The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. This beautiful day brings abundance, joy, warmth, and celebrations! And a time to share good energy with others around us. Bring in the bright light and energize with this Summer Solstice guided meditation with the amazing Renee Meena Fitzgerald in honor of our changing season.

Renee Meena Fitzgerald’s Bio: Renee Meena is a Seattle based yoga teacher, teaching yoga, meditation and Reiki in the area and online for ten years. She believes that humanity is good as a whole and just needs to come back to their true essence, which they have forgotten. She loves her family, friends and dog, Coco, dearly and she is loyal towards them to a fault! You will find her either teaching, taking classes or out with her loved ones having fun in the beautiful North West’s abundant nature. When asked what her secret is to her healthy lifestyle, her answer is, ‘yoga, people, love of Mother Nature and my homemade Kefir!’. You can find her teaching classes at Hot Yoga Experience, Bala Yoga, Pineapple Life Yoga and Life Time Athletic Bellevue.

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