I have been practicing yoga since 1962 and yet, every practice is a new adventure and discovery because nothing stays the same. Like the moon, everything is always in a cycle of change. Parts of our lives way and wane. Sometimes one aspect is in the forefront for a while and then another. We can’t pay attention to all of it all of the time. We are always going through another “birth canal;” that place of darkness that leads to light, new life and freedom.

Imagine the process of having your house built. When the exterior is complete, then is time for the interior. I see this analogy as a symbol of my journey in yoga. First, I created the foundation — that was my discipline of daily practice. This was at first asana and pranayama, then more in depth asana and then devotional practice (chanting, prayer and mediation.) On this foundation I established a structure that protects and shelters my inner flame and is a home for my essential self.

You live to a greater or lesser extent in your houses, your homes. Do you live within yourself? Are you at home there? Or do you seek yourself outside?

The quiet reflective mind is the moon in yogic thought. I pray that all of you give yourselves time to reflect and enter your inner homes during this year ahead.


[Photo by Sandeep Gangadharan – CC BY]

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