When we think of yoga retreats, we often believe that we must travel far and wide in order to find peace. With so many options for retreats to international destinations such as Bali, Hawaii, India, it’s no wonder many practitioners feel like overwhelmed with the cost and time commitment needed to take time for yourself.

I opted to spend my time for self-care and self-love at a retreat this past weekend. I attended Nouriss, a women’s retreat hosted by Hot Feet Fitness instructors Teanna Gentry (Sola Wellness) and Carrie Johnson (www.travelingyogibear.com). The goal of this 3 day retreat was to help women create new habits and make time to replenish body, mind, and spirit so that we are empowered to live fully and well. The message throughout the weekend was one of self care and that it is vital to our lives. But as women, we often overlook it because we are too tired, stressed, or just don’t have time. This retreat was a call to women to simply take a pause in their lives to take time for themselves. The women at this retreat showed us that you don’t need to travel thousands of miles and spend money to find peace. You can find peace right here in your own backyard.

Our Beautiful Backyard

The event was hosted just a short drive away from Seattle in Des Moines, Washington. The setting was in the breathtaking Three Tree Points peninsula. This hidden gem provided refuge amongst beautifully aged trees, with a 180 degree view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Within the lush landscape, the retreat home offered guests spacious areas to lounge and relax, including a salt water spa and hot tub.

Practitioners from all around the country were welcomed Friday evening to fuel up with snacks provided by ZICO coconut water and Luna protein bars. The evening began with an energetic and restorative Yang Yin Yoga Session and welcoming circle. Guests were nourished into the night with a healing night tonic made of dark cocoa and turmeric. Attendees were then were given time for themselves to enjoy the retreat home and make use of the spa to relax and recharge for the next days activities.

Saturday attendee’s arrived in the morning to enjoy a morning meditation class followed by an invigorating power vinyasa flow class led by Teanna. The day was focused on restoring from within, as guests were given clean and healthy meals throughout the day provided by The Maven Mercantile.

I enjoyed the following itinerary:

  • Wakeup Tea
  • Morning Meditation with Carrie Johnson
  • Vinyasa Flow with Teanna Gentry
  • Power Smoothies and Healthy Breakfast
  • Silent Meditative Walk to Beach with surprise musical performance by Ashlee K. Thomas
  • Nourishing Group Lunch
  • Self-care time (salt spa hot tub, journaling, resting, yoga photo shoots)
  • Vision Board Workshop with Carrie Johnson
  • Nourishing Group Dinner
  • Yoga Nidra with Carrie Johnson
  • Empowerment Ceremony
  • Healing Night Tonic and Snacks
  • Self-care time (salt spa hot tub, journaling, socializing)

On the final day, all attendees were again treated to morning refreshments and an early morning Hatha flow class to jumpstart the day. I learned about healthy living through a short nutrition seminar complemented with power smoothies followed. This gave the women an opportunity to experience and learn about nourishment from within. The day ended in the afternoon with a closing circle finalizing the lessons learned from the weekend and returning back to our daily lives with a clean slate.

It was difficult to choose one highlight from the week. Each attendee offered a unique gift that made the retreat special. There was positive energy, love and light all around. Beyond the delicious meals, swag bags, and nutrition lessons I was able to take away, the vision board workshop gave me the opportunity to explore and share my passions. We all came together as strangers, and by the end of the retreat I walked away with new lifelong friends.

This weekend solidified that “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily grind – it will be there when you get back. A healthy respite taught me that as long as I am able to take the time to nourish myself, peace can always be found wherever I go.

Take a look at some pictures from the weekend below:

More photos by Sukha Design & Photography here.

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