Everyone is already the living Buddha, complete, whole, perfect as you are. All this action and effort to become special is just making you very unspecial and creating a tremendous amount of pain and suffering.Zen master Dennis Genpo Merzel

This week, as the daffodils were making their plea to be recognized, I journeyed into some interesting emotional and spiritual territories. Like spring, there is a well within each of us to be recognized and allowed to flourish. Part of the endeavor is to establish what will be our foundation of understanding as we partake on this adventure. Here is a step by step guide for you to help connect with your inner self.

#1 Access your life

First, let’s look at a few specific areas of our life – your belief system about yourself. Where are we flourishing? Where are we yearning? What area of our life brings discontent? What are we doing that brings us delight and grows positive energy? Where are we being drained? Let’s look at this exploration as kindred to spring cleaning!

#2 Affirm your true nature

Once we assess the answers to the above questions, time to ask one more. “What is my true nature?”Is it physical, emotional, spiritual? To say, “hey, it’s all three!” opens the door for a deeper conversation.  But for now, let’s say our true nature is spiritual. This is important because in acknowledging this we can detach from the physical and emotional things that keep us in mental bondage-whether through expectation or deep physical desires. These aspects of real life, in truth, aren’t real. That is until we act upon them. That’s where discernment comes in. We need to ask ourselves, “How does this thought or this desire, actually serve me in allowing for my inner happiness to be recognized? To allow my spirit to guide my choices for the highest form of fulfillment, one must use wisdom, discernment and good judgment – three encouragements my mother raised me with to help uncover the happy life within.

#3 Refocus your energy

The energy we release from detaching from physical and emotional things is enormous. Now what to do with that energy. That’s where refocusing our energy on the spiritual body comes in. You see, when you are lost in your reality, disoriented into despair, go back to your starting point. Are you yearning to be something more in order to be happy? If that’s the case, then your journey will only end in discontent or conflict because your start point is errant. Striving to be special is a goal many hold as their compass, but this focus does a great disservice to their quest. If you shift your focus to the truest of start points, then your reality will shift. There is a saying that illustrates this perfectly: The cage isn’t locked.

#4 Acknowledge you are enough right now

The truth. You are already special. Quit the striving. Detach from the ego of the journey you’ve been on and you will see, happiness will appear like a long lost friend. And guess what? Recognizing happiness is always within and will make this expedition called life magical!

‘We are to think of ourselves as immortals, dwelling in the light encompassed and sustained by spiritual powers. The steady effort to hold this thought will awaken dormant and unrealized powers, which will unveil to us the nearness of the eternal.” ~ Charles Johnston

#5 Commit to a spirit-led belief system

Now this is where standing in our divinity gets beautiful. So if we work off the premise that we are all perfect just as we are in our purest form, then refocus and look to acknowledge this divinity in your life and express your magic out into the world. To do this, hold this formula as your living mantra and guide your life choices by it: Have a belief, act accordingly on that belief, then this belief will grow in our life.

Example:  If you believe in compassion, then live with more compassion and it will grow in your life. Same holds true for love. If you want more love, then commit to really believing in love. Live lovingly and watch love grow in your life. Be a light bearer of this truth. Stand in your light. Live your light and light will grow within you.

Let’s recap

Where to start? You only need to begin. Commit today to the following process:

  • Recognize all the beliefs within yourself and determine which ones serve your highest good.
  • Detach from all other quests that don’t serve your spirit. As they grow, you will only experience more suffering and despair.
  • Refocus on the essence of your spirituality already being perfect, no additional study/work needed. Live from there.
  • Use the living mantra formula based on your above assumptions to guide your emotional, physical and mental life choices.

As I write this, I want you all to know that each day is a journey of choice. I have worked in a very focused way to understand my true nature. My prakrti. I was bound by it. But once I could see my true self, my Purusa, I realized the true me is separate from my mind, which can hold us in bondage. To experience true moksa (liberation), it’s essential to recognize that our spirit is eternally free, never bound. Once someone acknowledges and embraces this, there is a deep spiritual purpose in sharing this freedom with others who are still bound.

I ask you now, can you give yourself permission to let the magic begin? Life is beautiful. Isn’t it time for personal triumph?

[Photo by Balint Földesi – CC BY]

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