga-of-seattle - logo

About this Event: In Iyengar Yoga standing poses are the gateway to the practice for beginning students. Inversions such as Shoulderstand are introduced as restorative poses which help students recover from the vigorous aspects of the practice.
Shoulderstand helps improve overall circulations and energy flow and also helps ward off many common respiratory illnesses. It is also good for making the digestive system work better.
For more experienced students, the inverted poses, particularly shoulderstand and headbalance become the most important part of the practice.
Regrettably, many students take yoga for years without their teachers instructing them in inverted poses and they miss the heart of the practice!
This workshop is open to all who would like to learn the basics of these poses and to receive feedback necessary to improve.
The focus will be on shoulderstand and headbalance but may include some time working on full arm balance commonly known as handstand.
The regular practice of this category of poses has many benefits including increased energy, alertness, improved memory, better circulation, a strong and flexible back, deep relaxation (shoulderstand and variations), and much more.
Time permitting participants will conclude with practicing seated forward extensions which are considered cooling poses.

Date & Time: Jan. 2nd @4pm-6pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $40–$60

[Live Streamed] 40 Days - Find your way out of the funk - Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Fitness with Dora Gyarmati - Spira Power Yoga

About this Event: Perfect workshop for starting the New Year right. Perfect workshop to take every year, not only does Dora change the workshop a bit yearly, you change and take different lessons away from the lectures every year!
Want to enrich your Yoga Alliance Training with something out of the ordinary? Now you can take 40 Days of Introspection for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits!
Why this workshop is so unique? Words from Dora, the creator of the workshop: I don’t believe in quick fixes; I don’t like fashionable hypes, I believe in work and knowledge. I like to question everything and learn from experience. I am often frustrated with the fitness, self-help, and fashion industry for pushing one more “sure thing” that will get us to our goals. I often questioned the origin of these goals, and I frequently wondered how to make smart goals stick. If the above statement resonates for you, then take a journey with me. I wrote 40 Days of to be a smart, funny, entertaining, and intellectual, guide towards productive habits, lasting gratitude, and meaningful life. Notice I don’t use the words “happiness” oh that is a tricky word… I can tell you more about why chasing happiness is why we never reach happiness. If anybody tells you they can teach you to become happy and stress-free in 2020, run the other way!
:- ) Instead, I will teach you:
 How to manage and thrive with stress
 How to use meditation to help reach your smart goals
 Understand nutrition
 How to use mindfulness to improve the relationship with self and others
And we will laugh together, enjoy reading quality books, and form a supportive community

Starting Date: Jan. 8th

Instructor: Dora Gyarmati

Cost: $239.99–$389.99

[Live Streamed] Seattle Dharma Wisdom Sangha_ Winter Session with Meg Agnew & Rebecca Denk - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: The intention of this program is to encourage a deepening of our meditation practice and, within the refuge of sangha (spiritual community), to share insights and support for living with wisdom and compassion. Each of the 8 online meetings will begin with a half-hour of meditation followed by an investigation of Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves and the World by Sharon Salzberg.
This newly published book, written by the author of Lovingkindness, is intended to support those of who work for personal and societal transformation. It is a guide that inspires people with stories of individuals and teams who are making a difference in our world while teaching them how to avoid feeling overwhelmed and burned out. In the author’s own words, it was written to “convey how to navigate these waters of action and awareness in the healthiest ways possible.”

Starting Date: Jan. 8th

Instructors: Meg Agnew & Rebecca Denk

Cost: $80

[Live Streamed] Learning to Practicing Restorative Yoga with Richard Schachtel
The-center-for-yoga-of-seattle - logo

About this Event: In this workshop, the focus will be on many of the most beneficial restorative poses. These are well supported back arches lying on or off of a yoga bolster. The practice is relaxing, inward, calming, and soothing. Restorative poses can trigger deep relaxation.
You will need the following props to benefit from the workshop:
 1 Non Skid Yoga Mat
✓ 4-6 Firm Blankets For Yoga
✓ 1 Yoga Bolster or 3 blankets which can be made into a bolster shape
✓ 1-2 Yoga Blocks
✓ 1 Chair: Metal, plastic, or wood. Backless Yoga Chair is best

Date & Time: Jan. 9th @3pm-6pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $60–$90

[Live Streamed] 7-Day Reset with Liandren Brown - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: Liandren created her 7-Day Reset to combat issues that many have come to accept as a normal part of your everyday life: inflammation, bloating, low energy, brain fog, weight gain, exhaustion, and many more. Take responsibility for your well-being and be a part of an inspiring community of other people motivated to make positive changes in their lives! Your health can be drastically improved by completing this program; in as little as 7 days you will see and feel a difference.
The first meeting is a kick-off two days prior to the week-long reset to give you time to grocery shop and prepare.
Course limited to 25 people.

Starting Date: Jan. 9th

Instructor: Liandren Brown

Cost: $100

[Live Streamed] Power Yoga Master Class with Bryan Kest (with recording) - Hauteyoga - Shefayoga

About this Event: In this 2-hour class, Bryan will try to bring all this together. A strong, well-rounded, yet simple physical practice that will leave every nook and cranny in your body vibrating with vitality while challenging your mind in the sense of strengthening the qualities of mind that are most useful, positive and powerful while eradicating the qualities of your mind that are harmful and stress inducing. Strengthen qualities such as: calmness, patience, focus, gentleness, gratitude, humility and acceptance, while weakening qualities such as: judgment, competitiveness, distraction, reaction, and criticism (just to name a few). Qualities of mind that have the biggest impact on your health and happiness are like anything else in the sense that if you feed them, they will grow big and strong and if you don’t feed them, they will weaken and die. Now since your physical practice is such a fertile environment for most all of these qualities to arise, your physical practice becomes an opportunity to strengthen the qualities you want to be strong and to weaken and eradicate the qualities you find harmful.

Date & Time: Jan. 9th @10am–12pm

Instructor: Bryan Kest

Cost: $29

[Live Streamed] Yoga Nidra, Yoga Bliss with Tracy Hodgeman - 8 Limbs Yoga Centers
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: This soothing workshop begins with an array of self-massage and gentle movements that help untangle chronic patterns of tension-holding in the body, enhance circulation, down-regulate the nervous system, and relieve pain. When you move into parasympathetic response, your immune system functions improve and you discover an increased sense of well-being. Slow, deep breathing with awareness enhances these positive effects.
The workshop closes with Yoga Nidra, an internal, meditative practice that happens while your body is completely supported and still. When you remove stressors, the body relaxes and you uncover vitality and vibrant health. A key element of this practice is the combination of relaxation with Sankalpa: a positive statement or intention that invites you to transform your life as you look inside and ask yourself the question “what does my heart desire?” Coupled with relaxation, this intention can sink deep into your subconscious, where the secret to lasting change resides.
No previous experience necessary. Wear comfortable clothes (think pajamas) that allow you to move and breathe freely. You will need a blanket or two, a light eye covering of soft fabric (scarfs or sleeves work well), some pillows or bolsters, and a firm but comfortable surface to lie on. Invite a friend!

Dates & Time: Jan. 10th, Feb. 14th, and Mar. 14th @12:15pm-2pm

Instructor: Tracy Hodgeman

Cost: $35


About this Event: In Light On Life, BKS Iyengar shares the teachings of yoga through a lens of hard-won wisdom. The book offers practical application of the deeper teachings of yoga, enlightening insights, and powerful tools for making your yoga practice work harder for you.
In this study group, led by Phoebe Azreal, you’ll explore key teachings and philosophy of yoga in a practical and tangible way. You’ll enjoy lively online book discussions, personal reflection, and light homework to help you take the ideas from this book and make them your own.
Come prepared to share from your reading in a thoughtful and genuine discussion and engage with your fellow students. Participants will enjoy personal insight and reflection while deepening their community connection.

Starting Date: Jan. 12th

Instructor: Phoebe Azreal

Cost: TBA

Yoga Sutras Series_ 6-Week Series with Douglas Ridings - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: Join for a six-week in-depth exploration of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras open to all levels. Immerse yourself in the philosophy of Raja Yoga, the royal path of meditation and the 8 limbs. students will explore the roots of yoga in Samkhya philosophy and the Vedas. They will delve into the meaning of this concise and literary work both in the context of when it was compiled and how it informs and has influenced the practice of modern yoga around the world. Because participants e will be looking at numerous translations, they can use any translation they like for their own reading and study as long as it has the sutras labeled by number.

Starting Date: Jan. 12th

Instructor: Douglas Ridings

Cost: $150

Unplug Reconnect Restore - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Do you feel like technology is running your life? You are not alone! We live in an age of distraction with more demands on our time than ever before. Ours is an attention economy where every effort is made to distract us with the end goal of selling us products or influencing our behavior. It makes sense that we feel overwhelmed! Join Christina and Nicole for this special embodied, interactive experience where you’ll step back and ask:
 How does constant connectivity impact my physical and emotional health? My relationships?
 How much is too much time on social media?
 How do I live in the golden age of technology while also retaining my ability for deep in-person connection?
 How do I reclaim my capacity to enjoy stillness?
This workshop will carry you beyond a simple “digital detox” by empowering you with concrete tools and mindfulness practices designed to help you right-size your relationship with technology in the long term. Participants can expect meditation, gentle movement, discussion, intention setting, a Restorative yoga practice, and take-home resources.

Date & Time: Jan. 15th @6:30pm-9:30pm

Instructors: Nicole Bratt & Christina Malecka

Cost: $60

[Live Streamed] Advanced Asanas with Tara Dyberg_ Tools For Arm Balances - Om Operative

About this Event: Advanced Asanas are great teachers for changing the way we think, see and react. Less important than Doing something impressive, set some goals this year to Feel empowered, bold and courageous. Your asana practice will take you there … wherever that place or state of mind might be. This is an intermediate / advanced level workshop intended for curious yogis who want to learn more about arm balancing and inversions! 2+ yrs of yoga practice is recommended.

Date & Time: Jan. 16th @Noon-1:30pm

Instructor: Tara Dyberg

Cost: $15

Yoga The Pelvic Floor with Leslie Howard-Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Proper strengthening and stabilizing of the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. This is the true meaning of “core work.” Whether you experience any of these conditions, or are just plain curious about this region of the body, this workshop is for you:
 Pelvic pain
 Lower back, hip or groin problems
 Discomfort during sex or while using tampons
 Skin irritation
 Leak when laughing or sneezing
 Have to go the bathroom too often
 Prolapsed organs
Pre and post pregnancy
In this workshop participants will locate, assess, soften, stretch, strengthen and exercise the muscle groups of the pelvic floor, discuss mula bandha, abdominal health and how to utilize the pelvic floor in asana.
The workshop is organized in two parts. Part one of the workshop will begin with anatomy, lecture and discussion, followed by subtle experiential movements to awaken your understanding of this often ignored area. Part two will be yoga asana to address the two types of pelvic floors. A series of specific exercises and asanas for the pelvic floor will follow.

Date & Time: Jan. 16th @1pm-5pm

Instructor: Leslie Howard

Cost: $80–$95

Young Adult Yoga Workshop with Kristen Tollini & Cait Herman - Spira Power Yoga

About this Event: Spira and Young Adult Yoga (YAY) will offer a 5 week series of workshops. YAY’s mission is to teach the everyday practice of the Eight Limbs of Yoga to inspire healthy habits, resiliency, and kindness in young adults. Each workshop will include physical practice, a fun 8 Limbs focused activity, as well as, time for reflection, breath work, and meditation. All abilities are welcome!
Week 1: Intro to Yoga
Week 2: The Yamas (Social Responsibilities)
Week 3: The Niyamas (Self-compassion and care)
Week 4: Breath/Meditation/Focus
Week 5: Oneness/Trusting your inner-self/Last Day Ceremony and Reflection

Starting Date: Jan. 17th

Instructors: Kristen Tollini & Cait Herman

Cost: $325–$500

[Live Streamed] Psoas, So Happy_ Yoga for the Hip Flexors with Leslie Howard - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: The psoas is the all star in a group of muscles called the hip flexors. Together they contract to lift the thigh towards the torso. The hip flexors become short, tight and just generally unhappy if you spend most of your life sitting, or if you repeatedly work them in the abs class from hell or the spin class from heaven.
A tight psoas can cause posture problems and affect your ability to take a deep breath. If the psoas is tight when you stand up, it pulls the lumbar spine forward and down toward the femur, overarching the low back, which can cause compression in the vertebra. Or, a weak and overstretched psoas can contribute to the pelvis pushing forward of the torso and when accompanied by tight hamstrings that pull down on the sitting bones, what results is an upright sacrum (instead of its usual gentle forward tilt), and a flat lumbar spine. How we approach the psoas in our yoga practice can help keep it healthy, strong, and flexible, or, conversely, can perpetuate harmful imbalances.
This workshop is open to all levels of practitioner. Come experience this important muscle, how to release it and how to strengthen it in balance.

Starting Date: Jan. 17th

Instructor: Leslie Howard

Cost: $50–$60

[Live Streamed] 7-Day Reset with Liandren Brown - 8 Limbs Yoga
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About this Event: This series is for those interested in building and accessing an inner ground of awareness and the ability to center in the myriad of experiences we are having.  Although body-based attention is something we are inherently equipped with, for most of us locating ourselves in the body requires practice and investigation; it is a re-orientation process. This series will offer tools from the Buddhist wisdom teachings, mindfulness, and other body-based practices to re-center how you perceive and even polish the view from which you are doing so. This is not a movement-based class, but participants will be practicing embodied meditation.

Starting Date: Jan. 20th

Instructor: Misha Kellner-Rogers

Cost: $150

[Live Streamed] Therapeutic Yoga for Low Back Pain A: 4-week Online Series- Yogabliss

About this Event: Please join Starr Sanborn (Certified Yoga Therapist) for this 4-week online series aimed at giving you the tools you need to reduce low-back pain. Starr will utilize “The Essential Low Back Program”, based on the National Institute of Health (NIH)-funded clinical study. This study showed that 78% of the participants experienced a significant reduction in pain levels. This program offers a beacon of hope and clinically, scientifically proven relief.
During the 4-week program, Starr will guide you through a therapeutic form of yoga. It will include carefully sequenced postures, combined with breathing practices to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress, and restore health and vitality.

Starting Date: Jan. 23rd

Instructors: Starr Sanborn & Sonia Weirich

Cost: $115

Master Classes From The Iyengar's with Richard Schachtel - Center for Yoga of Seattle
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About this Event: BKS, Geeta, and Abhijata Iyengar have taught many Master Classes over the years in India, the US and Abroad.
What makes a masterclass can be some of the following:
 Unusual sequencing which leads to new places in your practice
 A very deep progression of poses leading to a marked improvement in one’s practice and understanding.

Date & Time: Jan. 23rd @10am-1pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $60–$90

[Live Streamed] Experiencing Restorative Yoga with Richard Schachtel - The Center For Yoga Of Seattle
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About this Event: Spend a useful 2 hours learning and trying out several types of Therapeutic Yoga Asanas that often give relief to common lower back discomfort. Especially good for those who frequently experience lower back tightness.
The workshop is open to all including beginners to yoga. It is Not Suitable for those with a Severe Acute lower back condition, where a private lesson is more appropriate.
The instructor is very experienced in this subject. He has taught yoga for over 40 years and specializes in yoga for lower back relief. He has trained over many years in India with the leaders in this field. He is a student and teacher of the Iyengar Method of Yoga which uses props at times and emphasizes alignment and self-awareness in practicing yoga. He is the Founder & Director of The Center For Yoga of Seattle.
Richard has a Slow Gentle Class on Friday Nights at 6:30pm and a Beginner Class on Thursday Nights at 6:00pm
Please register early as class size is limited.

Date & Time: Jan. 23rd @4pm–6pmm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $40–$60

Aya-Yoga-Oasis-Burien- logo

About this Event: Join Meagan Lass for the first seasonal workshop of 2021 to harmonize your mind and body by balancing the element of Winter: Water. The workshop begins with a general overview of Qi, or energy, the water element and its corresponding energy channels known as meridians.
Meagan will guide you through a 60 minute yin yoga practice and meditation for the winter season followed by a discussion of how the Qi you add to your body (food) can also assist in keeping Water balanced in your body.
You will receive a handout with information about the Water element, the meridian lines focused on in this practice, seasonal foods to include in your diet, and recipes to support you in the season.
This is the first workshop of 5 that highlights each of the Traditional Chinese Medicine elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each workshop will take place during its corresponding season throughout 2021.
$25 includes the introductory lecture, guided movement and meditation, handout, and recipes!

Date & Time: Jan. 23rd @4pm–5:30pm

Instructor: Meagan Lass

Cost: $22-$25

[Live Streamed] Between the World and Me - Community Book Club with Jodi Boone - Be Luminous Yoga

About this Event: Please join Joodi in reading My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem. Participants will meet via Zoom to share what they have learned through the book. They’ll also share with each other their personal commitment to taking meaningful action in helping to combat racism.

Date & Time: Jan. 25th @7:30pm–8:30pm

Instructor: Jodi Boone

Cost: Donation

Introduction to the Foundations of a Yoga - Yogabliss
yogabliss mercer island-logo

About this Event: Are you ready to begin your yoga practice? With all the constraints of this Pandemic, now is the perfect time to add yoga to your self-care regime. Richard leads this special Intro Series, offering all the important foundational aspects of yoga. He offers a fun, engaging space for everyone to learn, explore and connect. Now is your chance to get started!
This 4-week series is taught progressively, as we learn basic postures to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. Through various foundational poses, you’ll gain stability as the course cover proper alignment and safe modifications. The yogic breath practice will help calm the mind, which can lead to increased vitality. Although this event will cover a lot, there will be time for questions, demonstration and review.

Starting Date: Jan. 25th

Instructor: Richard Guevara

Cost: $85

[Live Streamed] Full Moon Mandala 2021_ Monthly All-encompassing Yoga Practice with Elizabeth Rainey - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: In the Tantric tradition, the full moon represents the fullness and glowing radiance of our consciousness. When the moon is full, it is said that it drips nectar down into us and reminds us of our inherent light and fullness.
Gazing, chanting, and basking in the moon at this time can bring forth deep healing and profound stillness of being. As participants practice the full mandala of yogic arts (movement, chanting, pranayama, meditation and rest), they dance and honor the fullness of their embodiment; body, breath, mind, heart. This practice is a place to release the accumulated stress of the past month and prepare for the month to come. All are welcome to this circle.

Dates & Time: Jan. 28th & Feb. 25th @7pm-8:30pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Rainey

Cost: $30

[Live Streamed & In Person] Asana, Breath & Meditation_ A Two-Hour Yoga Practice - Yoga in The Center
Yoga in The Center - logo

About this Event: Are you ready to begin your yoga practice? With all the constraints of this Pandemic, now is the perfect time to add yoga to your self-care regime. Richard leads this special Intro Series, offering all the important foundational aspects of yoga. He offers a fun, engaging space for everyone to learn, explore and connect. Now is your chance to get started!
This 4-week series is taught progressively, as we learn basic postures to build strength, flexibility and body awareness. Through various foundational poses, you’ll gain stability as the course cover proper alignment and safe modifications. The yogic breath practice will help calm the mind, which can lead to increased vitality. Although this event will cover a lot, there will be time for questions, demonstration and review.

Date & Time: Jan. 31st @3pm–5pm

Instructor: Leslie Robbins

Cost: $30-$35


[Live Streamed] Yoga for Freer and Happier Hips with Richard Schachtel - The Center for yoga of Seattle
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About this Event: What people may not be aware of is the amazing number of ways to improve the health of your hips using modifications of traditional poses often using simple props that you already have like blocks.
It’s not enough, or precise enough, to just do the classical traditional poses as cobblers pose without any props. Students need to learn some of the best ways to use props to get the most out of yoga poses for our stiff hips.
Sequencing, or how to put a practice like this,  is very important. Three hours is a good length of time to be able to experience some of the best variations and to feel the progress that a good sequence can give you. This workshop will start with standing poses that start to open your hips externally provided you do them correctly. They also develop good strength and stability for the hip joint which is very important.
The intelligent use of common props such as blocks, blankets, belts, etc can give very effective results.
This workshop is for several types of yoga students:
1. Those who have some hip stiffness or discomfort and want to learn how to practice properly to make improvements.
2. Those who may not currently have more than mild stiffness of their hips but want to learn how to practice properly to prevent future problems.
3. Yoga teacher and yoga teacher training students who want to expand their repertoire of very useful poses for the hips.

Date & Time: Feb. 6 @10am-1pm

Instructor: Richard Schachtel

Cost: $60–$90

[Live Streamed] Foundations Of Ayurveda Workshop with Tara Dyberg & Angela Glaz - Om Operative

About this Event: Described as the Vedic Science of Life, Ayurveda is a five-thousand-year-old healing tradition originating in India. It is the sister science, or the medical side of yoga. Ayurveda studies the harmony between humans and the environment and treats every individual as a whole, assessing body, mind, and spirit to assist in maintaining overall health.
In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and how you can use those principles to start peeling back the layers of who you think you are to reveal who you really are and own it. Discover how to be the happiest and healthiest version of YOURSELF.

Date & Time: Feb. 7th @12pm-2pm

Instructors: Tara Dyberg & Angela Glaz

Cost: $40

[Live Streamed] Monday Evening Meditation Series with Julie Hsu - Phinney Ridge Yoga

About this Event: This meditation series is appropriate for students brand new to meditation as well as those who are already meditating and looking for some inspiration to continue and deepen the practice. Each week will include time for discussion, pranayama (breath work), and a guided meditation that leads into a silent meditation. The benefits to joining a meditation group like this are numerous, including experiencing the energy of the group meditating together (yes, even over Zoom!), allowing yourself to be led, and exploring techniques that may be new to you.

Starting Date: Feb. 15th

Instructor: Julie Hsu

Cost: $60

[Live Streamed] Aya Book Club with Tera Bucasas - Aya Yoga Oasis
Aya-Yoga-Oasis-Burien- logo

About this Event: Asana, the posture practice, is but one aspect or limb of yoga. Please join Aya Yoga Oasis for its first Yoga Book Club to explore other yoga practices, including participants’ behavior towards themselves and other people.
More details for our February book club will be added soon!
This event is free for all attendees.

Date & Time: Feb. 27th @3pm-4:30pm

Instructor: Tera Bucasas

Cost: Free

MARS 2021

Spira power Yoga Issaquah -Anahata Chakra

About this Event: In this workshop, you will investigate the connection between the physical heart and the heart chakra. You will also learn how proper circulation of blood/oxygen/nutrients/energy becomes a vehicle for moving prana (the vital life force) throughout the body, not only cleansing and healing the internal organs, but also impacting the quality of your thoughts and emotions. By becoming more attentive to the movements of prana and learning to enhance and direct its flow, you can balance and nurture the heart, create coherence between the heart and the mind, and expand inner awareness.

Starting Date: Mar. 5th

Instructor: Carina Terra

Cost: $335

[Live Streamed] Intro To Meditation with Misha Kellner-Rogers - 8 Limbs Yoga
8-Limbs-yoga logo

About this Event: Meditation is a process of focusing the mind and learning to stay present. This series offers a basic look at meditation including; comfort, concentration, breath and mindfulness techniques. Participants will address questions and difficulties that arise from their practice and offer simple solutions so that meditation is practical and accessible to everyone. Students will complete the series with a solid foundation in meditation and techniques they can continue to use on their own.
Comfortable clothing suggested. No prior meditation practice required.

Starting Date: Mar. 11th

Instructor: Karen Gamble

Cost: $150

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