Summer is the best time to join your favorite yoga instructor and enjoy a refreshing yoga or meditation practice with friends or family members. Whether you prefer indoors or outdoors yoga classes during summer, we invite you to discover 7 yoga events taking place in the Seattle area. Pick the events that are happening in your neighborhood and save their dates!

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JUNE 2020

Aditi Yoga & Bodywork
Aditi Yoga Seattle

About this Event: This is a free community slow flow class. Whether you are new to yoga, looking to try out a new class or find community this class is perfect for you! This practice will incorporate more standing poses and some movement, including sun salutations. These classes are well rounded giving each student an opportunity to go deeper into their practice in a safe and supported environment. Focus is given to breath work, proper alignment, and enhancing the relaxation response of the central nervous system. Leave class feeling more balanced and content.

Dates & Time: Multiple Dates

Instructor: Iris McComb

Cost: Free

Free Community Pranic Healing Night
Senior Center of West Seattle - logo

About this Event: Please, join this upcoming Free Community Healing Night for a great meditation followed by a quick Pranic Healing session! This event begin with the Meditation on Twin Hearts, a simple yet powerful 20-min guided meditation technique open to people of all backgrounds. A recent study presented at the 2015 Pranic Healing Research Institute showed that doing Meditation on Twin Hearts restructures the brain and increases gamma waves!
After the meditation, visitors will be paired with volunteer practitioners for a short Pranic Healing session, a great opportunity for visitors to have first-hand experience with Pranic Healing. Feel free to share this with your friends and loved ones!

Dates & Time: Multiple Dates

Instructor: Eduardo Sztokbant

Cost: Free

JULY 2020

Free Yoga at Washington Talking Book Braille Library
Blind and Low Vision Yoga Seattle

About this Event: Please join  this event for a free one-hour yoga class at WTBBL where both joyful movement and meditation are part of the experience. This class is free of charge and all are welcome! It is recommended you bring a small towel and water bottle. Mats are provided, but you may bring your own if you choose. Free parking is available.

Dates & Time: Multiple Dates

Instructor: TBA

Cost: Free

2020 Yoga in the Park at the Sunset Park - longevita
Longevita Pilates and Yoga Studio

About this Event: Enjoy hour-long yoga practice under the summer sun. This class will meet on the lawn west of the playground in Sunset Park. All levels welcome. Older children are welcome (we recommend ages 14+, though younger children who enjoy quiet, focussed yoga practice for an hour are welcome to join their parents, too!).

Dates & Time: July 11th, 18th, & 25th @12pm–1pm

Instructor: TBA

Cost: Free

Kids-Yoga-Camp-aham yoga
aham yoga logo

About this Event: ​Let your kids experience the fun and benefits of yoga! Yoga improves physical health—for example, strength, flexibility, and coordination—but also social-emotional well-being and academic performance. The cognitive benefits of yoga include greater emotional regulation, concentration, and mindfulness, which are the foundation of positive experiences with peers, in sports and other extracurriculars, and in the classroom. In a stress-filled world where even little ones spend a lot of time looking at screens, yoga is a valuable practice for slowing down and cultivating a balanced life.

Dates: July 13th & August 10th

Instructor: TBA

Cost: $199–$225


Dharma Wisdom Seattle : Friday Morning Sangha – Winter Session - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: ​Gazing, chanting, and basking in the moon at this time can bring forth deep healing and profound stillness of being. As participants practice the full mandala of yogic arts (movement, chanting, pranayama, meditation and rest), dance and honor the fullness of their embodiment; body, breath, mind, heart. This practice is a place to release the accumulated stress of the past month and prepare for the month to come. All are welcome to this circle.

Dates & Time: August 6th & September 3rd @7pm-8:30pm

Instructor: Elizabeth Rainey

Cost: $30


Sacred Stillness Sound 2020 - Seattle Yoga Arts

About this Event: Join Nicole & Amber West for an extraordinary journey of deep relaxation and healing: a 90-minute Restorative yoga practice accompanied by an immersive crystal bowl sound bath. Come explore the sacred, energetic union of breath, body, mind, and sound during long-held, receptive asana. Restorative yoga, designed to calm your nervous system, creates an environment for you to wholly relax and space for you to be with the shifting landscape of your mind and heart. Among its benefits are improved sleep, digestion, and blood pressure, as well as lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. The sound bath creates strong, resonant vibrations that further facilitate rest, healing, and transformation on an even deeper energetic level by allowing the body and mind to open and release stuck patterns and blocks. The cumulative experience ultimately enhances and harmonizes your overall wellbeing.
Suitable for all bodies, regardless of fitness level, age, ability or experience with yoga.

Date & Time: September 12th @7:30pm–9pm

Instructors: Nicole Bratt & Amber West

Cost: $30

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