Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) yoga means simply doing yoga on a paddle board while floating in the water. However, this practice offers a fun and unique experience to its practitioners along with many benefits such as improving flexibility and balance, Increasing Circulation, and reducing stress.

Before joining a SUP Yoga class, you might want to consider drinking some water, wearing appropriate attire (Light airy workout top, and leggings or workout pants), and be ready to get wet.

If you’re prepared to have fun, workout, and challenge yourself? check the following list and pick where you’d like to SUP Yoga this summer.

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Wasup Yoga
WASUP Yoga-Logo

WASUP Yoga is situated within steps of the waters of Shilshole. It was the first to offer SUP yoga classes in Washington State and have been operating since way back in 2011.
With backgrounds in yoga and fitness—and a passion for balance, nature and paddle boarding, WASUP Yoga teachers relish every opportunity to guide students toward their deepest practice.
Through stand-up paddle board yoga classes, WASUP Yoga offers healthy adventurists a unique way to connect with the rich resources of nature and community — all while touching the wellspring of balance, wellness and bliss that resides within them.
WASUP Yoga values interconnectedness and the positive difference that simple, direct action can make in our community. Thus it donates a portion of all proceeds to Noel House programs and Yoga Behind Bars, every stretch you take on the water will expand the quality of life for homeless women and the incarcerated.

What people say about WASUP Yoga

+1 206-387-9054

19 Classes per Week

7 Instructors


SUP Yoga Seattle

SUP Yoga Seattle
SUP Yoga Seattle - logo

Being out on the water gets to the essence of this beautiful city. Practicing yoga on the water gives a sense of presence and challenge unlike any other. Founded in 2013 out of a deep love for both yoga and the water, SUP Yoga Seattle offers a unique experience to combine these elements in classes that are accessible and empowering.

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+1 206-605-3737

19 Classes per Week

Jill Jaques


Northwest Paddle Surfers

The SUP Shack at Juanita Beach Park
Northwest Paddle Surfers

Northwest Paddle Surfers owns locations in Juanita Beach Park, Marin Park in Kirkland, and Adams Street Boat Ramp near Seward Park in Seattle. In addition to a newest location in South Sound location is in Lacey, WA.
Northwest Paddle Surfers offers PaddleFlow® Yoga classes led by Lindsay Lambert. These classes are a combination of Yoga, Pilates & Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Yoga, Pilates & SUP are great for building balance, coordination, endurance & core strength.
Northwest Paddle Surfers’ classes begins on shore to go over the basic fundamentals of SUP; water safety, board anatomy, proper stroke technique, launching & progressions to standing up. Then safely launch onto the water, do a short warm-up paddle, anchor the boards & start to flow!

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+1 425-366-7699

3 Classes per Week

Lindsay Lambert


Hydrology Stand Up Paddle

Hydrology Stand Up Paddle
Hydrology Stand Up Paddle

At Hydrology Stand Up Paddle you can choose between Chakra Balancing Slow Flow and Meditation sessions or simple outdoor/indoor SUP yoga classes. Hydrology Stand Up Paddle held classes in the Port of Everett, Silver Lake, Edgewater Beach in Mukilteo and many other locations. The Business also organizes SUP Yoga events.

What people say about Hydrology Stand Up Paddle

+1 425-330-4990

8 Classes per Week

The Good Vibe Paddle Tribe Instructors


Twelv Petals

Twelv Petals
Twelv Petals- logo

Join Twelv Petals this summer for outdoor fun SUP yoga classes over Lake Union in Seattle, WA. These classes take place in Westlake at SurfShack and Paddle. Participants can choose between Group and Private sessions. All equipment is provided in the cost for class, all you need to do is have a great time!

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+1 657-272-3262

3 Classes per Week

2 Instructors


Catalyst Yoga

Catalyst Yoga
Catalyst Yoga - logo

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, the moment you set foot on the board you will realize that practicing on water is a distinctly different experience. Taking your sun salutation out of the studio and onto the board helps you develop a whole new appreciation for the balance and focus required for every pose. Mindfulness just comes naturally here, as your mind and body click into place to welcome this fresh new adventure. Join one of Catalyst Yoga’s SUP yoga classes led by Carly Norwood this summer  for a unique and fun experience!

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+1 425-346-4192

5 Classes per Week

Carly Norwood


Paddling Yogini

Paddling Yogini - spots to SUP Yoga in Seattle
Paddling Yogini-logo

Lindsay Lambert the owner of the Paddling Yogini LLC is leading outdoor SUP Yoga classes for beginners to advanced students all over the Pacific Northwest, these classes are most often taking place on Lake Sammamish, Lake Washington, Beaver Lake, Rattlesnake Lake, Snoqualmie River, and Puget Sound.
Paddling Yogini LLC also organizes Indoor SUP Yoga sessions in Mercer Island Beach Club, Samena Swim & Recreation Club, Si View Pool, and Columbia Athletic Club- Juanita Bay​.

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9 Classes per Week

Lindsay Lambert


Azul SUP & Yoga

Azul SUP Yoga- Sposts to SUP yoga in Seattle
Azul SUP Yoga- Logo

Join Azul SUP Yoga classes taught by certified SUP Yoga instructor Georgina Shaffer to find serenity in the beautiful PNW setting at Lake Ki while challenging yourself. Georgina teach to all levels and provides modifications during class so students can go at their own pace and listen to their body.

What people say about AZUL SUP & Yoga

+1 425-361-3748

3 Classes per Week

Georgina Shaffer