Seattle Yoga News is excited to announce the the first edition of the annual Seattle Yoga Awards.

With these awards, we want to recognize the people, the businesses and the organizations within our local Seattle yoga community who have done amazing work over the course of this last year to promote and support yoga in the Seattle area.

We will give awards in 4 different categories:

  1. Yoga teacher of the year
  2. Yoga studio of the year
  3. Yoga organization of the year
  4. Yoga article of the year

We will use the following process to decide who is deserving of the recognition in each one of these categories:

  1. We will have an open nomination process between now and November 15, 2015, during which we will invite the Seattle yoga community to nominate those who they think deserve to win in each one of those categories.
  2. Our selection committee will review all the nominations and select the top finalists in each category based on the number of nominations, and the reasons provided for each nomination.
  3. We will open a voting process from November 16, 2015 until December 3, 2015, during which the Seattle yoga community will be invited to vote and choose amongst the finalists.
  4. The winners will be announced during the Seattle Yoga Holiday Party on December 5th 2015.


Nominations are now open so make sure you nominate your choice for each award!

Yoga teacher of the year: This is  a Seattle area yoga teacher who lives and breathes the values of yoga. Teaching is their passion, they go above and beyond to work with and support the needs of each one of their students. They have wisdom and knowledge to offer, and their personality shines through in and out of class. They inspire others and make them better people. Teaching yoga is their way of making the world a better place. Their name is ______________  (Please tell us by submitting your nomination for yoga teacher of the year)

Yoga studio of the year: This is a Seattle area studio like no other in town. When you enter the studio, you feel right at home, you are comfortable and surrounded by people you love. There is a clear sense of community and a spirit of friendship amongst its members. This studio offers you exactly the yoga you are looking for. The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable, they work closely with their students and care about each one of them. For you, the owners of this studio are heroes; they are caring people and they go above and beyond day in and day out. You tell all your friends about this place and you cannot imagine your life without it. The name of this Seattle area yoga studio is ________________ (Please tell us by submitting your nomination for yoga studio of the year)


Yoga organization of the year: This is a business or a non-profit organization that is connected or focuses on yoga in the Seattle area or that works closely with the Seattle area yoga community. Their mission is worthy, their work is exemplary and their positive reputation precedes them. The people behind the organization are committed and admirable. This organization has a positive impact in the community and they have made some worthy accomplishments over the last year. Their name is ________________ (Please tell us by submitting your nomination for yoga organization of the year)


Yoga article of the year: with 50+ local contributors on Seattle Yoga News, we have the chance to work with many talented people in the community which include yoga teachers, studio owners, yoga practitioners and many yoga experts. From the hundreds of articles we have published on Seattle Yoga News, there is surely one that you think deserves this special award. This article must have been published during the year 2015 and its title is _________________________ (Please tell us by submitting your nomination for yoga article of the year)


We are very excited about the launch of the Seattle Yoga Awards and we hope you will join us for the Seattle Yoga Holiday Party on December 5, 2015 to find out who the winners are.

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